Rock Bottom Remainders Band with Stephen King
Three Chords and an
"This band plays
music as well as
Metallica writes
Dave barry
What happens when a bunch of bestselling authors get together and
form a garage band, then go on tour?
In the case of Stephen King, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Dave Barry,Tad
Bartimus, Roy Blount Jr., Michael Dorris, Robert Fulghum, Matt
Groening, Barbara Kingsolver, Al Kooper, Greil Marcus, Joel Selvin,
Amy Tan, Dave Marsh, Mitch Albom, Ridley Pearson, Scott Turow and a few
others...what happens is...THE ROCK BOTTOM REMAINDERS BAND!
Mark Sean Orr - 2005©
The band was formed in 1991 by Kathi Goldmark and they briefly toured
on a bus (The Three Chords and an Attitude" tour) . They've also released
an album/CD titled "Stranger than Fiction".

The tour was chronicled in a now rare book "Mid-Life Confidential" and
photographed by King's wife Tabitha. Not the greatest of Rock Bands, as
Dave Barry comments "This band plays music as well as Metallica writes
novels", but they are legendary to their group of fans.
The following is an interview with Kathi Goldmark we did in 2005....
published here at Collectors World Online for posterity.

Mark-Hi Kathi...thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions about the
Rock Bottom Reminders. Can you tell us a little about how the group was
started and how you chose the band members? Why authors? Also, were
there any ego problems with all those famous authors. I bet Stephen King
was a diva huh...ha?

K.K.G. When I started the Remainders, I chose authors partly because
they were avowed rock & rollers, and partly because they were sweeties.
So no one was difficult in terms of ego-trips or stuff like that. Some
scheduling has been difficult-that's a whole other story. The most fun guy
on the tour is always Roy Blount Jr. And the most fun gal is Amy Tan-she
has a surprising appetite for practical jokes, perfect for a rock & roll tour.

Mark-Is the group planning to put out a CD featuring songs from the 50's
and 60's as is their specialty?

KKG: It's a way-too-kept secret, but most of the Rock Bottom Remainders
appear on Stranger Than Fiction, a CD of 40 singing authors that I
produced about 5 years ago on my own label "Don't Quit Your Day Job"
Records on which Stephen King, Amy Tan and other original members of
the band perform some viable oldies with pro-musician help.
( than that, I don't think there will be a CD
released. We're much more fun as a live show than to listen to. You can
find a few downloadable recordings here and there, though. There's one of
my songs performed by the band with an introduction by Dave Barry on
my publisher'swebsite:

Mark-When will the Remainders tour again and where?

KKG: We usually tour for about a week every year. Check for updates. If you're ever in Miami,
Florida, the weekend before Thanksgiving, we almost always play there at
the Miami Book Fair.
Stephen King and Kathi Goldmark
Mark Orr's Interview with Kathi Goldmark,
founder of the Rock Bottom Remainders
Kathi Kamen Goldmark
shown here with Stephen
Stranger Than Fiction CD
featuring music from the
Remainders band members
and many other musicians!
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Stephen King Rock Bottom Remainders Band Poster
Mark Orr's Interview with Kathi Goldmark,
founder of the Rock Bottom Remainders
The Original Rock Bottom Remainders
May 25, 1992 at the Cowboy Boogie in Anaheim, California, Stephen King, Dave
Barry, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Matt Groening, Amy Tan, Greil Marcus, Ridley Pearson,
Dave Marsh, Roy Blount Jr., and a bunch of other writers playing a charity concert of
rock classics, including "Louie, Louie".
Mark-Who picks the songs for the play-list?

KKG: We all do. Usually about a month before a tour or a show, Dave Barry
sends an email to everyone with a proposed set list and a request for song
suggestions. We have a few rules-we do best on simple songs (4 chords,
tops) and NO MODULATIONS are allowed.

Mark-Where do the Remainders practice...I imagine you all together in
Stephen King's garage....heh...heh?

KKG: We would be a lot better if we ever practiced.

Mark-How many states do you tour yearly?

KKG: We usually pick a region and do 3 or 4 cities in one week. A recent
tour included St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland-for example.

Mark-How did you get all those famous authors together in one place at the
same time?

KKG: That's the amazing thing. It was easier than I thought it would be. I
knew them all from working in book publicity, and chose a first-gig venue
during the weekend of a big publishing convention in Anaheim, California. I
was honestly shocked when I sent out this weird invitation to a bunch of my
author friends to start a band, and they actually said yes? Then I had to
make it happen.

Mark-Sounds like quite an accomplishment to me! Will we ever see the
RBR's on TV?

KKG: I don't know...we've never actually played live on TV, but "60 Minutes"
has filmed us twice-once for a Dave Barry profile and once for a Stephen
King profile. We were the B-roll.

Mark-Why is Don Henley on the RBR tribute page? Is he in the band?

KKG: He wrote a really nasty review of our first show for the L.A. Weekly. It
was someone's bright idea to have an actual rock star review us, and he
took no prisoners, ultimately inspiring an amazing band-wide
correspondence that involved Amy Tan's pretend gangster Uncle and some
IRS letterhead. If you can get a copy of our book, Mid-Life Confidential, the
whole sordid story is there in the appendix.

Mark-Wow..that's harsh Mr. Henley..ha! Who is the best singer in the band
and the best musician...and the worst?

KKG: Dave Barry is a good guitar player, and Ridley Pearson is a good bass
player. That's all I'm gonna say :)

Mark-Can you tell us a little about the charity "America Scores" and if the
Remainders support other charities?

KKG: America Scores has after-school programs in a whole bunch of cities
for underprivileged kids. The deal is, if the kids want to play soccer they
have to write poetry and if they want to write poetry they have to play
soccer. It's a terrific program and you can find out a lot more about it at:

Mark-That sounds like  wonderful charity! Thanks for taking time to answer
my questions......I hope to catch a Rock Bottom Remainders show some

KKG: Thanks for your interest in the Rock Bottom Remainders. If you want
to have the most fun you can ever have in life, go out and start a rock & roll
Love to you all.
Kathi Kamen Goldmark

Founder (and Remainderette). Rock Bottom Remainders
Author of "And My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You".

Mark S. Orr 2005©
*On May 24, of 2012, Kathi Kamen Golmark died of breast cancer.  At her
death, Ms. Goldmark was surrounded by authors, among them Ms. Tan, Mr.
Barry and Maya Angelou. Judy Collins called to sing “Amazing Grace.” Near
the end, Ms. Goldmark smiled and whispered the famous enigmatic line from
the movie classic “Citizen Kane.”

In Augut of 2012, The Rock Bottom Remainders perform for the last time
on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
Ridley Pearson
"Killer Weekend"
Mid-Life Confidential
The Rock Bottom Remainders
Viking 1994-First Edition
Greg Iles
"The Footprints of God"
Kathi Kamen Goldmark
Author-Founder of the Rock
Bottom Remainders
Amy Tan
"The Bonesetter's Daughter"
Kathi Kamen Goldmark
(August 18, 1948 – May 24, 2012)
Mitch Albom the five people you meet in heaven
Mitch Albom's "the five
people you meet in heaven"
Ridkey Pearson Killer Weekend
Stranger Than Fiction Stephen King Band CD
Stephen King's
"Salem's Lot'
Update 12/12/12 with a few words from Dave Barry.

Mark: Hi Dave: How long were you with the Rock Bottom Remainders?
Dave Barry: I was with the band from when it started in 1992.

Mark: Was there just the one book and one CD of music released?
Dave Barry; I believe so.

Mark: Is it the end....or do you think some of the members would get
together again for another show?
Dave Barry: I think some members of the band will probably get
together again from time to time, most likely at the Miami Book Fair,
where various permutations of the Remainders have played many
times. I doubt that the whole band will ever play together again, but
I suppose it's possible.

Mark: Do the members stay in contact with each other?
Dave Barry: Absolutely. We've become friends over the years, and
some of us are in touch almost daily.

Mark: What are some of your favorite memories of touring with the group?
Dave Barry: Laughing in hotel bars, and on buses, and backstage.
And onstage. We laughed a lot, which makes sense, because as a
band we were pretty laughable.

Thanks Dave and thanks Judi!
Mark S. Orr
December 12, 2012