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Mark Sean Orr®
Exclusive interview with
Mariotti - President of
Wacky Wobblers!
February 8, 2006
by Mark Sean Orr
Can you tell us about yourself and what you do at Funko?
I am the President and owner of Funko. I basically take care of determining
what the products, styles we produce next will be and oversee the creative
process involved with each item........

Where/who/what is Funko and how long have they been in business?
Funko has been in business for 7 years and is located in Seattle Washington.

How many different Wobblers has Funko created?
We have created over 500 Wobblers.

What are some of the most popular Wacky Wobblers - Bobblehead dolls made by Funko?
Austin Powers Wobblers have sold more than any other Wobbler. Right
now our hottest Wobblers are The Family Guy Series.

Does Funko consider their product to be a toy, collectible or both?
Absolutely both.

Are all production numbers known and made available to Collectors including
exclusive Wobblers?
Yes. Please visit at www.letsgetwacky.com to view all production numbers.
It's a good point of reference for our products.

Our favorite Wobblers are the advertising Bobbles like Count Chocula,
Frankenberry, Big Boy, etc....Are you a collector and what are your favorite pieces?
I am a collector and my favorites are any of the Hanna Barbera characters.
Quist and Jean LaFoote (from Captain Crunch) are also among my

What character has Funko not made that they would like to make?
We would love to do Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willy. We are in
negotiations for both of those now.

How do you see the future of Wacky Wobblers and Bobbleheads in general?
I see the future as bright and we are looking at other ways to utilize Wacky
Wobblers with different types of products. For example, we have a product
called Bobble Breeze that is a mini Wobbler and Air Freshener that sticks to
the dashboard of your car. We have done Speed Racer, Scooby Doo, Taz
and Tweety, Rat Fink and Stewie from Family Guy just to name a few........

We at Bobbles and More feel that eBay is a blessing and curse to collectors. A
lot of times eBay is used as a dumping ground which drives the market values down.
What effect do you think eBay has had on collectible Bobbleheads as far as value
and scarcity are concerned?
For the most part E-Bay is the most useful for items that are scarce. It
allows people access at a premium price.

Where are Wacky Wobblers sold?
Local comic book stores and bigger chains like Tower Records, Hastings,
Spencer's Gifts, Musicland, Sun Coast Video, Sam Goody's and various on
line stores such as Nodder World.com and Cameroncollectibles.net

What other products does Funko make?
The aforementioned Bobble Breeze, Bobble Banks, Fantastik Plastik
(licensed vinyl figures) Spastik Plastik (non licensed vinyl figures).

Funko makes Bobbles in plastic.........Have you or will you ever make them in
resin or ceramic?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. We feel is a cheap and inexpensive product that is both
fragile and easily breakable.

Funko put out a price guide magazine some time back.....We were fortunate
enough to get the first one but have not seen any subsequent issues........Have
subsequent issued been made?
There is a monthly price guide in the magazine Lee's Toy Review for Funko

Resin/ceramic Bobbles suffer a fair amount of breakage in shipping........Do you
find working with plastic allows for less Bobble breakage during shipping?
ABSOLUTELY YES. We have virtually zero breakage.

Can you tell us a little about how you get the rights to these characters?
Basically we look for licenses that interest us and then we reference a licensing
guide. We then make phone calls and look for the best deals to proceed with the
characters. Basically we look for licenses that interest us and then we reference a
licensing guide. We then make phone calls and look for the best deals to
proceed with the characters.

Can you give us a hint as to new Bobbles that will be available soon?
Sure. We will be releasing the Classic McDonald characters from the '70's.
A full line of Scooby Doo characters. We will also be doing a second series
of both The Simpsons and Family Guy and a full line of Loony Toon Classic
characters. We anticipate releasing over 150 new Wobblers this year alone.

From start to finish how long does it take to produce one character?
It takes 4 months to produce just one character.

If there is anything else you would like to tell our readers about Funko, please
feel free to do so.........
We just finished producing the world's largest Bobblehead, a 6 foot
Frankenberry, that will be debuting at the International Toy fair this week in
New York City

Thanks for your time Brian!
Thanks Mark and thanks for your continued interest and great support of Funko
Wacky Wobblers.