Family History Notes-Maddy Family
Notes on the Maddy Family
Starting with James Maddy 1st born in England 1738.
Notes on my father's side:
James Maddy (1)(born 1738) married Ann Morris  (1a)
James came to America from Herfordshire, England  prior to 1759.
James was a Revolutionary War soldier and died years after the War  
(1788) of accidental drowning in the Shenandoah River. He is buried in
Rockingham Co., Virginia.

James and Ann had 10 children, among them:
James 2nd, William, John,
Matthew, Henry and Sarah.

Ann Morris (1a) was born on November 17, 1740. She was the daughter
of Robert Morris and Elizabeth Murphet.

Ann (Anna) Morris Maddy
Among the early settlers of the Greenville Community, Monroe County ,
West Virginia, was a Mrs. Anne Maddy. Anne Maddy, after losing her
husband who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War from Virginia, by
accidental drowning in the Shenandoah River, emigrated with her
children to Monroe County, and settled on what is still known as the
"Charley Maddy Place", near the Saltpeter Cave near Greenville. Here
she reared her family. She had a considerable estate in Virginia, which it
became necessary for her to return to settle up, and she rode horse back
through the mountains and the wilderness, crossing the Alleghenies. After
transacting her affairs and recovering her money, a considerable sum,
she proceeded on her return, and in doing so she stopped over night with
a settler in the wilderness. During her stay she incidently disclosed the
fact of her carrying on her person considerable funds. On the next
morning, the gentleman of the house told her he knew a direct route
through hills that would save her a great part of the distance, and
volunteered to show her the near cut. They proceeded for some time until
they came to a wild place and a great cliff, where the man stopped, told
her to give him the money, and declared his object to be to secure the
money which she carried on her person in her clothing, and to murder
her. She declined to give up the money, when he demanded her to take
off her dress, it being his purpose to secure it and the money therein, and
then throw her over the cliff. She requested him to turn his back, as she
did not desire to undress in his presence. This he did, turning his back to
her and facing the precipice whereupon she gave him a sudden push
with all her strength, sending him over the cliff and into the ravine below,
where he was instantly killed , thus saving her own life as well as the
money. She then proceeded on her journey at her home in safety. The
above experience does not deal directly but indirectly with this community
and is a fine illustration of pioneer life. We have wondered if there are
any women of this day who would make this trip, under the circumstances
as described, crossing the Allegheny Mountains alone on horse back
with hardly a path through the unbroken forest, subject to the danger of
wild animals and hardships.
Mr. Maddy was of English descent, married the Dutch lady Miss Anna
Morris, as figures in the above episode, just after the Revolutionary War
which formed the tree which sent forth its branches over the country. To
this union there were ten boys and at least one daughter  born, which is
now scattered over the country generally but there is more of their
descendants found in Ohio than elsewhere, although many to be found in
Indiana and  Monroe County Va.  and also some in Summers County Va.

James Maddy 2nd (2)...son of James and Ann.
James 2nd was born in 1768, in Orange Co. Virginia. He died in Indian
Creek Va., Monroe Co.  (now West Va.) on October 1824.
James married
Anna Kissinger (Kessinger (2a) . James was Anna's
second husband. They married July 11, 1791 and to this union were born
10 children.
Anna died in 1828.
James and Anna both died in Indian Creek, Monroe Co. West Va.

Their second born son was Andrew Jackson Maddy.
Andrew Jackson Maddy (3)
Born in June, 1808
Andrew Jackson Maddy, son of James and Anna Maddy, was born in
Monroe County, VA., June 1, 1808. When he was 16 years of age his
parents died leaving him to take care of himself. He then began to learn
the carpenter's trade at which he worked 6 years. In September, 1828 he
Morcina (Marzena) Miller (3a), a native of Virginia (and said to
be a full blooded Indian)... born June 30, 1810. In October 1832, with 2
children, they came to Henry County Indiana, camping the first night in
New Castle. He had about $1.50 in money, but changed a horse and
buggy and some bedding for forty acres of land on Honey Creek, which
had on it a rude log cabin. Here they lived two years. he cleared about 20
acres of land and erected more buildings. He then sold it for $150.00,
and entered 120 acres in the black swamp, where he still lives. This took
all his money and they were obliged to begin anew. They built a cabin of
round logs, without any floor, and moved to their new home Sunday
evening, camping in the woods overnight , as no door had been cut in the
cabin. The next morning the door was cut, and in this rude house they
lived the first winter. Starting on nothing Mr. Maddy has undergone all the
hardships of pioneer life and has acquired a good property, being worth
at least $20,000. In 1832 his tax was $1.00; in 1883, $100. He now has a
farm of 200 acres. He and his wife were members of the Old School
Baptist church thirty years, His wife died August 27, 1880, aged seventy
years. Their family of eight children are all living in Henry County- James
Alderson,; Elizabeth, wife of N. Shoemaker; Isaac S,; George W.;
Cynthia Ann, wife of Thomas E Ray; Rhoda, wife of J. Shadlow; Philena,
wife of William Latshaw; Sarah J., wife of C.(J or F). Baker. There are
seventy grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. May 3, 1881 , Mr.
Maddy remarried to Mrs. Ann R. Warren
(3b) , widow of A.L. Warren, and
daughter of James P. and Catherine Barnell. She is a native of
Rockingham County, VA., born Nov .7, 1829.
(From the History of Henry County, Indiana. Chicago: Inter-State
Publishing Co. 1884
Jefferson Township
Page 701 and 702
Submitted by Jeanie)
*Andrew Jackson Maddy died May 11 on his farm, 3 years after this
book was published.
His son
James Alderson Maddy (4) married Ellen Showalter
Their daughter
Cora Alice Maddy  (5) married Marion Frank Orr  (5a) and
had 8 children.
The oldest son;
Harold Obediah Orr  (6) married Gladys Sylvania Dinkins  
(6a) and had 8 children.
Howard Wayne Orr (7) is the son of Harold and Gladys Dinkins Orr.
Howard married
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson (7a)and they had 4 children.
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Andrew jackson Maddy 1808-1887
Andrew Jackson Maddy
Farm near Sulphur
Springs, Indiana.
He and his first wife
Marcena (Zena) Miller
Maddy are buried at
Dunkard Cemetery near
Middeltown, Indiana.
Funeral services were at
the White Union Church
west of Sulphur Springs
on S.R. 38.
Cora Alice Maddy
Andrew Jackson Maddy
Daughter of James
Alderson Maddy and
Ellen Showalter Maddy.
Cora was the
daughter of James
Alderson Maddy and
granddaughter of
Andrew Jackson
Maddy, the first
Maddy to move to