Letter From Abraham Runyan-1862
Abe Runyan, thought to be
second from left..playing fife.
This photo from the
Nipp/Runyan Family.
Abraham Runyan's grave marker
Batson Cemetery Henry
County, Indiana.
Photographer Mark Orr
Civil War Fifer Abraham Runyan
Letter from Abe Runyan

These are my wherebouts while in the survis as near as I can.
First Covington Cantucky, next near Galoplease Ohio, was thare a short
Then Guiendat Virginia, and after that Loisia kentucky. All in the year
Then our travel was for Nashville Teenesee while traveling on the
Steamboat I was one of the fifers I was placed on the top of the boat fore
to Salute the littel towns and camps of the soldgers.  I got very wet with
rain wich was much exposure to me.  
When reaching Nashville Teenesee I was sick with chills and feavor and
was taken to Hospital no. 25 and was treated for chills and feavor.
Then were at Franklen Teenesee and then back to nashville teenesee.
Abraham Runyan Civil War Fifer
"Fellow citizens, we cannot  
escape history."
How oft have I
thought of home.
That place that I
formerly so little
Civil War Musician
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84th Regiment
Indiana Infantry-Company G
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This regiment was organized at Richmond and was mustered in September 3,
1862. It left the state on the 8th for Covington, Ky., where it was assigned to the
defenses against the threatened invasion of Kirby Smith's forces.

On October 1st, it moved by rail for Point Pleasant, W. Va., and moved from
there on the 13th for Guyandotte where it remained until November 14. It was
then in the vicinity of Cassville and cattlesburg. Ky., until February 7, 1863,
when it left Cattlesburg for Louisville, which place was reached on the 17th and
the regiment was assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 3d divison , Army of Kentucky.

It was first ordered to Nashville, then to Franklin, where it remained until June 3,
being engaged in several battles.
It marched for Triune and was assigned to the 1st Brigade, 1st division, reserve
corps, General Granger commanding.

It was in the fight at Triune and the pursuit of Bragg, the regiment marching to
Middleton, Shelbyville and Wartrace, remaining there until August 12.
it moved to Estill Springs on the 20th thence to Tullahoma, Stevenso,Bridgeport
and Chattanooga, arriving at the latter place September 13.

It participated in the battle of Chickamauga, where it's division held the extreme
left, on the first day, repeatedly repulsing desperate assaults, and on the next
day materially aided General Thomas in saving his army from the massed
assault of the enemy, losing in the two days 125 in killed, wounded and missing.

The 84th regiment lost during service 5 Officers and 82 enlisted men killed and
mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 145 Enlisted men by disease. Total 234.
Excerpts from a letter , and information about  Civil War Fifer Abraham Runyan
Civil War Captain Vanneman
Cptain Vanenmann
Indiana Infantry
84th Regiment