Batson Church and Cemetery - 1832
This cemetery located in Liberty township, Henry county, Indiana is located on CR #500E, about one half mile south of SR #38.
It was set aside as a neighborhood burial grounds in 1844 by Thomas Batson, naming Jacob Crane, William Bland and John
Odom as the trustees of the Batson Cemetery.
The white clapboard building known as Batson Church - officially the Chicago Corner Baptist Church was built in the 1870's.
The church was transported to it's current location in the early 1900's, according to the written account of a local farmer named
Aldona Yauky.  The aforementioned Mr. Yauky (Aldona) was the caretaker and grave-digger at Batson Cemetery for many
years and kept a detailed diary about his daily activities and the goings on in the world in the 1930's - 1950's.
More Info about Batson can be found at:
Henry County Genealogical Services
Batson Church and Cemetery - 1832
Batson Church and Cemetery - 1832
Historic Batson Church
Mark Orr
Inside Batson Church
Amidst rows of pews, and
brilliant hues
of streaming stained glass

(From the poem
"Mrs. Jackson and the Congregation by
Mark Orr ®).
"And as she spoke
/to the restless congregation
/a line formed at the altar
/barring provocation"

From the poem "Mrs. Jackson and
the Congregation", by IMark S. Orr
Jesse Dinkins Pioneer 1846-1929
William Isaac Dinkins
Sarah Runyan Dinkins
Valeda Dinkins-Alice Nipp Runyan-Ed and Georgia Runyan Nipp
Veleda Dinkins, Alice
Nipp Runyan, Ed Runyan
and Georgia Runyan
Jesse Dinkins
Sarah Frances
Runyan Dinkins
Henry County, Indiana.
Sarah was the mother
of 15 children.
Buried at Batson
William Isaac Dinkins
Carpenter and Brick
Born in Yadkin, North
Carolina. Died in Henry
County, Indiana.
Buried at Batson
Beautiful Batson Church
Batson Cemetery
Batson Church and Cemetery
Batson Church and Cemetery
Piano in Batson Church
Noah Runyan Pioneer Grave Marker
Catherine LaBoyteaux Runyan
Noah Runyan 1st
One of the first
Runyan's in Henry
Catharine Runyan
Wife of Noah
Died Sept. 9 ,1855
These are some of
the earliest Batson
Runyan Cemetery Grave Marker
Inside Batson Church
Horses on Dublin Pike
Flag at Batson Church
One tombstone...the Christopher and Anna Long memorial marker, remains in what used to be the Devon Cemetery. It
was plowed over by the land owner. Most of the markers were relocated to Batson Cemetery.
Long was a Revolutionary War veteran. The first photo was taken by photographer Mark Sean Orr in 2009....
the second taken by (unknown) many years ago. Longs wife Anna's body was removed from the Devon grounds and
re-interred at Batson. Her grave marker at Batson is said to be the oldest standing/legible tombstone in the county.
Batson Church Lane
Church and Cemetery were completely hidden from the
main road.
Batson Cemetery Outbuilding
Outbuilding behind Batson Church....
* Fell down in 2007 and removed.
Haunted Batson Church
A photo that shows just how beautiful this
place is....and an historic site as well. We
should do all we can to preserve this
resting place of peace.
Some ghostly mourners gathered around a
grave beneath the tree?
Batson Church Entrance
New sign placed on entrance in October
2006A re-dedication is to follow.
Batson Church
New sign placed in October 2006
marks Batson  as an Historic
Cemetery listed in registry. Placed
by VFW Ladies Auxillary.
Horses were used to move Batson Church to it's present
location. It was pulled down Dublin Pike which used to be
an Indian trail.
The previous location was thought to near New Lisbon,
Indiana. If you have any info please write me:
Email Mark S. Orr
Piano in Batson Church
Photo taken 2006
Church as it appears today.
Foggy morning at Batson cemetery
January 2006
This photo of Batson Church and Cemetery was
taken on an early August morning in 2006. It's a
beautiful place when deserted which is most of
the time.
Batson Cemtery Flag on a still
August morning 2006.
To date I've counted over 75
Runyan/Dinkins/Orr family members who
have been laid to rest at Batson Cemetery.
Awesome scene after a hard rain in July of
2006...the sun is coming back out.
North East corner of Batson Cemetery. There
are many markers that are illegible......I'm still
looking for many that are known to be here but
are in disrepair or completely gone.
All photos were taken by  Ian St. Ian (Mark Orr Photography)  except where noted ...and are copyright protected and
can be used with permission only....2004,2005,2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011  Collectors World Online.Com
Contact me with your Orr, Hamilton, Kissell, Gilbert, Runyan,
Dinkins, Goar,Gordon, LaBoyteaux, Mullen and other family
Serene Batson Church
Abraham Runyan Gravesite
Thomas and Mary Runyan Gravemarker
Marker for Abraham Runyan (1829-1899)
"Mus"n  Abra'm Runyan
Co. "G"
84th  Ind. Inf.
Civil War Fifer
My GG Grandfather.
Marker for Thomas and Mary Runyan.
Thomas was born in 1799 and died in 1877.
He was the son of Noah Runyan.
Church these beautiful  Sunday
morning views are seen by few.
One of the "Twin Outhouses" that
stood at Batson for decades.
Both are gone now.
Benjamin Runtan Gravesite
Buried beside wife Nancy Slinger Fink (ca 1803-1873).
Nancy Slinger Fink Runyan Burial Place
Nancy Slinger Fink Runyan. Wife of Benjamin
Runyan . Nancy born about 1803 and died in
September of 1873.
George and Elizabeth Betsy Runyan Grave Site
George and Elizabeth "Betsy" Mullen Runyan.
Elizabeth (ca 1800-1881)
George was the son of Noah Runyan (1777-1839) and
Catherine LaBoyteaux Runyan (1783-1855), both of whom
are also buried at Batson Cemetery.
*(Actually Noah is thought to be buried in a nearby field that
once was an earlier cemetery, and his stone was moved to
Batson when that cemetery was plowed under).
Batson Church Inside photo by Mark Orr
Looking in from the entry-way to Batson Church. Imagine all the place
here during it's century of use. I often visit here on Sunday mornings
and just sit quietly and take it all in.  Though it's reported to be one of
the most haunted cemeteries in Indiana...I have found nothing but
peace and beauty here. I hope there comes a day when the boarded
up windows are open to daylight again and the stained glass
windows replaced.
Mrs. Jackson and the Congregation
To those who came before us........
A poem by Mark Sean Orr

Sunlight lit Mrs Jackson's face
as she began to tell her story.
Amidst rows of pews, and brilliant hues
of streaming stained glass glory.
The congregation passed the plate
as Huldah testified.
I wondered where she'd found her faith
since Mr. Jackson died.
She'd turned to the Bible and found her comfort there.
Her son turned to the bottle and pretended not to care.
And as she spoke of faith and hope
to the restless congregation.
A line formed at the altar barring provacation.
even the irascible Mr.Maddy
knelt down on bended knee.
He thanked the lord for his Becca
and loving family.
God in his amazing glory was in our church that day.
He used a future angel to to show us all the way.

Mark Orr
Copyright ©2007 Mark Orr
Ghostly Batson Church
Beautiful and serene Batson Cemetery sits high on a hill on County Road
500... hidden from all but those who seek it out, in Henry County, Indiana.
Some notable names of those buried here include: Dillhorn, Dinkins, Enright, Erhart, Gilbert, Goar, Gordon, Goudy,
Hamilton, Kissell, LaBoyteaux, McLean, Millikan, Morris, Mullen, Needham ,Neff, Orr, Peed, Ramer, Runyan (over 50
These are the people who pioneered Henry County and the surrrounding counties. They cleared the land and built the
first schools,churches and mills.
Farmers,woodworkers,plowmakers,preachers,teachers,coopers,seamstresses,soldiers,blacksmiths and more. They
lived , loved and raised their families here through hardship and good times. Their dreams, the same as live a
good life and pave the way for future generations.
Christopher Long Gravesirte Revolutionary War
Marriage License for Abraham Runyan and
Annie Margaret Kissel.
Click photo for larger view.
Marriage License for William Isaac Dinkins and
Sarah Frances Runyan.
August 17, 1882 Click photo for larger view.
Marriage License of William and Sarah Runyan Dinkins
Marriage License of Abe Runyan and Annie Kissel
New Castle, Indiana
Meeting of "Old Settlers"
Honored included:
Abraham Runyon who died
Mar 8 1899
James Runyon  who died
Dec 20 1898
Listed in the New Castle
Democrat on July 14th 1899
Revolutionary War Christopher Long Gravesite
Beautiful Batson Church and Cemetery. Photo taken by  Mark Sean Orr.
Batson Church is an historic and family treasure. I sometimes visit there on Sunday mornings and sit
quietly in the empty pews, imagining all the sermons, marriages, funerals and "life" that took place
within the walls of the beautiful and historic church. Generations of my family worshipped in this
church and are laid to rest just outside in the beautiful cemetery. For more info about Batson Church
and those buried in the me at:
Mark at Batson Church Info
Mark Sean Orr
Click here to see a map of
many of the burials at
Batson Cemetery.
loved one in your family is
buried me at
the link provided below.
Batson Cemetery Lane by Mark Orr Photography

March 3        John Dillinger escapes Crown Point Jail.
May 1            Big freight wreck at Millville.
May 28         Corn 32 cents a bushel

Jan. 6           Lutheran Church dismantled west of Hagerstown.
Mar. 29        Three houses burn in Liberty Township in one day.
Aug. 15        Will Rogers killed in plane crash.

Jan 23          Coldest day since January 12, 1918. Milked with gloves on.
Jan 20-27    Burned one ton of coal.
July               Ten days averaged over 100 degrees. Shaved twice in one day.

April            Woman killed her man with an ax north of Mooreland.
Dec. 15      First telephone service sent halfway around the world/

Apr. 1         Airplane wedding at Terre Haute.
Sept.          Sun hid for a week.

July 17       "Wilie Day" at Elwood. Temperature 101 degrees.
Sept.           Corn 85 cents; Eggs 25 cents

Jan. 20         60 degrees above. Wheat $1.20
May 4            Sugar rationing.
Dec.            Gas rationing.
Dec. 12        Eight men killed in a plane at Lewisville.
Dec.             Virgil Hoover killed in Australia.

Apr. 20        Sears Store burned in New Castle
May             Attended four funerals in four days. Millville Church dismantled.
Aug. 8        J.A. Tully's barn burned.
Dec. 5       Batson Cemetery torn up by vandals.

Mar.3      3 cent postage required on letters.
Oct. 4     Al Smith died.
Oct 8      Wendall Willkie died.

Apr. 12     Rossevelt died.
May 2      Hitler is dead.
June 3    Men wearing overcoats
Nov. 15  John R. Millikan died.

June 6    Will Wisehart sold the elevator (Millville).
July 4      Elmer Hoover's barn burned.
Aug. 15   Ed Wiseharet died
Nov. 9     Amos paul died.
Nov. 30   Joe Leaky buried.
Dec. 2     New Lisbon elevator burned.

Jan. 20    Golden Payne died.
Mar. 2       Ten-inch snow
Mar. 3      Claud Forrest killed at Millville.
May 8     Neighbors came in and plowed for Clyde Hatfield who was in
the                     hospital.
Aug. 9    Earthquake here at night.
Oct 23     Historical Society meeting. Extra nice.

Jan 20     Shirley Temple had a baby.
Feb. 1      My Jersey had a dead calf.
May 4       On election board at Millville. Rained hard most of the day.
May 27     Graded Batson Lane.
June 10   Big freight train wreck at Dunreith.
Aug 19     Babe Ruth buried.
Sept. 7     Went to State fair.
Sept. 13   Hauled manure.
Sept. 24   Dr. R.E. Kepner vaccinated pigs.
Nov. 18    Princess Elizabeth had a baby boy.
Dec. 9     Auto at Mooreland. Battery real dead.

Mar. 7        Butchered beef and hauled wood to town.
Apr. 12      Man shot in Shirley.
Aug. 28     To church and attended two funerals.
Nov. 28     Frank Goff shot and hung himself.
Dec. 2       A seagull was spotted in Mooreland.
Dec. 14    Sold hogs at Cambridge City
Batson Church and Cemetery
Misty Morning at Batson Cemetery
Some Entries From The Diaries Of Aldona Yauky, Liberty Township, Henry County, Indiana.
Batson Church and Cemetery Caretaker
June 14        Bob Gordon died. Put in tombstone base. (Gordon was the       
husband of Ella Runyan, she being the daughter of Abraham
and Annie Margaret Kissel Runyan. Gordin was born in 1868).
June 15       To town (New Castle) Dug grave in the p.m.
July 24         Lawrence Whisler began painting barn.
Aug. 7          Painted lane fence at Batson Cemetery
Aug. 19        Attended Mooreland Fair Tractor pulling contest.
Sept. 6         Went to State Fair with Orlo Pierce.
Sept. 7         Scraped sod off cemetery lane.
Oct. 19         To "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in the evening.

Jan 7.          Asa Brown's widow buried.
Jan. 29       12 degrees above zero. Home all day. Took more cold.
Jan. 30       3 degrees below zero.
Feb. 25      To town (New Castle) and to Apollo Club.
Mar. 10      Vint Boyd died.
Mar. 16       Boys cut big tree. Walter Miller died.
Apr. 28       Hottest since 1906. To town in a.m. Not feeling good.
May 2.         Nelson Cross died. Saw four dead men in week.
May 12       Jersey has blood poisoning.
May 19       At cemetery putting in bases.
May 23       Big airplane crash near New Lisbon.
July 16       Began combining wheat. Picked berries.
Nov. 15       Rea gets a television. (Rea was Mr. Yauky's son).
Dec. 24      Standard Store in New Castle robbed of $5,000.00.

Jan. 15        Doctor told Orlo Pierce he had six months to live.
Jan 16.        To see Orlo in evening. He is very discouraged.
Jan. 20       Greatest Presidential Innauguration ever. (Eisenhower).
Jan 30.       Orlo Pierce died at midnight. I was there. No phone. Went    
to town for Main (Funeral Home).         
Feb. 5          Tested calf. Got Orlo's suit. Some surprise.
Feb. 7          To town (New Castle)  at noon for dinner. To Farlows in
the                                evening. They not in good  humor.
Feb. 25        C. (Charles Miller) and I appraise Pierce farm for $200 per acre.
Mar. 13        My 76th birthday.
Apr. 15         Pierce farm sold for $28,000.00.
June 8          93 degrees. Rained in the a.m. I not good.
June 14       To church. leg bad.
June 15       Picked cherries and gooseberries.
June 19      Rosenburgs (Julius and Ethel) die just before sundown.
July 2           Frank Frazier died.
July 4           Washed auto. My hip bad. Rainy.
July 22         Summit Taylor cut his finger off mowing.
July 31         Senator (Robert) Taft died of cancer.
Sept. 8         Poor Carrie gone 24 years. (Carrie was his wife).
Sept. 28      D.E. Bowman is buried.
Oct. 31         Warmer. To doctor. Legs bad. Can't walk without cane.
Nov. 1           To church and Elmo Woods for dinner.
Nov. 15     To church. Boys dig Charles Stone's grave. (Charles born 1879    
buried at Batson).
Nov. 18        Baker Park (New Castle) on fire. Ralph Manifold dead.
Dec. 11        Sarah Hutchens died.
Dec. 17       5 degrees below. To Hagerstown. Wright Brothers 50-year     
celebration. Big crowd, I fair.
Dec. 27        Nancy Boyd told me to send her a baby card ten years from

This information appeared in the book "A Henry County Sampler" by
Richard P. Ratcliff. Copyright 1987.
Excerpts from Aldona Yauky's (born 13 Mar 1877-died 30 Nov 1956)  Diary.....caretaker of Batson Church and Cemetery in the 1940's
few sample entries from Yauky's historical diary. The remaining preserved entries are stored at the Henry County Historical Society
and museum.
Many of the grave markers at Batson are gone or illegible now....destroyed by time, the elements and vandals. The following are a few
persons believed to be buried at Batson with no known marker:

Jesse Dinkins                                (1846-1929), son of John and Elizabeth Dinkins.
John Dinkins                                 (1848-1927), son of John and Elizabeth Adams Dinkins.
Alice Runyan Dinkins                    (1858-1909), wife of John Dinkins. Alice's obituary lists Batson as place of funeral and internment.
Noah Thomas Runyan                  (1803-after 1880).
Anna Barned Runyan                   (1812-1894), wife of Noah Thomas Runyan.
Martin Runyan                               (1853-1905) son of Noah and Annie Barnes Runyan. Obit lists his burial at Batson.
Aldona Yauky
Millville resident and
Batson Cemetery and
Church caretaker.
Mr. Yauky is buried at
Batson  in the center part
of the cemetery.
Henry County, Indiana.
Liberty Township.
Mark Orr