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Mark:  Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where you're from, how you got interested in Stephen
Lilja: Well, I live in Sweden and I’m 36 years old. I started to read King back in the mid 80’s when I got a
copy of Carrie for Christmas. I was hooked after that.

Mark:  Tell us a bit about your website. How long has it been in existence, who are your readers,
who you have interviewed etc.. ?
Lilja: Well, the site has existed since 1996 so I’m celebrating 10 years this year. I have readers from all
over the world but most are from the US. At the beginning it was a really small site but over the years it
has grown to what it is today. Oh, and this year in celebration of the 10th year I also got Marv – The
Library Policeman as a mascot. I have been fortunate to interview a lot of people. You can see who they
all are on the site.

Mark: (Great mascot!)

Mark:  What is your favorite King book and movie?
Lilja: Hard to say but the best books are The Long Walk, IT, The Stand. And I also like the latest Lisey’s
Story very much. My favorite movie is probably Shawshank Redemption, Battleground (from
Nightmares & Dreamscapes) and Secret  Window to name a few.

Mark:  If you could cast the movie "The Dark Tower"...who would you cast as Roland and the other
characters, and is there  any specific music you would want in the film?
Lilja: Well, I don’t want them to make a movie based on The Dark Tower. It’s no way they could convert
it in a good way so then it’s better to not do it at all. So, casting isn’t anything I have thought that much
about but the only person I can see as Roland is a young Clint Eastwood and since he isn’t that young
any more…

Mark:  Are you a collector of King memorabilia or books..if so, what do you have in your collection?
Lilja: I don’t know if I would call myself a collector but I do like to get fun stuff connected to King. I have
the main Can Tah  (one of them) that was used in the movie Desperation and that is cool. I also have
some really cool ARCs in the collection but it’s long from a big collection.
The most valuable book I have is Six Stories.

Mark: For King collectors...what do you think would be the "holy grail " of King memorabilia?
Lilja: Well, I like the Can Tah I have J I’m not sure…there really isn’t that much memorabilia and it’s
very much up to the collector. I would like to see more memorabilia though.

Mark:  What is your least favorite King book and movie?
Lilja: I had some problems with Faithful since we don’t have baseball here in Sweden. Least favorite
movies…how much time do I have : The Lawnmover Man, most sequels, The Mangler, the remake of
Salem’s Lot, Apt Pupil…
Mark: (Totally agree..most of the sequels have been horrible!

Mark:  How do you think King's work will be remembered by the literary field? Mainstream pop
culture writer, literary genius?
Lilja: Probably both depending on who you ask and one doesn’t have to exclude the other, right?
(I think the literary "experts" will continue to call his work "mass market pulp"....but he has written some
incredible stuff!)
Mark: I think critics will continue to publicly flog him, but read everything they can get their hands on
in private...heh..heh.

Mark:  What other authors do you read?
Lilja: I real a little of that and a little of this but often I don’t get the time I want to read. When I read
though I read Peter  Straub, some Dean Koontz. I recently read the biography of the hard rock group
Motely Crue…a very good book!

Mark:  King suffered dibilitating injuries in a 1999 accident in which he was struck by a van while
taking a you think this has had an impact on his writing?
Do you find his writing more morose or fatalistic since the accident?
Lilja: I definitely think it had an impact on his writing. Anyone who has read On Writing, From a Buick 8
and seen Kingdom Hospital knows that. I’m not sure it has changed his style but he has incorporated it
in some of his works.

Mark: I'm not sure if Everything's Eventual was written after the accident...but I saw a definite
change in King's writing style in those short stories. They were even too depressing for me.

Mark: You are obviously a fellow King fan and reader..... If you could meet with Stephen King for a
personal one on one...what is the first question you would ask him? And what would you tell him
about how his work has affected your life?
Lilja: Well, I hope to do an interview with him in the future (one of my goals) so I have a lot of questions I
would like to ask him…when I do I’ll let you in on what they are :) .
Ian: I would tell him that his stories have taken me from reality into a world of imagination so many
times. And I have enjoyed every second of it. It also got me to read more books and not just comics
when I was young. That may change again though with The Dark Tower comics coming out.
(Ask him where he gets his know he loves that question. Serioulsy...I'd like to ask him if
he would ever consider a collaboration with Anne Rice...with his characters and her incredibly
detailed research and knowledge of ancient history and religion...they would make an awesome
team! The vampire Lestat would wreak even more havoc in Salem's Lot than Barlow and Straker
combined and I'd love to see the old "good vs. evil thing become a major part of the story.

Mark:  What is it about Stephen King that attracts so many die-hard fans of all ages... of his work?
Lilja: I think it is that he finds the horror in the every day events. You get the feeling that many of the
things that happens could happen to you. That and that he is a fantastic storyteller is what attracts
people if you ask me. He has the ability  to tell a story and really draw you in to it.

Mark:  Have you read any of Tabitha King's (King's wife) books and what do you think about them?
Lilja: I have just read her last book Candles Burning and I liked it quite a lot. I plan to check out her
earlier books as well though when I get the time.

Mark:  What movie coming up from King are you most looking forward to seeing.....or...what movie
would you like to see made...or remade?
Lilja: Frank Darabont is doing The Long Walk and that one I’m really looking forward to. He is also
doing The Mist which should be good. I don’t want more remakes though. There are so many stories
that hasn’t been done that we don’t need the same ones done again.
Ian: Those are two of my favorites as well..I loved the audio version of The Mist!

Mark:  If you were to play a leading role in any King movie .....what character would you like to
portray and why?
Lilja: I don’t want to play the lead for the simple reason that I can’t act if my life depended upon it : )..... I
leave that up to the people who can.
Mark: I'd love to play any character in The Reach...what an awesome story that was!

Thank s Lilja for a great interview! I appreciate your time and the information you shared with us.
Everyone should check out Lilja's website's full of great Stephen King information and breaking

Mark Sean Orr
September 15, 2006