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Mark Sean Orr
Mark : Can you tell us a little about yourself (s) and your association with The
Day Of The Dead?

Ana: I wrote the script and co-directed

Jim: I co-directed and Produced the movie.Also as President of Taurus
Entertaiment , my company ownes the rights to the Original Feature Day of
the Dead.

Mark: Can you give us a brief synopsis of the movie ?

Ana: A group of mental patients find a mysterious vial that carries a
recombinant virus, the contagium. Once they get exposed they start to
change, and in order to fully evolve into some sort of super-human they must
consume human flesh. So each time they bite they leave a living dead victim
behind unwittingly unleashing an apocalypse.

Mark: Sounds really cool and creepy! Who are some of the actors in Day of the Dead 2
and where was it filmed?

Jim: John Henry lll ( Jackie), Laurie Maria Baranyay (Emma), Stan Klimezcko
(Boris), Justin Ipock, (Isaac) Julian Thomas (Sam), Stephan Wolfert
(Donwynn) Andreas Von Ray (Dr. Heller, a.k.a Dr. Bowtie), April Wade
(Patty). It was shot at a real working mental hospital in Norwalk, CA, and
at former hospital in Los Angeles, CA.

Mark: Can you give us some special FX info.....just how creepy is this one
going to be..heh..heh.?

Ana: Loads of zombie make-up and effects. I think Dr. Bowtie, Patty, and
Charlie speak for themselves as to how creepy ;-)

Mark: Are you a horror fan and if so..what are your favorite movies and
directors? Any particular influences?

Ana: I remember watching Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead several times
at the theater, and one of my earliest memories involve Legend of Hell
House, Children of the Damned and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. I was an avid
reader too, specially Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and - to this day- I
read every true ghost story book.

Mark: Great movies! "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" is a classic! Was there any
collaboration with George Romero (director of the original 1968 Night of the Living

Jim: No. However, I'm a major Fan of the Horror films from the 40's the
early sixties. I love the films in Black and white, especially films by
William Castle. I originally wanted to shoot DOD2 in B&W.

Mark: Ah...I also love the old horror films. Love the idea of shooting in black and white
too...maybe another version?  Will there be any promotional products for the
movie...T-Shirts, posters etc. If so..where and when can we get them?

Jim: Yes, we're working on designs right now. We'll hopefully have some
ready for the holidays. Dead Dog Comics is prepping a comic book now. You
can buy merchandise from the original Day of the Dead at:

Mark: What other works have you done in the past...or will you be doing in the
future? (Creepshow 4...more "Dead" movies?).

Ana: As a writer - Morella, Horror 102, Day of the Dead 2, a Creepshow
episode; as a director, Girls Fight Tonite, Horror 102, and co-directed both
DOD2 and Creepshow 3. We just completed Creepshow 3, it's in post right now,
and we'll be working on more horror soon.

Jim: Just finished Co-directing and producing Creepshow 3. Produced and
directed Horror 101 (starring Bo Derick) Lessons of an Asssasin (Shannon Lee
and Michael Dorn) About 30 different episodes for TV I either wrote,
produced or directed. I was also a producer on John Sayles classic movie

Mark: I'm looking forward to Creepshow 3...Stephen King is my favorite scary guy...ha.
Horror movie popularity seems to run in cycles and sometimes seems to be determined
by the real horrors going on in the world at the you see now as a good time
for horror movies?

Ana: I can honestly say that Contagium was inspired by the Cold War era
secret experiments and the recent anthrax attacks. The idea that Ebola or
botulism could be weaponized is as horrific as having to deal with the
Living Dead..

Mark: That's really scary and moreso because the viris/bacteria threat is all too real.
Where can our viewers get more info on "Day of the Dead 2"

www. will be updating that section soon.

Mark: When can readers see the movie and buy the DVD/VHS?

Jim: The movie will come out Oct. 18 everywhere that carries R-rated

Mark: We heard there are some bootleg copies of "Day of the Dead 2"
already circulating..can you give us some info about that

Ana: It's the German version, which has 15-20 minutes of really gory stuff
edited out- censorship is still strict in Germany. Someone got it and put it
online. The reviews circulating are based on this cut version.

Mark: What are some of the worst and best parts of making a movie like
"Day of the Dead 2"?

Ana: Worst part, cleaning the bloody mess we made when we were shooting the
last scenes of the movie. Best part, seeing your masses of zombies break
into Michael Jackson's "Thriller" chorus line in the middle of the street.

Mark: That would be awesome...ha! I think Michael Jackson brought a whole new
generation over to the Zombie world with his video "Thriller". And I love that he used
Vincent Price as the voice-over..what an icon in the genre!
How long was the movie in production?

Jim: The production was a only a few weeks. But we had two crews working.
However we spent 10 weeks in pre-produciton and Post took close to 6 months.

Mark: Ever consider doing some casting in Indiana..I'd make a great zombie! I'd love
walking around eating brains...heh...heh.

Ana: Mmmm. I think Creepshow 4 may have a zombie story....

Mark: Count me in! I'm a huge Stephen King fan and love his book "Creepshow"! Now
I'm a Dudelson and Clavell fan as well! Good luck with Day of the Dead 2.
I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule and I for one plan
to see the movie!

Ana: Thanks Mark
Jim: Thanks!

Mark Sean Orr
Day of the Dead 2!

An interview with James Dudelson
and Ana Clavell
by Mark Orr
Day of the Dead 2 Interview
Day of the Dead 2: Contagium is a 2005 horror film written by Ana Clavell and
directed-by Clavell and James Dudelson, starring Justin Ipock, Laurie Maria
Baranyay-and John-F. Henry III. It is half a sequel and half prequel to Day of the Dead
The film was released-on October 18, 2005  in the United States.

The following is my interview with James Dudelson and Ana Clavel..directors,
producers and writers for "Day of the Dead 2". Thanks to James and Ana for taking
the-time to answer a few questions.
~Mark Orr