Dinkins - Runyan - Orr Family Photo Gallery
Benjamin Runyan
Nancy Runyan wife of Benjamin
Benjamin Runyan
Brother of Noah Runyan
Born in 1796 in N.J. , He
died here in Henry Co. on
Jan. 5, 1864
Nancy Runyan
Wife of Benjamin
Died September 27, 1873.
Thomas Runyan
Thomas Runyan
Son of Noah Runyan 1st.
Thomas was born Jan. 26,
1799 and died in Henry
County April 25, 1877.
Buried at Batson.
Batson Church
Batson Church
Batson Church Road
Lane leading to Batson Church
and Cemetery
Basil Dinkins Tombstone
Basil was Gladys's brother.
Children of William and
Sarah Runyan Dinkins.
Sarah Runyan Dinkins Pioneer
Sarah Frances Runyan
Honored as one of Henry
County's first pioneers.
Abraham Runyan was a
plowmaker, cooper and musician
in the Civil War. 84th Regiment,
Indiana Infantry, Company "G".
Born in Ohio in 1829, he moved
to Millville and lived there until
his death in 1899. He contracted
a malarial type disease in the war
and suffered from it until his death.
He was honored at the "Old on
July 4th, 1899.
Dinkins - Runyan - Orr Family Photo Gallery
Noah Runyan 1st (1777-1839) and wife Catherine Laboyteaux (1783-1855) are either the parents of
brother Benjamin Runyan (born 1766) and his wife Ann. Noah 1st and wife Catherine are
buried in the old part of Batson Cemetery. Noah Runyan ( b. 1803 ) from New Jersey married Anna
Barnes (b. 1812 ) from Ohio. They lived in Ohio before moving to Millville, Indiana in the early 1800's.
They had at least 8 children, one of them being Abraham Runyan (1829-1899). Abraham married
Annie Margaret Kissel (died 1872) and then Rebecca Sylvania Dinkins (1851-1922).
Abraham Runyan was a musician in the Civil War for the 84th Indiana Infantry. I have an excerpt from
a letter he wrote about his service to the Union Army
HERE. Abraham Runyan fathered as many as
12 children, many of whom are buried at Batson. He and first wife Annie Margaret Kissel had
daughter Sarah Francis Runyan (1865-1924). Abe and Annie Kissel Runyan were both born in Ohio
and moved to Millville, Indiana in the early 1800's. Sarah Francis Runyan(1865-1924) , born in New
Castle , married William Isaac Dinkins (1861-1941). The Dinkins family was from Yadkinville North
Carolina and moved to Indiana in the early 1800's. William and Sarah had 15 children.....one being
Gladys Sylvania Dinkins (1889-1968). Gladys Sylvania Dinkins married Harold Obediah Orr , both
born in Henry County, Indiana. They had 8 chldren. Howard Wayne Orr was the 4th son born to this
marriage....he married Marilyn Yvonne Jackson in 1954 and they had 4 children.
The following encompasses seven generations and over two centuries of my family descendants !
So far I've counted over 75 graves of family  members here at Batson Cemetery and I've only just
begun. Many of the Runyan Dinkins daughters whose names changed with marriage are also
buried here. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger photo!
Noah Runyan Batson Cemetery
Catherine LaBoyteaux Runyan
Noah Runyan b. 1803
Father of Abraham Runyan.
He is shown as living in Dudley
Township, Henry Co. at the age of
77 in 1880.
Assumed to be at Batson.
Wife of Noah (1803)
Mother of Abraham Runyan
Died Feb. 6, 1894
Believed to be buried at Batson
Abraham Runyan Gravesite in Indiana
Son of Noah and Anna Runyan
Honored as Henry County Pioneer
Settler and Old Timer
Fifer in Indiana Infantry
Annie Margaret Kissel Runyan
First wife of Abraham Runyan
Annie died June 4, 1872
I am still looking for her grave marker
at Batson. She was the daughter of
Frederick and Sarah Kissel.
Noah Runyan 1st.
One of the early graves at Batson
Catherine LaBoyteaux  Runyan
Wife of Noah Runyan 1st.
Born Jan 1783 in N.J.
Died Sept. 9, 1855 in Henry Co.
Rebecca Sylvania Dinkins Runyan
Second wife of Abraham Runyan
in New Lisbon and lived mostly in
lived at 2415 Broad St.
Daughter of Abraham and Annie
Sarah was honored as Henry County
She married William Isaac Dinkins
William Isaac Dinkins
Married Sarah Francis Runyan
William was a carpenter and mason.
Harold and Gladys Dinkins Orr
Shown with Harold Orr
Gladys was the daughter of William
and Sarah Dinkins
Gladys married Harold Obediah Orr
Gladys Dinkins Orr and Sisters
Gladys Dinkins Orr on left.
Gladys was the daughter of William
and Sarah Runyan Dinkins/
Dinkins Family members
Shown with her siblings.
Photo taken at Batson Cemetery.
A young Harold Obediah Orr.
Son of Frank and Cora Maddy Orr.
Harold loved to listen to baseball
games on the radio.
Harold and Gladys had 8 children.
Harold Obediah Orr
Orr Family Gather Around Kitchen Table
The Orr Family
Left to right are: Gladys, Phil,Harold
Jr., Herman (red), Harold Obediah
(seated), LaVera, Melvin, betty June
and Howard Wayne Orr.
Jessie Dinkins
Born in 1846.
Brother of WIlliam Isaac Dinkins.
They are sons of John Dinkins and
Elizabeth Adams Dinkins originally
from North Carolina.
Orr Family Members
Children of Harold and Gladys
Dinkins Orr:
Back row: Harold Jr., Howard Wayne,
Phil and Herman (Red) Orr.
Harold Obediah Orr
Harold Obediah Orr
Photo taken in the 1950's.
Harold and Gladys lived in Millville,
New Castle, Greensboro, Straughn
and Brown County.
Carl Eugene "Pinky" Orr
Pinky died in 1954 at the age of 15
He was the youngest son of Harold O.
and Gladys Orr
Pinky loved making model airplanes
which he hung from his bedroom
Carl Eugene Pinky Orr
Early Dinkins Family Reunion
Early Dinkins Reunion. William Isaac
Dinkins is shown seated in the front
row center.
This photo shows some of the Ruyan
and Dinkins family as well.
Ed Runyan (son of Abe) is in the
back row far right.
Orr Family Bible
The family Bible belonging to
William Isaac Dinkins and Sarah
Francis Runyan Dinkins
Remains in the family today!
Gravesite of Harold and Gladys Dinkins Orr
Grave site of Harold Obediah Orr
and Gladys Sylvania Dinkins Orr.
Batson Cemetery
Phillip Orr
Phillip Gerald Orr
Son of Harold and Gladys
Phil worked at Ingersoll Steel and
was  National Guardsman for 6 years.
Herman Red Orr
Herman "Red" Orr
Son of Harold and Gladys
Red lived in Kennard at the time of
his death. He was a fireman, worked
at delco Remy and was a WWII
Melvin Parker Orr
Son of Harold and Gladys
Melvin worked at Delco remy, was a
cook and a veteran of the Korean
War...3 years.
Batson Church
Batson Church and Cemetery
The church was moved to Batson
Cemetery by horse.
The cemetery was established in
1844, but there were already burials
there as far back as 1832.
Batson Church Cemetery
Batson  Cemetery
Now an official Historic Site in
One of Indiana's most beautiful
Sarah Dinkins, early 1900's.
Early 1900's game of Croquet. Far left
is Basil Dinkins
Basil Dinkins
Son of William and Sarah
Born 1896
Picture postcard sent to William and
Sarah Dinkins in 1917.
Picture postcard sent to William and
Sarah Runyan Dinkins from
Mooreland in 1912
Picture postcard sent to William and
Sarah Runyan Dinkins in 1914
Vintage Indiana Post Card
Vintage postcard Mooreland, Indiana 1912
Vintage postcard 1914
Vintage Postcard 1917 Indiana
Basil Dinkins
Basil Dinkins
Jesse Dinkins - The Old Batchelor
William Isaac Dinkins Family Reunion Photograph
Sarah Francis Runyan Dinkins Burial Place
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Mark Orr ®
Millville, Indiana
Abraham Runyan age 40
Annie M. wife 31
Joseph Webster 13
Alice A. 11
Mary 10
Ella 7
David 5
Sarah Frances 3
Ellen 2
Catherine 1
Date July 4 1899 Meeting of
"Old Settlers"
Honored included:
Abraham Runyon who died Mar 8
James Runyon     who died Dec 20
Listed in the New Castle Democrat on
July 14th 1899
Abraham 30 Plow Maker
Margaret from Pa.
Joesph 3
Alice 1
Mary 7/12
Page 7
Abraham Runyan
Civil War
Indiana Infantry
84 Regiment
Company G
Discharged Distinguished Service
September 17 1863 (Civil War
Home of Rebecca Dinkins Runyan
This is the house that stood at 2415
Broad Street for over 100 years. Abe
Runyan's second wife Rebecca
Dinkins Runyan lived here in 1919. It
was razed in 2007...the owner
needed room for a car lot.
Letter excerpt from
Millville, Indiana to
daughter Ella in 1893.

Dear son and beloved

"Wheat is good and cheap. 50
cents a bushel. Flour is cheap.
Everything is cheap. Can get
good clothing from $3. Can get
the best woolen goods for $8, but
money is scarce and times are
cryed out".

"Hard factories have all stopped.
Banks have shut down and are
not circulating money, but as far
as myself, I don't see any
difference. For my self work
seems to be as plenty as
common. I do wish you will come.
i will take it on myself to help you
all I can. I can get a good deal of
painting to do. I am going to be
painting Doctor Stafford's
buildings. Now I will have to
close. Bill's and John's are all
Abraham Runyan
July 26, 1893
William Isaac Dinkins - Millville Indiana
William Isaac Dinkins  (man in the middle) with Frank and Walter Barkus. Millville, Indiana.
The equipment is an old Steam Tractor and Thrashing Machine.
Marriage License for Abraham Runyan and
Annie Margaret Kissel.
Click photo for larger view.
Marriage of William Dinkins and
Sarah Frances Runyan.
August 17, 1882 Click photo for
larger view.
Marriage License for William and Sarah runyan Dinkins
Marriage License of Abraham and Annie Margarette Kissel Runyan
Feb. 18, 1771. RUN AWAY
from the subscriber, an
apprentice boy named AMOS
REED, about twenty years of
seven inches high, black hair
"Amwell, in Hunterdon county,
generally tied behind, brown
Feb. 18, 1771. RUN AWAY
complexioned, lively spirited,
from the subscriber, an pretty
much given to drink; REED,
about twenty years of buttons,
a streaked lincey age, thick
set, about five feet lapelled
jacket without lining, with
buttons covered with the
same, a pair of new buckskin
breeches a little sullied with
his working in them, he being
a shoemaker by trade, a felt
hat more than half worn, with
a large metal button, blue
and white stockings that has
been footed, a pair of double
soaled shoes, and a new
home-spun shirt. Whoever
brings home said servant, or
secures him in any gaol, so
that his master shall have
him again, shall have twenty
shillings reward per me.
Benjamin Runyan."

By Benjamin Runyan
Wife was Rebecca Barton
Need burial location
Need burial location
Need burial location
William and Sarah Runyan Dinkins
Sarah was the daughter of Abraham
Runyan and Annie Margaret Kissel
Photo ca. 1924
Sarah also died in 1924.
Click here to see William and Sarah's
David Runyan
Georgia Runyan
Edward Runyan
David Runyan (1864-1939)
Son of Abe and Annie Margaret Kissel
David buried at Batson Cemetery
Georgia Runyan (1883-1976)
Daughter of Abe and Rebecca Dinkins
Son of Abraham and
Rebecca Dinkins Runyan.