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Rizvee Imran : A Passionate Young
Photographer from Bangladesh
by Mark Sean Orr
Raintree County Photography
April 25, 2014
This world is full of faces and every single face has its own name on it, You can call me " Rizvee ".  My full
name is Rizvee Imran . I was born in Chittagong City, Bangladesh. I don't know anything about what I do. I am
just an incredibly gifted dreamer.
- Rizvee Imran
Hi Rizvee. Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for this interview at Collectors World
Online. I am an admirer of your work. Your portraiture in particular is wonderful and engaging. You have a
knack for connecting with your subject and I am interested in hearing your thought process when taking
photos and learn about your part of the world that you so elegantly capture in photographs. Some of your
photos evoke tremendous happiness while others are haunting and melancholic. You seem to be able to do
both equally well. Let's get started.
Faces of the Unknown
Music by: Trading Yesterday
In your emptiness you will find yourself"
by Rizvee Imran
by Rizvee Imran
Little sunshine by Rizvee Imran
Rizvee Imran - Photographer from Bangladesh
When and where were you born and what was your childhood like?
I was born back in late 90's in Chittagong, Bagladesh . I had a terrible disease when I was a child and was
very sensitive, so I had to live with many restrictions. I never had the chance to eat what ever I liked or play
whatever I liked . I started my school life when I was 4 years old. The name of the school was " Silver Bells
Kindergarten ". I was pretty well known for not being present in the class. My teachers used to call me a "
Spring Bird ". I think I was always an average student. Not too good, not too bad. Even now I haven't changed
my level in the class. I made some friends in the primary school years, but I lost track of most of them after
leaving primary school . I spent most of my childhood either playing video games or being sick. So I don't have
too many spontaneous memories of childhood. I try to find the joy by taking pictures of children and speaking
to them .

2. Did you have an early interest in art and/or photography?
Yes, I think my father used to own a film camera, don't quite know the camera name. I think I used that camera
when I was a little boy, I was probably less than 2 years old back then. I always had a curiosity of taking
photographs with that camera . Even though I probably wasn't allowed to touch that. Back in early 2000's My
mother bought a digital camera too. I still have it although it doesn't work now. The fact is I was always fond of
photos. I wasn't familiar with the word "photography" back then but I always loved taking photos and I still do.

What schooling have you had and do you study photography?
My First school was " Silver Bells Kindergarten ", I was there for 7 years and after primary. After completing
primary studies, I went to "Bangladesh Navy School and College," I just finished High School from there this
year. I was there for 5 years. I never did any studies on photography. I am a self-taught photographer.

When did you get your first camera and what subject matter are you drawn to?
I used my elder brother's DSLR for a long time. I started photography with his DSLR. It was a Nikon D3100.
Well I had no idea what photography was back then. I was shooting everything I saw around me. I started with
concept photography, then did some birding for awhile, I even did some landscapes a well but I wasn't happy
with any of these genres. Then I started to take portraits (street) and street photos. I found what I was looking
for there. I started to feel more connected with my photographs. I found stories, emotions and my passion for
photography. I try to find myself through my lens. I try to find answers. When ever you are taking a great
photograph, you are actually telling a story to yourself. Photography is something I can't live without. It's like a
part of my body.
Smile for the moment
by Rizvee Imran
Your portraiture is some of my favorite. How do you make your subjects feel comfortable? Do you
have any tips for getting people to relax and pose naturally?
Thank you. It is great to know that you like my portraits. Well people are more comfortable when they are
being themselves. When you ask some one for a portrait. Don't tell them what to do, let them be themselves
and they will give their natural look. Don't ask them to smile or to do anything else. When I ask people to pose
for a photo they give a strange look which I don't like. Sometimes they give a natural smile when you put your
camera in their face and oh boy, I love that smile. I stand there and wait for the moment to come and
sometimes I make eye contact with them, I try to read my subject then push the button. You only get a split
second to take the perfect photo. I failed to do that many times. Some people give a weird look when you point
a camera at them and sometimes that turns out to be a very good street portrait. You never know .
Hide and seek
by Rizvee Imran
What about candid shots.....what type of scenes are your favorite to shoot? How do you know when
to click the shutter button? Is it instinct or do you think it is a matter of just being at the right place
at the right time?
Well for the candid shoots. I try to capture the decisive moments. Candid shots are very difficult in my point of
view. You make a single mistake and that photo will go to your rejected list. I don't take candid shots in a hurry.
I try to read my subjects, try to understand what his next move is going to be, wait for the perfect moment to
come and then I click. I have many candid photos in my rejected list. I think it is a combination of instinct and

8. What are some of your favorite photos that you have taken and why?
"In your emptiness, you will find yourself " is one of my most favorite photographs. That image described itself
better than any other photograph I have captured. I wasn't ready for that photograph. I saw the man and he
was walking beside the beach alone. I had a very little time to capture that moment and it turned out to be one
of my best. Another photograph titled " Ending" is one of favorites as well. I took these two photos in the same
place and on the same day.  I also must mention a portrait named " Little Sunshine " which is one my most
favorite portraits. Her expression was amazing, I love that photograph .
Who are your favorite photographers....who has inspired you?
Well this is a very tough difficult question. I have many favorite photographers . Okay I am writing a shortlist of
that here. Steve McCurry is one of most favorite from the beginning. David Lazar, he is an amazing person
and he always inspires me to do better. Gmb Akash, he is a national treasure for Bangladesh. Ata Adnan and
Nayeem Kalam who are known as the dynamic due. They are amazing photographers from my city. Rahat
Amin is like a brother to me. He always helps me with photography. Sakib Pratey has been inspiring my work
and he is also helping me improve my photography , He is a great person as well. M.R Hasan is an amazing
personal friend and photographer too. I love your photographs too, they are different and that's why they are
great. All the photographers from 21st Century Photographers Society are amazing and inspiring people. I
love them all. I can't really put all the names in here, the list is very big. I love watching other peoples work.

What camera equipment do you use?
I use a Nikon D7000 with a 18-105mm. 3.5-5.6 G and 50mm. 1.8 D most of the time. I also use Nikon D3100
and Canon EOS 7D occasionally.

11. What was the best advice given to you in regards to photography?
Well that's another hard question. I think it is from GMB Akash - "Be honest and believe in yourself. Do not
underestimate your dream, your dream will tell one day, who you are. All the best! ".  It's less about
photography, more about life and why not? Photography is my life.  Muhammed Nafees who is also like my
brother once said "Keep learning and keep clicking",  and that is exactly what I am doing from the start.
What advice would you give to up and coming photographers?
Photography is becoming more and more popular everyday. Many people calls themselves "photographers"
right after buying a camera, which is really disheartening for me to be honest. If photography is your passion,
just go with the flow and try to discover "photography". Don't open a page on Facebook after buying a
camera. Try to use the camera first, learn the basics and keep learning. Photography is a continuous
learning process. We are all learning from each other. Go step by step, go slow, and never be too proud of
yourself no matter how great you are doing in terms of photography. Try to do photography for a bigger
cause. Try to help people through your photographs. Carry your dreams in your heart and set your mind to
it. You can be anything you want to be. Love what you do, and enjoy what you do.
the boy
by Rizvee Imran
Is it your plan to make photography your main profession?
No man, photography is my passion, not my profession but In Sha Allah, I will be doing photography
throughout my lifetime. I want to join Military Forces, I will continue photography from there.

Anything you would like to add?
Don't just dream, wake up, chase your dreams, work hard for your dreams and one day you will reach your
destination. Thank you Mark. Take Care.

Thanks Rizvee for taking the time to answer these questions. I think you have a wonderful future awaiting you
in photography and everything else you pursue.  
Portrait of an old farmer
by Rizvee Imran
Light up the darkness
by Rizvee Imran