The Dunham
Kempton, Indiana
The Dunham House , a 5000 sq. ft. farmhhouse located in Tipton County, Kempton, Indiana is rich in historical significance.
It was built in the mid to late 19th century by William Riley Dunham on a former Miami Indian reservation, and remained in
the family for nearly  three generations. The Dunham's are  most notably known as being the ancestors of Senator Barack
Obama.  My wife and I, my parents and friend Georgia Leach of the Tipton County Historical Society recently visited this
grand old house and were given a tour by owner Shawn Clements.
Mr. Clements purchased the home in 2004 and has been making restorations since that time.

The first Dunham to come to Indiana was Jacob Dunham (1794-1865). Jacob was from Virginia. His wife Catherine
Goodnight was from Pennsylvania born about 1794. Both are buried in the Kempton Cemetery nearby the Kempton
homestead. Jacob Dunham was the son of Samuel Dunham , a slaveowner from New Jersey who settled in Ohio. Jacob
Dunham purchased the land in the 1840's, on which the house was later built  by his grandson William Riley Dunham.
Jacob Dunham was Barack Obama's 4th great grandfather and Barack's mother's (Stanley Ann Dunham) 3rd great  

William Riley Dunham served the Democratic Party for several years and represented Hamilton and Tipton County in the
Indiana General House of Assembly. It is said that President Grover Cleveland once visited the Dunham House and was an
aquaintance of William Riley Dunham. Wiliiam Dunham in fact named one of his son's Grover Cleveland Dunham....who
became a doctor who practiced medicine in Tipton County.

On May 3, 2008 , Senator Barack Obama visited the Dunham House along with his wife Michele Obama, children and
numerous secret service agents..
For more information about the Dunham House and Barack Obama's visit there, visit Shawn Clement's website here:

Below are some photos that Mr. Clements graciously allowed me to take during the tour.
Mark Orr - Raintree County Photography - Formerly Ian St. Ian Photography
August 24, 2008
Historic Dunham House Indiana
Dunham Home in Kempton Indiana
The Dunham House Parlor
5000 Square foot Dunham house built in the mid 19th century by William Riley
Beautiful oak staircase with original beveled mirror inserts and "Egg and Dart" trim.
Dunham Home
Dunham House Parlour
Living room with beautiful bay window. The woodwork under the
windows features original rosette work. The view.....breathtaking.
Dunham House Kitchen
Kitchen's original China Cabinet. The cabinet houses silverware from
Dunham House Bathroom
Dunham House Tub
Guest bathroom features "his and hers" pedestal sinks. 10 foot ceilings
make this an awesome size bathroom.
Historic Dunham Home
Historic Dunham Home Hallway
Living area...with busts of Benjamin Franklin and George
Washington. Busts are exact likenesess of individuals.
Dunham House in Indiana
Upstairs "landing" area. Original flooring and oak stairway. One of the
approximatley 40 windows in the home.....some having the original
Dunham House Living Room
Dunham House-Bust of George Washington
Looking back on the living room and the busts of Ben Franklin and George
Dunham Burials in Kempton Indiana
Dunham Gravesite in Kempton Indiana
Gravesite in Kempton Cemetery of Jacob  and wife Catherine
Goodnight Dunham....and also Amos  (son of Jacob) and his wife
Margaret Reese Dunham. This stone is relatively new and sits in
front of the original stones shown in next photo.
The Dunham Home in Indiana
Jacob and Louisa Stroup Dunham
William Riley Dunham
Jacob Mackey Dunham and wife Louisa Eliza
Stroup.  Photo courtesy of Shawn Clements.
William Riley Dunham. Photo
courtesy of Shawn Clements.
Dining room. 15 ft.  by 15 ft.  with newly added
chandelier. This room features two pictures, George
and Martha Washington from about 1861.
Original red pine flooring.
Bay windows follow all three floors. The view is incredible.
The area where the kitchen sink is now was a bathroom previously.
A chandelier will also be added to this room.
Looking towards the original back door. The stain glass window in this
door was accidentally cracked during Senator Obama's visit in May of
Mosaic tile flooring and claw foot tub.
Upstairs hallway with 4 bedrooms and a master bathroom.
Bust of George Washington was exact to scale. A mask was
used to create an exact likeness of our first President.
Original grave stones of Jacob, Amos, Catherine and Margaret Dunham.
Kempton Cemetery, Tipton County, Indiana.
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The Dunham House
Dunham House owner Shawn Clements
with Wayne and Marilyn Orr in 2008.
Senator Barack Obama speaks at Ball State University in Muncie,
Indiana in 2008.
Photo by Mark Sean Orr©