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Kenneth Connor
Jackson  Family Photo Gallery- Six Generations - 180 years
Frances Lorena Thonpson September
21, 1922.
Frances was the daughter of Sterling
Thompson and Emma Mae Tutterow
Frances Thompson Jackson, wife of
Forest Vaughn Jackson,  with son
Sterling Eugene Jackson on the farm.
Frances Lorena Thompson Jackson.
Frances grew up in WIllow Branch,
Unknown form the Jackson-Morris
family photo collection.
Bessie Jackson Cook, daughter of
James Jackson and Hulda Morris
Jackson. Bessie was Forest Vaughn's
older sister.
Born September 8, 1884
Bessie died February 20, 1920.
Age 35 years.
Forest Vaughn Jackson on right.
Grandpa Forest Vaughn  Jackson  on
bottom right
Son of James  Jackson and Hulda
Morris Jackson.
Forest Vaughn Jackson, son of James
Jackson and Hulda Morris Jackson.
Born August 13, 1897
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson, daughter of
Forest Jackson and Frances
Thompson Jackson.
James and Huldah Morris Jackson
James Jackson and Huldah Morris
James and Hulda Jackson were the
parents of Forest
Vaughn Jackson who married Frances
Forest Vaughn Jackson, son of James
Jackson and Hulda Morris Jackson
Forest Vaughn Jackson
Morris -Jackson Collection
Francis Lorena Thompson Jackson
Francis Jackson
Francis Jackson
Frances Jackson and Sterling
Forest Jackson and Friend
The Jackson Family
Marilyn Jackson Orr
Bessie Jackson Cook
Forest Jackson and son Sterling Eugene
Hulda Morris Jackson with Grandson
Sterling Eugene Jackson.
Forest Vaughn Jackson with wife
Frances Lorena Thompson Jackson
and son Sterling Eugene Jackson on
vacation at the beach!
Forest Vaughn Jackson on left...with
Huldah jackson and Baby Sterling
Mark Sean Orr
Mark Sean Orr
Mark Sean Orr , son of Howard Wayne
Orr and Marilyn Jackson Orr
Anna Thompson Bradley and Nieces
Anna Thompson Bradley (sister of
Francis Lorena Thompson Jackson),  
with Lisa Jo Orr and Juulie Kay Orr.
Howard Wayne and Marilyn Jackson Orr
Howard Wayne Orr (son of Harold
Obediah Orr and Gladys Sylvanis
Dinkins Orr) and Marilyn Yvonne
Jackson Orr.
Forest Vaughn Jackson
Vaughn Jackson and Daughter Marilyn
Forest Vaughn Jackson with daughter
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson . Photo taken
after they moved to New Castle in
Forest Vaughn Jackson
Forest Vaughn Jackson on the farm.
State Road #234 between New Castle
and Cadiz.
Forest Vaughn Jackson with son
Sterling Eugene Jackson and puppies.
In the early 1900's, most
women listed their
occupation in the
Federal Census's as
Hulda listed her
occupation as farmer.
Son Vaughn
worked on the farm from
age 4!
Kenneth Conner... neighbor.
From the Jackson - Thompson
When Vaughn was  4
years old on his
grandfather's farm south
of Kennard,In., they saw
a tornado coming.
Someone grabbed
Vaughn and his has
blew off and he he
would not go in until he
been some hat.
~Marilyn Jackson Orr
When the Jackson family
wasn't working
hard farming, one of their
hobbies was listening to
the radio.
Vaughn enjoyed the
Indianapolis 500 and
Frances liked the soap
opera Stella Dallas.
Some other radio
favorites were Amos and  
Andy and the Grand Ole
Background music.
Turn up the volume!
Sunlight lit Mrs Jackson's face as she began to tell her story.
Amidst  rows of pews, and brilliant hues of streaming stained glass glory.
The congregation passed the plate ... as Huldah testified
I wondered where she found her faith...since Mr. Jackson died.
She'd turned to the Bible...and found her comfort there.
Her son..turned to the bottle and pretended not to care.
And as she spoke of faith and hope to the restless congregation,
a line formed at the altar , barring provocation.
Even the irascible Mr.Maddy...knelt down on bended knee
and thanked the lord for his Becca...and loving family
God in his amazing glory was in our church that day
He used a future angel to to show us all the way.

From the poem "Mrs. Jackson and the Congregation" by Mark Sean Orr®

Forest Vaughn Jackson and Mother Huldah
Forest Vaughn Jackson as a baby.
Second from right in the back...sitting
on mother Huldah's ;ap.
Photo 1898
Siblings Bessie and Forest Vaughn Jackson
Forest Vaughn Jackson on left...with
sister Bessie. Photo 1899
Levi Clinton Jackson and Ruth
Levi (1827-1906
Ruth A. (1832-1908)
Parents of James Jackson.
Harlan Cemetery near Wilkinson,
Hancock County
Levi Clinton and Ruth Jackson
Sterling Eugene Jackson. Son of  
Forest Vaughn Jackson and Frances
Lorena Thompson Jackson.
"Uncle Gene"
"Grandma Frances Thompson Jackson
and son Sterling with children of
Wayne and Marilyn Jackson Orr.
Lisa, Mark Sean and Julie.
"Uncle Gene"
Sterling Jackson and cousin Doris
Howard Wayne and Marilyn Jackson Orr
Marilyn Jackson married Howard
Wayne Orr in 1954. They had 4
children: Lisa Jo Orr Clark, Julie Kay
Orr Kirk and twin sons, Mark Sean Orr
and Kevin Wayne Orr.
Francis Lorena Thompson Jackson
with Marilyn Jackson Orr.
Frances Lorena Jackson and Daughter Marilyn Orr
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson Orr
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson and friends.
Sterling Eugene Jackson
Sterling Jackson and Doris Bradley
Francis Jackson - Son Sterling and Grandchildren
The song playing is
"Jackson Brush" 18th century Irish
jig by Walker Jackson, the "piping
Popular in early America .
Francis Thompson - Cold Winter of 1917
Grandmother Frances
Lorraine/Lorena Thompson
Jackson. 1901-1988.
At the age of  7 James
Jackson was taken to see
Abraham Lincoln speak
to the One Hundred
Fortieth Indiana Regiment
(March 17,1865) where
part of the speech went
as follows:

"Whenever I hear any one
arguing for slavery I feel a
strong impulse to see it
tried on him personally."
~Abraham Lincoln