Memorial Park (1992) is the largest memorial park in Indiana, encompassing 322 acres
(now conierably less since the golf course was sold to Randy Neal).
Within that acreage are 20 memorials, a golf course, two softball diamonds, two lakes,
22 numbered picnic sites, three cabins, 13 open-air shelters, the Henry County 4-H
building, three playgrounds, a two-story shelter house, trails galore, and courts for
basketball, volleyball and tennis. The focal point of the park is the Smith Building, used
for weddings, reunions, exhibits, auctions and banquets, Last year alone, the upstairs
portion was rented 224 times; the downstairs, 185 times.  
As if the park needed anything else to prove its greatness, the horse and pony facilities
are known and admired by thousands of equine aficionados. The Henry County Saddle
Club (since 1961)has funneled $500,000 - not a penny of it coming from taxes - into the
horse and pony a¡ea. With its two show rings, exercise areas, grooming stations,
bleachers, concession stand and 200 permanent and 150 portable stalls, the local
facility is host to 19 shows this year. Over 100,000 people are d¡awn to those shows.
The picnic shelters a¡e coveted. November 1 is the first day people can reserve shelters
for the upcoming year. Fifty or more people spend  their Halloween waiting in line to nab
their favorite shelter.
"Because this is a Henry County park paid for with tax dolIars, we've made it a place for
people to visit and enjoy without spending a lot of money," said Rex Alspaugh, park
superintendent. "Since my wife and I came here in 1987, we have loved this park,"
Alspaugh continued. "The Saddle Club, 4-H, Lions Club, American Legion and all the
other groups that use and contribute to our park have been super to work with, "And, I'm
very fortunate to have the workers I have. All of them take pride in this park as if it's their
own, and in a way it is. This park is for all of us." In 1919, a group of Henry County men
had a vision. Encouraged by a state law authorizing construction of memorials to the
Great War, these men conceived the idea of a "living memorial.''

They didn't want mere statues to honor the local men and women who served in what we
now call World War I. Monuments were nice, they figured, but couldn't be used for any
activities. Salem Shively, one of that original group of visionaries, said at the time, "Let us
not spend money on the erection of stone monuments to the memory of our soldiers,
(monuments) which would neither quench the thirst nor rest their bodies from the toil of
the day." Instead, Shively argued, they should take this "remarkable adapted piece of
ground" and "dedicate and set apart (it) to their memory." The "piece of ground" to wvhich
Shively referred was the original 37 acres of Memorial Park, an area encompassing what
is now Shively Lake, the Shelter House and the playground on the park's east side.

(Some of this was copied from other sources...I apologize for any spelling errors).

Henry County Poor Farm (Asylum)
1839 - March 8: The commisioners purchased the farm of William Silver for $2,000.00.
1839: May, a log house was built.
1844 - January 4: A new brick building was erected.
1855 - May 9, 1855: The brick building was destroyed by fire. All records were destroyed.
1855: The commisioners ordered a new and larger building constructed, which is today
the present building, at a cost of $7,000.00.
1855 - 1859: While the building was under construction all paupers were kept at the farm
of suprintendent Mark Modlin.
March, 1860: The new brick building was completed and all inmates returned to their
new home.
1900: By the turn of the century the farm had grown to about 300 acres with the purchase
of the bottom land.
*The Poor Home building was demolished in July of 2013.
**There is said to be an unmarked burial ground on the hill that overlooks the north side
of Shively Lake and the east side of the lagoon. (in 2018 it was stated that there may be
two more burial locations)  When a pauper died the county usually paid for the burial
clothes, coffin and digging of the grave, and any other expense that was provided by the
county. The average burial expense was about five dollars. I believe I have an ancestor;
Mary Runyan Dinkins buried there.
Mary Dinkins (shown as Dinkens) at the Paupers Asylum
Dinkens, Mary        Admitted: 26 Nov 1881                 Died: 20 Jul 1882        Age 23y
Disposition date: 7-22-1882, no funeral home or cemetery listed on Death certificate.
Henry County Pauper's Asylum (Poor Farm)
Death and Burials on the Farm
NAME        TOWNSHIP        DIED        AGE        PARENTS
Abrams, Sarah        Spiceland        December 21, 1908        33        Unknown
Barnes, Benjamin        Franklin        December 7, 1902        71        Unknown
Cates, Joseph        Spiceland        October 14, 1909        80        Unknown
Chappel, Rachael        Spiceland        October 13, 1904        47        Unknown
Charlton, James (c)        Spiceland        October 1, 1915        66        Asberry Charlton /
Fanny Lewis
Charlton, Letta (c)        Spicelannd        December 25, 1912        100        "        "        "
Christ, David        Jefferson        December 6, 1910        56        Unknown
Edwards, Ollie        Spiceland        February 27, 1908        80        John Edwards
Estell, Wesley        Wayne        October 31, 1907        75        Unknown
Ford, Henry (c)        Henry        August 8, 1908        58        Unknown
Gaylor, Enos        Dudley        September 19, 1902        54        Unknown
Green, George        Henry        December 15, 1911        56        Edward Green / Susan
Green, Lawrence        Henry        July 30, 1910        64        "        "        "        "
Hasket, George        Dudley        November 24, 1913        53        Unknown
Harris, Martha        Spiceland        April 6, 1910        45        Micajah Harris / Anna Hughfield
Hincks, Fredrick        Fall Creek        May 6, 1911        83        Unknown
Kipp, Abby        Wayne        June 15, 1916        72        Philip Kipp / Elizabeth Haly
Labue, Henry        Henry        January 24, 1913        59        Christ Labue
Martin, Henry        Wayne        January 23, 1904        79        Isaac Martin / Elizabeth
May, Charles        Wayne        September 1, 1908        46        James May
Millenger, Benjamin        Liberty        July 9, 1902        68        Unknown
Reynolds, Ellender        Franklin        June 5, 1906        36        Lewis Reynolds / Ellen Bell
Roberts, Joseph (c)        Wayne        July 13, 1907        52        Unknown
Smathers, Gideon        Spiceland        February 12, 1909        70        Unknown
Stetson, Lettie        Henry        March 5, 1909        41        Unknown
* Williams, Anna (c)        Henry        August 15, 1919         51        **Adam Williams
Williams, Leroy (c)        Henry        August 18, 1912        64        "        "
* Last known burial on the farm grounds. On the hill above the new Veterans Monument,
later removed to the old North 14th street cemetery.
**Was a slave.
Compiled from the County Home records by: U.E. Bush, 1998
**Dinkens, Mary (Should be Dinkins, wife of Jesse Dinkins)         26 Nov 1881 20 Jul
1882        Age 23y
*More burial listings (some may be repeated from above)
Deaths at the Henry County Home
(Poor Farm, Pauper's Asylum, Poor House or County Farm)
1900 - 1985
The following is a list of people who died in the Henry County Home from 1900 through
1985 It notes their date of death, place of interment and parents if they were known at the
time. There are several that have no place of interment listed in the records. You would
have to assume the majority of these were pauper burials. Most of these deaths should
have been entered at the county health department, thus a death record is most likely
available. All of these deaths are Public Record and most had Obituaries published in
the local newspapers. Very few deaths were recorded in the records before 1900. I have
a few early deaths listed in the early records elsewhere on the Pauper's Asylum page.

Name        Age        Death        Cemetery        Parents
Abrams, Sarah        61y        21 Dec 1908        County Farm         
Adams, Samuel        68y        1 Jun 1944        Unknown        S of S & E
Adkins, Wesley        80y        20 Apr 1957        Southmound         
Agal, William        0        10 Jan 1950                  
Albright, David        66y        6 Mar 1925        Cadiz         
Alderson, Ephram        0        28 Jul 1943                  
Alexander, Jane        33y        18 Jun1906        Souhmound        D of Harvey Alexander
Alger, Raymond        29y        7 Oct 1915        Painter         
Allen, Frank        26y        17 Mar 1911        Southmound         
Allen, Seth        79y        10 Aug 1902        Old Knightstown         
Allis, Oliver        74y        28 Oct 1910        Greensboro        S of I & S
Allis, Sophronia        61y        4 Apr 1916        Hess        D of E & M Allis
Anders, Izetta        63y        15 Aug 1980        Knightstown         
Archibald, Mary        23y        15 Jun 1906        Old Knightstown        D of E & A
Armond, Carolyn        92y        21 Jul 1934        Unknown        D of E & E Ogle
Armstrong, William        57y        1 Sep 1950                 S of T & E
Bailey, Agnes        0        15 Jul 1918        Muncie, IN         
Baily, Randolph        84y        4 Mar 1922        Unknown         
Ball, Cora        73y        6 Oct 1957                  
Ball, George M.        92y        19 Feb 1944                  
Ball, James        85y        2 Mar 1934        Southmound        S of F & S
Ballard, Grant        65y        18 Oct 1923        Lewisville         
Ballengall, William        63y        4 May 1924        Painter        S of G & N
Barnes, Benjamin        80y        7 Dec 1902        County Farm         
Barnes, Jessie        68y        1 Oct 1918        Miller        D of P & M Barnes
Beavers, John        67y        15 Jul 1901        New Lisbon         
Beechler, Mary E.        70y        10 Jan 1944                  
Bell, Henry        79y        26 Mar1927        Knightstown        S of A & N
Bell, Lulu        63y        13 Aug 1940        Southmound        D of R & V
Berry, Mary J.        85y        2 Jul 1916        Southmound         
Black, Martha        84y        14 Jun 1944        Raysville         
Boone, James        88y        24 Feb 1910        Lewisville         
Boyce, James        75y        6 Mar 1931        Unknown        S of H & J
Bradway, Anna        71y        2 Jan 1942        Middletown        D of W&E Taylor
Branham, William H.        82y        20 Apr 1920        Bloomington,        IN         
Branson, Isaac        83y        12 Jul 901        Southmound         
Brennemen, Clyde E.        75y        3 Jan 1962        Southmound         
Britenham, Martha        80y        27 Mar 1937        Knightstown        D of E & A Fifer
Brittenham, Sidney E.        77y        1 May 1957                  
Broadbent, Maia        86y        14 May 1918        Southmound         
Brosius, L. D.        75y        30 Jan 1918        Old Knightstown         
Brown, Frank        64y        17 Oct 1918        Bloomington, IN        S of John
Buange, Isaac        83y        12 May 1924        Southmound         
Buchannon, George        81y        12 Sep 1919        Mt. Summit        S of D & E
Bumpus, James        57y        18 May 1920        Southmound         
Bunner, Albert        86y        28 Dec 1935        Springport        S of J & M
Burk, Grant        89y        20 Jan 1955        Greensboro         
Burris, John        65y        6 Feb 1924        Southmound         
Burris, Joseph        83y        7 Mar 1930        Knightstown        S of A & C
Burris, Tackler        2y        26 mar 1917        Southmound        D of A & D
Burton, Edward S.        88y        25 Jul 1907        Southmound         
Burton, H. K.        82y        30 Aug 1933        Knightstown        S of H & H
Butcher, Charles        83y        16 Jan 1937        Greensboro         
Butler, Lizzie        84y        4 Feb 1937        Raysville        D of B & L Baker
Byers, Levi        41y        2 dec 1916        Unknown        S of O & S
Calfer, Wm.        57y        15 Jan 1918        Southmound        S of Albert
Calvard, James        86y        3 Sep 1953                  
Campbell, Ellen        55y        7 Apr 1908        Greensboro        D of J Jackson
Cannahan, Thomas F.        73y        23 May 1937        Anderson, IN        S of H & M
Cates, Joseph        80y        14 Oct 1909        County Farm         
Catt, Mary E.        77y        29 Jun 1929        Circle Grove        D of G & M
Catt, Samuel P.        77y        24 Sep 1929        Circle Grove        S of G & M
Cave, Elzora        77y        21 Jan 1942        Southmound        D of E&E Davis
Chamness, William H.        63y        16 Oct 1913        Chicago corner        S O A & S
Chappel, Rachael        55y        1 Jul 1904        County Farm         
Charlton, James        72y        1 Oct 1915        County Farm        S of A & F
Charlton, Letta C.        104y        25 Dec 1912        County Farm         
Chew, Bessie        45y        28 Dec 1932        Clear Springs        D of M&H Chew
Chew, Lydia E.        62y        11 Oct 1903        Clear Springs        D of W & M Chew
Chew, Rachael Jane        66y        20 Apr 1905        Clear Springs        D of W & M Chew
Clampitt, Sarah        80y        27 Jul 1910        Greensboro         
Clearwater, John        0        15 Jan 1951                  
Cole, David        78y        19 Jul 1904        Old Knightstown        S of John
Collins, Jane        82y        11 Jan 1929        Southmound        D of J & M
Collins, Jennie        73y        11 Feb 1929        Southmound        D of J & E
Colson, Robert D.        58y        17 Jul 1963        Southmound         
Conner, Andrew        82y        3 Sep 1934        White Union        S of W & E
Conner, Francis O.        80y        11 mar 1910        Lebanon Baptist        D of D & E
Conwell, Harry        80y        4 Jul 1962        Southmound         
Cook, Nancy        81y        8 Dec 1913        Harlan (Hancock        D of E & S Linton
Cook, Oscar        85y        26 Sep 1952                  
Cooksey, Zackariah        89y        5 Jan 1933        Circle Grove        S of J & S
Coon, Anna        86y        25 Nov 1980        Harlan(Hancock)         
Copeland, Anna J.        73y        20 Jun 1912        Ebenezer Bapt.        D of J & M Linnens
Councelor, Cecil        3y        10 Apr 1922        Unknown         
Counncelor, Arthur        71y        26 Jun 1941        Southmound        S of T & M
Craft, Phillip        64y        8 May 1916        St. Anne's        S of Peter
Crawford, Sarah J.        83y        2 Jan 1923        Anderson, IN        D of B & M Harris
Crutchfield, Marvin        64y        16 Mar 1987        Southmound         
Culp, John        74y        16 Sep 1926        Bethel Cem.        S of J & A
Cunningham, Patrick        77y        1 Jul 1917        Anderson, IN         
Name        Age        Death        Cemetery        Parents
Dakins, Carter        92y        1 Aug 1962        Southmound         
Darrow, W. J.        81y        1 Oct 1926        Portland, IN         
Davis, Allen        49y        19 Jul 1909        Greentown, IN        S of J & M
Davis, Daniel        88y        25 Jun 1950                  
Davis, James Pet        83y        7 Feb 1964                  
Davis, Rosemary        0        22 Jul 1922        Southmound         
Deavers, George        74y        25 Oct 1963        Southmound         
Delon, Albert        55y        17 Jan 1933        Circle Grove         
Dent, Clara        65y        18 Apr 1939        Knightstown        D of A&S Stone
Devaney, Harry        56y        3 Oct 1904        Southmound         
Dock, David        66y        19 Sep 1922        Ohio        S of F & E Dock
Duncan, Emily        53y        27 Jul 1901        Old Knightstown         
Dunelly, Catharine        88y        31 Dec 1930        Southmound         
Dunlap, Cole        86y        15 Jan 1937        Southmound        S of S & P
Durbin, John        75y        15 Oct 1927        Southmound        S of J & E
Eddleman, Ansel        72y        9 Oct 1963                  
Edmondson, Ella        0        27 Jan 1955                  
Edwards, Isaiah        67y        2 May 1906        Elliot        S of John
Edwards, Ollie        82y        27 Feb 1905        County Farm         
Elliot, Lynn        81y        14 Jun 1920        Southmound         
Ellis, Ambrose        76y        29 Dec 1956                  
Ellis, Jacob J.        73y        30 Dec 1932        Southmound         
Elzy, Emma        67y        14 Jul 1941        Batson        D of A&S Johnson
Estal, Wesley        79y        31 Oct 1907        County Farm         
Evans, Andrew        84y        26 May 1952                  
Evans, Burrila        91y        23 Jan 1906        Batson        D of J. & I Evans
Evans, Helen        79y        22 Nov 1981        Greenfield, IN         
Evans, Mark        69y        12 Aug 1928        Hillsboro        S of H & A
Fadely, Carrie        71y        2 Aug 1961        Middletown        D of R & J
Favorite, Ira        67y        4 Nov 1917        Sugar Grove        S of E & M
Featherland, Alonzo        77y        25 Jun 1935        Chicago Corner         
Fenden, William        70y        8 Feb 1931        Unknown        S of W & B
Finkliner, Lora        87y        17 May 1956                  
Finney, Charles        60y        24 Jan 1937        Southmound        S of W & H
Finney, Walter        71y        11 Apr 1927        Southmound         
Finney, William R.        77y        21 Sep 1951                  
Finney, Wm.        80y        13 Sep 1903        Hess         
Finney, Wylie        63y        29 Jul 1933        Southmound        S of W & H
Fleming, Frances L.        90y        15 Jun 1951                  
Fletcher, Anna        71y        28 Jan 1942        Lewisville        D of J&M Fletcher
Folger, J. W.        72y        7 feb 1918        Rush Co.        S of B & N
Ford, Henry        59y        8 Aug 1908        County Farm         
Foster, Elsworth        71y        8 Jul 1936        Circle Grove        S of E & M
Foust, Leah        80y        27 Aug 1900        Hagerstown, IN         
Fox, William        81y        1 Jun 1904        Hancock Co.         
Franks, Taylor        87y        2 Apr 1927        Mechanicsburg         
Frazier, Jane        90y        10 Dec 1915        Southmound        D of R & C Mccloud
Gard, John        88y        17 Jul 1926        Southmound         
Garret, Mary E.        83y        27 May 1913        Hagerstown, IN        D of J & C Logan
Gault, Joshua A.        83y        16 Jul 1925        Southmound         
Gaylor, Enos        55y        14 Sep 1902        County Farm         
George, William        60y        17 May 1902        Mt. Summit         
Gephart, Frank        54y        27 Jan 1932        Daleville         
Gephart, William T.        84y        29 Aug 1956                  
Goins, Joseph        82y        4 Nov 1927        Knightstown        S of R & E
Goins, William        85y        19 Jun 1937        Knightstown        S of W & N
Gorden, Earl E.        5y        23 Mar 1930        Southmound        S of E & M
Gorden, Frank        68y        7 Jan 1961        Southmound        S of F & M
Gosnell, Charles        0        12 Mar 1951                  
Goudy, Charles W.        93y        17 Jun 1965        Knightstown         
Grant, Ike        57y        3 Apr 1922        Unknown         
Gray, Benjamin B.        34y        20 Nov 1909        Fairmount, IN        S of R & D
Gray, Isaac        57y        13 Apr 1922        Southmound         
Greely, James        87y        17 Jul 1953                  
Green, Lawrence        70y        30 Jul 1910        County Farm        S of E & S
Gregory, Henry        84y        19 Feb 1969        Southmound         
Griffen, William        66y        16 Feb 1924        Southmound         
Griffith, unk        68y        7 Sep 1925        Southmound         
Groscost, Almira        83y        12 Mar 1934        Southmound        D of P & M
Gwin, Milton        78y        6 Dec 1910        County Farm        S of Daniel
Gwynn, Albert        62y        21 Oct 1918        Bloomington, IN         
Gwynn, Milda        88y        10 Nov 1920        Mooreland         
Hale, John        74y        1 Jul 1960                  
Hall, Mary Ellen        74y        18 Jun 1950                  
Hall, Robert        92y        6 Mar 1957                  
Hammer, Hallie        62y        12 Dec1923        Spiceland         
Hammock, Oliver        82y        10 Sep 1901        Maple Valley         
Hammond, Maria        65y        15 Jun 1939        Spiceland        D of J&M Hammond
Hankins, Jake        84y        6 Oct 1965                  
Harris, Martha        76y        6 Apr 1910        County Farm        D of M & E Harris
Harvey, Clinton        47y        29 Jun 1907        Hillsboro        S of P & C
Hasket, George        69y        24 Nov 1913        County Farm         
Hawk, Flora M.        72y        6 May 1932        Muncie        D of W&M Ashton
Hayden, Lula M.        80y        14 Apr 1961        Southmound         
Haynes, Turner        84y        3 Mar 1962        Southmound         
Hays, Quinton        75y        28 Aug 1904        Old Knightstown         
Hays, Seely        73y        14 Oct 1907        Chicago Corner         
Henderson, William        47y        6 Mar 1930        Southmound        S of A & A
Hendrickson, Lorenzo        73y        12 Jun 1934        Southmound        S of C & M
Henley, Margaret        86y        24 Sep 1905        Hopewell        D of J & E Henley
Hiatt, Seth        77y        28 Dec 1911        Greensboro        S of J & B
Higgins, George        93y        8 Nov 1965                  
Hilton, James        72y        2 Mar 1955                  
Hincks, Frederick        84y        16 May 1911        County Farm         
Hines, William        58y        12 Jan 1908        Southmound        S of M & C Hines
Hinshaw, Isaac        89y        13 Aug 1917        Clear Springs        S of J & H
Hipple, Fred A.        79y        27 Aug 1955        Southmound         
Hodson, Mary        62y        17 Apr 1951        Southmound        D of J&S Martin
Hoosier, Allen        72y        11 Feb 1915        Greensboro        S of N & A
Hoover, Adam        81y        23 Aug 1937        Blountsville        S of F & S
Hoover, Monroe        84y        9 Aug 1937        Hagerstown        S of J & A
Hornbeck, George E.        0        12 Mar 1952        Southmound         
Hornnbeck, Mary Clift        77y        1 Apr 1960        Southmound         
Huckaby, Charles        84y        4 Mar 1962        Southmound         
Huddleston, Martin        39y        29 Apr 1936        Southmound        S of C & M
Hudson, Frank        58y        5 Oct 1928        Southmound        S of J & L
Huffman, John A.        68y        9 Jun 1908        Mt. Pleasent, IN         
Hully, George        69y        28 Nov 1909        Shilo (Rush)         
Hunt, Peter        70y        14 Sep 1907        Rush Co.        S of G & M
Hutsanpillar, M. D.        73y        8 May 1925        Sulphur Springs        S of W & A
Ice, David W.        73y        21 Dec 1939        Hillsboro        S of E & C
Ice, Thomas        84y        1 Jan 1908        Hillsboro        S of F & M
Ingram, Mace        63y        12 Sep 1931        Southmound        S of G & S
Ingram, Sallie        92y        8 Jan 1929        Southmound         
Name        Age        Death        Cemetery        Parents
Jacobs, Christina        67y        17 Oct 1917        Unknown        D of J & A McCall
Jessup, Amanda        84y        17 Aug 1928        Middletown        D of E&L Lindamood
Jester, Mary        81y        11 Feb 1907        Mooreland        D of John Henly
Johnson, Cora        70y        10 Mar 1945        Unknown        D of W&J Johnson
Johnson, James A.        78y        12 Mar 1932        Southmound         
Johnson, John        84y        18 Oct 1942        Middletown        S of C & S
Johnson, Maleti        70y        21 Feb 1944        Southmound        D of Luther
Johnson, Nancy        72y        10 Mar 1902        Old Knightstown         
Jones, Ephram        81y        18 Sep 1928        Southmound         
Jones, James        85y        21 Jan 1944                  
Jones, William        62y        23 Jan 1918        Alexandria, IN        S of Robert Jones
Jordan, Jesse        25y        4 Jan 1929        Elliot Cem.        S of M & M
Joseph, Charles        0        16 Sep 1920        Cambridge City         
Julian, William        80y        5 Oct 1909        Southmound        S of I & E
Justice, Elizabeth        87y        23 Sep 1916        Old Knightstown        D of John Bennet
Keesling, Calvin        74y        23 Mar 1928        Mechanicsburg        S of J & M
Keesling, Ida Mae        86y        9 Apr 1960                  
Kellar, George        0        19 Feb 1950                  
Kendall, Luther        45y        3 Feb 1919        Spiceland        S of J & S
Kerns, Minnie        78y        23 Jan 1953        Ebenezer (Rush)         
Keslar, David        69y        14 Mar 1923        Southmound         
Kiner, James        66y        16 Aug 1922        Unknown         
Kipp, Abbie        83y        15 Jun 1916        County Farm         
Kissel, William        80y        16 Jul 1935        Southmound         
Konesloki, Pete        79y        17 May 1943        Southmound        S of J
Koons, Frances        86y        9 Aug 1945                  
Koons, John E.        64y        19 Mar 1939        Ovid- Anderson        S of J & M
Kramer, John        77y        26 Sep 1936        Batson        S of P & E
Labue, Henry        60y        24 Jan 1913        County Farm        S of Christ Labue
Lamb, Rebecca        68y        5 Dec 1908        Old Knightstown        D of J & N Scott
Lamb, Samuel        80y        31 Jul1900        Dunreith         
Lambert, Thomas        69y        11 Mar 1922        Unknown         
Lane, Susan        86y        3 Aug 1955                 D of C. Terrell
Larue, Nathan        64y        6 Dec 1929        Mooreland        S of N & S
Laster, Isiah        63y        21 Jun 1911        Old Knightstown        S of Marian
Lawton, Frank        66y        3 Oct 1937        Arcadia, IN        S of O & M
Leander, Anna        71y        27 Jul 1937        St. Anne's         
Leisure, Nancy E        71y        17 Jul 1916        Miller        D of AS & M Adams
Lester, Antrim        78y        19 Jan 1918        Southmound        S of Wm.
Lewis, Lulu        51y        9 Feb 1930        Unknown        D of W & L Lewis
Lindsey, James        79y        1 Jun 1938        Southmound        S of G & E
Lines, John D.        76y        14 Aug 1944        Unknown        S of E & E
Livezey, Jesse        75y        14 Oct 1927        Southmound        S of R & L
Livezey, Robert        80y        3 Oct 1929        Unknown        S of R & L
Lockridge, Harl        89y        26 May 1950                  
Longfellow, Samantha        47y        24 Oct1906        Lebanon Baptist         
Loyd, George        90y        4 Feb 1930        Middletown         
Lundy, Irene        79y        3 Dec 1935        Mooreland        D of E&C Adams
Lundy, William        77y        23 Mar 1901        Germantown, IN         
Lutholtz, Martin L.        92y        30 Sep 1952        Southmound        S of J & K
Manning, Perry        76y        16 Feb 1934        Southmound        S of F & S
Maple, Walter E        43y        18 Apr 1922        Raysville        S of R & E
Martin, Henry        80y        23 Jan 1909        County Farm         
Martin, John        55y        12 Jan 1908        Hillsboro         
Mastin, Samuel T.        91y        5 Sep 1941        Knightstown        S of T & P
Mastin, William        0        9 Aug 1945                  
Mathews, Oscar        66y        25 Nov 1942        Unknown        S of J & E
Mathews, Robert        60y        18 Oct 1903        Miller         
May, Charles        44y        15 Sep 1908        County Farm        S of James
May, Rebecca        82y        19 Sep 1901        Old Knightstown         
McAvoy, Denney        77y        17 Jun 1927        Batson        S of D & J
McCall, Thomas        72y        27 Ma 1903        Southmound         
McCarty, Nancy        74y        27 Feb 1905        Rush Co., IN        D of Sam Humphries
McCray, Walter        64y        11 Jul 1936        Southmound        S of S & M
McCullen, John        77y        6 Nov 1909        St Anne's        S of D & R
McDaniel, Samuel        81y        12 Sep 1905        Sugar Grove        S of Wm.
McDermit, Fletty        53y        29 Mar 1944        Miller        D of W & A Rathman
McDowell, Julia        77y        5 Aug 1945        Southmound         
McGath, Homer        58y        27 Feb 1941        Springport        S of M & R
McGee, Elizabeth        70y        20 May 1946                  
Mckinley, Charles        0        8 May 1920        St. Anne's         
McKinnie, Quincy        67y        9 Dec 1932        Knightstown        S of F & W
Mclury, Thomas        73y        1 Feb 1978        New Lisbon         
McMasters, William        82y        21 Aug 1952                  
Meeks, Harriet        90y        6 Dec 1925        Harvey's         
Meredith, Alfred        87y        8 Sep 1936        Spiceland, Frnd's        S of J & L
Messerly, Cynthia        90y        22 Jul 1933        Mt. Summit        D of J&M Clayson
Millenger, Benjamin        72y        9 Jul 1902        County Farm         
Miller, Adam        77y        16 Apr 1919        Mooreland         
Miller, Bertha        86y        28 Oct 1964        Southmound         
Miller, Bertha        88y        28 Oct 1964                  
Miller, Sarah        86y        6 Dec 1934        Mechanicsburg        D of W&F Miller
Miller, William H.        57y        24 Jan 1908        Southmound        S of F & M
Millikan, Lem        84y        19 Dec 1944                  
Minnick, Ray        0        12 Aug 1948                  
Mitchel, Harvey        66y        2 Mar 1920        Greensboro         
Modlin, Carlisa        75y        6 Aug 1918        Spiceland        D of N & T Jordan
Modlin, Sarah E.        56y        2 Aug 1918        Greensboro        D of E & C Modlin
Montgomery, James        76y        19 Aug 1916        Shelbyville, IN        S of D & M
Moore, Samuel        67y        26 May 1927        Middletown         
Moore, William        68y        19 Dec 1937        Southmound        S of L & E
Morgan, John        72y        30 Dec 1943        Tennesee         
Morris, Horatio        74y        19 Dec 1965                  
Morris, Nancy        90y        6 Sep 1915        Old Knightstown        D of W & J Morris
Morris, Rachael        85y        26 Mar 1909        Spiceland        D of W & S Morris
Moss, Anetta        86y        16 Sep 1918        Old Knightstown        D of J & M Brooks
Moyer, Herman C.        91y        3 Jun 1962                  
Mullens, Laura        84y        19 May 1934        Dublin, IN         
Musselman, Lydia        50y        16 Mar 1932        Southmound         
Myers, John        87y        18 Aug 1940        Middletown        S of P & N
Myler, Paul        81y        1 Feb 1978        New Lisbon         
Needham, Ella        55y        16 Jan 1900        Southmound         
Neff, William        73y        5 Jan 1927        Unknown         
Newton, Ora H.        56y        17 Mar 1943        Southmound         
Newton, Walter        71y        11 Mar 1904        Spiceland         
Nicholas, Clarence        28y        20 May 1907        Lebanon Baptist        S of D & C
Nichols, John        74y        4 Apr 1831        Batson        S of J & E
Name        Age        Death        Cemetery        Parents
O'Brien, Amanda        67y        6 Mar 1915        Raysville         
Ogle, Peter        72y        11 May 1916        Old Knightstown        S of D & C
Osborne, Elizabeth        93y        1 Jun 1958                  
Owens, Joe W.        63y        3 Apr 1962        Southmound         
Palin, Marvin        68y        June 1965                  
Peacock, Alonzo        85y        14 Jan 1937        Hess Cem.        S of D & M
Peacock, Susan        85y        7 Apr 1927        McCray (Rush)        D of E & P Yountz
Peden, Amos        85y        13 Jan 1952        Southmound        S of J & E
Perry, Eliza        53y        1 Dec 1907        Raysville        D of J & C Gaylor
Perry, Henry        65y        9 Aug 1910        Southmound        S of J & S
Personnett, Casandra        40y        14 May 1938        Mechanicsburg        D of E & S
Pettiford, George        50y        26 Oct 1937        Southmound        S of S & S Pettiford
Peyton, Charles        81y        8 Jun 1963        Southmound        S of S & F
Pierson, Abbie        88y        4 Feb 1930        Unknown        D of E & E
Pierson, Nathan        61y        14 Jun 1914        Spiceland        S of B & R
Platts, Bill        56y        24 Jun 1978        Southmound         
Powers, Anetta        0        7 Jun 1930        Unknown        D of J & N
Powers, Steven        74y        24 Jan 1937        Knightstown        S of H & E
Presnell, Joel        87y        23 Mar 1923        Unknown         
Pride, Henry        76y        20 Feb 1905        Old Knightstown         
Ratcliff, Mamie        79y        28 Mar 1953                  
Ray, Isaac M.        56y        15 Jan 1918        Greensboro        S of A & C
Reed, Jessie R.        92y        8 Aug 1964        Mt. Summit         
Reese, Albert        59y        8 Oct 1922        Unknown         
Reynolds, Ekkender        61y        5 Jun 1906        County Farm        S of S & L C
Reynolds, Phebe E.        78y        19 Jan 1918        Unknown        D of S & M Foster
Richards, Elizabeth        90y        8 Feb 1917        Mt. Summit        D of J & M Mauzy
Richardson, Samuel        63y        10 Jan 1907        Painter         
Richison, Mary E.        60y        2 May 1914        Bloomington, IN        D of W & S Davis
Riddle, Mahala Blains        79y        7 Oct 1965        Southmound         
Riley, Emily        0        3 Nov 1932        Hess cem.        D of P & P Riley
Riley, James        68y        4 Aug 1920        Hess         
Riley, John        74y        19 Dec 1932        Hess Cem        S of P & P
Riley, Rachael        66y        11 Feb 1954                  
Roberts, Frank        69y        11 Mar 1928        Knightstown         
Roberts, James        85y        30 Mar 1924        Mt. Summit         
Roberts, Joseph        52y        13 Jul 1907        County Farm         
Robertson, Josiah        65y        3 Sep 1906        Hagerstown, IN        S of D & J
Robinson, Patrick        83y        14 Mar 1907        Clear Springs        S of Ben Marlow
Rockhold, Alma        74y        26 Apr 1931        Ohio         
Roddy, Allen        0        18 May 1922        Southmound         
Roe, Kendall L.        54y        1 Aug 1908        Franklin ?         
Roher, John        68y        11 Jul 1936        Hagerstown, IN        S of J & E
Rose, Albert        59y        8 Oct 1922        Uknown         
Ross, C. John        89y        7 Sep 1929        Ohio        S of E & M
Ross, Thomas A.        75y        28 Oct 1959                  
Rowe, William Henry        76y        1 Nov 1952`                  
Runk, Phillip        0        19 Jun 1950                  
Runyan, Martin        53y        8 Jul 1905        Batson        S of Noah
Rust, William        77y        2 Jan 1927        Hicksite        S of S & E
Sargrel,        72y        16 Mar 1931        Southmound         
Schott, Robert        73y        13 Apr 1950        Unknown        S of H & J
Scott, Jack        88y        16 Feb 1940        Knightstown        S of J & M
Scribner, Berneice C.        60y        1 Jun 1952                 D of George
Shaffer, John        89y        21 Mar 1923        Unknown        S of D & E
Shaw, Nelson J.        43y        3 Jun 1933        Ohio        S of D & M
Sheff, Caroline        89y        15 Dec 1916        Ona, WV        D of A & M Sheff
Shephard, William H.        66y        5 Mar 1950        Southmound         
Shepler, Gustavis C.        70y        9 Mar 1912        Lewisville        S of J & L
Sherry, Jane        84y        3 Mar 1934        Southmound         
Shinn, Herbert        58y        15 Dec 1935        Knightstown        S of C & S
Shirk, Henry T.        62y        19 OCt 1918        Southmound        S of T & M
Shook, Adam        83y        18 Mar 1923        New Lisbon        S of A & M
Shook, Jacob        88y        2 Dec 1925        New Lisbon        S of A & M
Short, Susan        68y        1 Sep 1902        Miller         
Shortridge, Charles        82y        3 Feb 1955                 S of F & M
Showalter, Nancy H.        79y        2 Jan 1926        Knightstown         
Sink, Opal        82y        15 Aug 1980        Knightstown         
Sipple, Margetta        92y        3 Jun 1967        Southmound         
Skeen, Mary        74y        30 Mar 1939        Unknown        D of R & M
Smathers, Gideon        85y        12 Feb 1909        County Farm         
Smith, Caroline        77y        3 Oct 1910        Greensboro        D of P & J Shultz
Smith, George        82y        31 Aug 1917        Mooreland        S of S & E
Smith, Horace        73y        14 Mar 1951        Southmound        S of W & M
Sneed, Charles        82y        11 Sep 1927        Miller Cem.         
Snyder, Jeff        81y        20 Sep 1928        Mt. Summit         
Souder, Arthur        89y        5 Jan 1962                  
Sowash, Perry F.        0        14 Jan 1956                 S of Henry
Stansbury, Jane        84y        21 Aug 1934        Southmound        D of D & C
Sterkle, Norma        62y        25 Nov 1980        Harlan,(Hancock)         
Stetson, Lottie        52y        5 Mar 1907        County Farm         
Stevens, Frank        68y        1 Jan 1908        Sugar Grove         
Stewart, Jefferson        85y        20 Oct 1942        Shilo (Rush)        S of T & E
Stewart, Rose        86y        14 Aug 1964                  
Stinger, Ward        65y        11 Nov 1937        Glen Cove        S of Jesse
Stone, Elizabeth        88y        18 Apr 1919        Old Knightstown         
Stone, Ernie        48y        18 Sep 1928        Knightstown        S of A & S
Stonecipher, Sarah C.        75y        9 Sep 1917        Mooreland         
Stratton, Roy L.        79y        12 Oct 1955                  
Sullivan, Sarah J        72y        20 Nov 1907        Dunreith        D of H & E Williams
Swain, Albert        84y        1 Feb 1956                  
Sweigert, John        80y        4 Jan 1932        Southmound        S of C & M
Swenagen, A.        0        14 Mar 1951                  
Sykes, Jennie        70y        21 Oct 1912        Miller         
Name        Age        Death        Cemetery        Parents
Taylor, Martha M.        86y        1 Feb 1945                  
Templin, Loren        87y        24 Feb 1958                  
Thomas, Everett        20y        30 Dec 1922        Southmound         
Thornburg, Thomas        76y        3 Noc 1943        Unknown        S of Seth Thornburg
Thurman, Nathan        86y        1 Jun 1905        Dunreith         
Tipton, Jamia        84y        25 Oct 1951                 D of J & R
Tipton, Jennie        91y        25 Oct 1951        Unknown         
Tipton, Joseph        70y        10 Mar 1923        Unknown         
Trees, Alonzo S.        87y        1 Jun 1934        Knightstown        S of J & M
Triplett, Josephine        75y        8 Mar 1933        Southmound        D of E & N Kerr
Triplett, O. S.        75y        13 Aug 1831        Southmound        S of W & M
Turner, Edward        74y        15 Mar 1946                  
Tyler, James        58y        23 Feb 1940        Southmound        S of J & D
Unknown person        71y        28 Jul 1937        Mt. Summit        S of J & S
Vance, William V.        69y        1 Aug 1958        Southmound         
Vanetta, Emma        90y        11 Dec 1932        Southmound        D of Clark Osborn
Vanostrom, Lester        83y        July 1978                  
Vine, James        74y        14 Oct 1933        Unknown        S of J & A
Wagner, George W.        91y        1 Jul 1954                  
Wagoner, John        80y        3 Oct 1906        Cincinatti, OH         
Waltz, John        65y        4 Jan 1917        Ulrich (Wayne)        S of P & C
Waters, Kenneth        96y        13 Jan 1977        Mooreland         
Watkins, Washington        87y        4 Dec 1919        Southmound        S of W & S
Weatherby, William        75y        1 Jan 1958                  
Wells, Emaline        55y        2 Jan 1907        Raysville        D of J & C Gaylor
Wheeler, Joseph        80y        23 Aug 1938        Unknown         
Whiteside, William R.        70y        27 Sep 1932        Milroy, IN        S of W & E
Wickersham, David        92y        30 Jun 1917        Richsquare        S of C & E
Wiggins, Frank        75y        26 Jan 1906        Old Knightstown         
Wilkinson, Albert D.        39y        16 Jun 1911        Southmound        S of R & L
Williams, Anna        51y        15 Aug 1919        County Farm         
Williams, Martin C.        80y        27 Apr 1961        Southmound         
Williams, Rupert        0        30 Aug 1945                  
Willis, William        84y        18 Jan 1965        Muncie         
Wilson, John        76y        29 Jun 1921        Spiceland         
Wilson, Roy        76y        4 Apr 1979                  
Wilson, Sylvanus        77y        10 Jul 1938        Circle Grove        S of E & S
Wisehart, Lucy        71y        3 Aug 1932        Hess         
Wisehart, Mary        73y        3 Dec 1932        Hess         
Withrow, Beulah        56y        30 Dec 1967                  
Wood, Elizabeth        83y        10 Apr 1920        Chicago Corner         
Wood, George        89y        26 Nov 1926        Unknown         
Worl, Monroe        40y        23 Jun 1951                  
Wright, Joseph        68y        3 Dec 1925        Greensburg, IN         
Wright, Newton        89y        14 May 1915        Greensboro        S of W & S
Wynn, Michael        77y        13 Apr 1936        Southmound        S of T & W
Yates, Mary        84y        5 Feb 1917        Lewisville        D of H & E
Yates, Milton C.        76y        18 Mar 1923        Dunreith         
York, David        85y        23 Feb 1944        Unknown         
UEB 2000

Henry County Memorial Park is the largest living memorial park in Indiana with over 30
monuments, many shelters, Saddle Club, 4-H,  playgrounds, cabins;  and Memorial Park
still has the largest attendance of any non-state park in Indiana. (The park has more than
30 memorials now, memorials in the form of plaques, nameplates, mementos and
monuments. Each marker carries a story.)

1918-1919 Beginning or Memorial Park (need source)

The 1918 War Chest  was the counterpart of today's U.S.O. drive. Money needed for
soldiers cigarettes, candy and entertainment of the soldiers and Henry County was
called to do its share. A volunteer organization had been organized throughout the county
for liberty loans, and the same committee raised $40,000 the money to remain in
HENRY COUNTY until national headquarters called for it.  The War ended suddenly and
after the celebrations were over, the County War Chest board was called upon to decide
what to do with the $21,000 that remained. Before any action could be taken, the state
legislature passed a bill enabling cities or counties or both to build memorials to the
World War soldiers. "The third circumstance which contributed to the establishment of a
park was a fact that the county already has some land which could be used. The county  
infirmary owned 30  acres  of swamp and hill land, running from the south edge of the
present lake north to where the "Spirit of the American Doughboy" statue stands and
sporadically  for (30?) a few people had advocated the establishment of a park there.
In the summer of 1919 the War Chest Board met to consider plans for the use of the
unexpected money. Salmon Shipley (should be Salem Shively), head of the Prarie
Township War Chest committee, then proposed  that the money be used to build a park
on the county's land as a memorial to the World war soldiers and the proposal met with
immediate  approval.   (After some legalities the judge ruled the money be put in a bank
and War Chest subscribers be allowed to withdraw the same percentage of their
contributes that the fund bore to it's orginal amount.  $18,000 remained.   The Park  
board was established. Salam Shively, Mauricio (should be Maurice) Goodwin, Frank
Wishhart and Dr. Van Nuys

The startup money for the park came from the Henry County War Chest, a fund set up
during WWI to entertain servicemen and to help mothers and wives whose sons and
husbands were killed in combat. After persuading the county commissioners to let 37
acres of county-owned property be used for a memorial park, the first park board used
$18,000 from the War Chest to begin turning the dream into a reality.

Throughout the 1920s and '30s, more and more parcels of land were added. The last
major land acquisition came when 90 acres from the Henry County Home Farm were
added in 1961, bringing the total acreage of the park to 322 acres -a half-mile square
with something for everyone.
1919 - State Legislation paves way for Memorials honoring veterans from the Great War.
1919 - Salem Shively (Founding Father) petitioned the commissioners to set aside a
Salem Shively imagined beautiful wide open land free of the obstacles of buildings and
mammoth monuments in order to honor our Henry County soldiers.  In his own words:  
"Let us not spend money on the erection of stone monuments to the memory of our
soldiers, which would neither quench the thirst nor rest their bodies from the toil of the
day, but let us dedicate and set apart this piece of ground to their memory."
And thus, by this declaration and by his persistence and fidelity to the cause, Shively
became the father of the memorial park movement in Henry County.
1920 - June 11, Memorial Park opened.
1921 - First playground equipment installed. (Possibly supplied by American Traction?)
1922-Courier Times states big Shelter built?
1923 - WIlbur Wright Memorial dedication April 16. Was attended by Wilbur's brothers
and sister; Katherine, Loren and Orville Wright.  
"U. S.
In Memoriam
Wilbur Wright
Aeronaut and Pioneer of Heavier than Air aviation
Born in Henry County Indiana
April 16th 1867
Died May 30th 1912
Erected by Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, New castle, 1923."
The idea for the memorial was concieved by George C. Myers, a WorldWar I aviator, and
Clifford F. Payne,a New Castle clothier. Ray Edwards, a New Castle jeweler, was
president of the fraternity at the time of the unveiling.
*Location. 39° 56.868′ N, 85° 23.08′ W.

1926 - First fireworks show. Citizens State bank has been sponsor since 1985.
1926 - '1890' Krupp Cannon brought to park on Legion Hill. Also an 1893 cannon (at
Goodwin lake now, year unknown). The 1890 cannon that usually sits atop Legion Hill in
the park is being restored now (taken for restoration on March 4, 2014). It is said to have
been captured by General Omar Bundy (born June 17, 1861 in New Castle, Indiana) on
July 18, 1918 and was placed on the hill and dedicated one day before the General's
65th birthday on June 16, 1926. Bundy died in 1940 and is buried at Arlington Cemetery.  
Gerald Griggs did some research about the cannon and found that it was sold to
Belgium around 1891. It is a fortress howitzer and was captured by the Germans when
they invaded Belgium in 1914.
Workmen and members of the local Howard R. Smith post of the American Legion
mounted the cannon. Chief speaker at the dedication was Paul McNutt, dean of the
Indiana University Law School.
1893? Krupp fieled gun (cannon):
Located near Persian Gulf War memorial at Goodwin Lake.
Using County Road 100 N turn South (left) on the third Park Drive (to the left) - at the first
Park Drive to the right follow to marker - then a 'grassy short walk' to the field gun.

1927 Japanese Garden built.
Built in 1927 the Japanese Garden in Memorial Park was created by famed landscaper T.
R. Otsuka. In the garden there are (were) two large boulders, one weighing 8 tons and
the other 10 tons. The rest of the large rocks came from the hills and hollows of
surrounding Henry County. A number of the rocks came from the farms of A.B. Ayres,
Salem Shively, the Epileptic Village (Native American grounds), Lee Collins and Frank
Hosea grounds.The rock flower bed in the pool was made up of some unique and
interesting objects including; a rock turtle and frog, a meteor rock found in the 1800's in
Henry County, petrified honey comb fossils from Virginia, and a quartz and granite stone
that was found at the top of Pikes Peak by Miles Goodwin, carried 17 miles down the
peak on the back of a burrow and then shipped to New Castle. Smaller stones in the
garden were brought by numerous people throughout the county who wanted to
participate in the creation of the garden. At one of the events held for the garden's
creation, the New Castle Cadet band played and the new (1927) floodlight system for the
park lake (Shively Lake), the playground area and the Japanese Garden was turned on. It
must have been an amazing sight! The garden is accessible from the big shelter house
on the east side trail that is also located in the playground area. You can get to the
playground from the Lake Road by trail, the pull -off on State Road #3 where the Wilbur
Wright Memorial is, or from the big shelter house. The trail leads to the garden and then
on to the E.M. Viquesney "Spirit of the American Doughboy" WWI statue. The trail from the
garden to the statue has a bridge made of stones built by the W.P.A. workforce during the
Great Depression and both that part of the trail and the bridge need some work to be
easily accessible, but could be done as it once was.
1928 - VFW donates land for Golf Course
91+ Acres (Sold in 2011 to Neal Family)
Indiana Economic Digest
11/26/2011 12:34:00 PM
Henry County Council supports golf course sale
Craig Mauger, Courier-Times News Editor
Henry County Councilman Mike Thalls admitted he felt mixed emotions.
Speaking into his microphone at a council meeting this week, Thalls said he hated the
idea of selling Memorial Park Golf Course to a private buyer. But he added that he
believed the contract with New Castle businessman Randy Neal was the best chance to
keep the property as a successful golf course. "I don't know how we can do any better,"
said Thalls, the county's liaison to the golf course. Saying they wanted to preserve the
golf course, Henry County Council members voted unanimously on Wednesday to sell
the public course to Neal's firm Integrity Land Management. The Henry County
Commissioners approved the same deal a week earlier. According to the contract,
Neal's firm will pay the county $405,000 for the course while also promising to make
about $300,000 in improvements, including building a new shelter house.
In addition, Neal has agreed to demolish the former Henry County Home, which is
located near the Henry County Youth Center, free of charge. The council's vote on
Wednesday ends months of debate about what the county should do with the golf
course. Neal was the only person to submit a proposal to purchase the course from the
1929 - 4 H starts association with park.
1929 - Doughboy Statue
Over 2,000 in Henry County served in WWI. 25 lost their lives during the war.

Spirit of the American Doughboy Statue
Henry County Memorial Park in New Castle, Indiana
2221 N. Memorial Dr.
Artist: E.M. Viquesney of Spencer, Indiana
Copyright 1920©
Dedicated in Memorial Park by The American War Mothers on August 25, 1929 (Lynn
Boyd listed as "head of the local organization).
Smithsonian Art Inventory Control Number: 47260035.
N 39° 57.101 / W 085° 23.085

Location in park:
In northeast section of Memorial Park just north of New Castle. Below Waycross Drive,
just south of maintenance buildings and west of Park Road 3. It stands on a large
earthen mound covered with shrubs and foliage (a common setting designed by
Viquesney), looking down on Park Road 3 about 50 feet to the east.
1917 - 1918
Courier Times Article
Article 1
''Complete Plans for Dedication of Park Statue
Complete Program for War Mothers Event is Announced Today
Gen. Everson to Speak
Basket Dinner to Precede the Ceremony-C. of C. Band to Play  
Plans are practically completed for the dedication ceremony for the Doughboy Memorial
which has been placed in Memorial Park as a tribute to Henry county men who served in
the World war by the local chapter of American War Mothers.
The statue is to be dedicated in a service which begins at 2 o’clock next Sunday
afternoon at the park. The program was announced this morning by Mrs. L.C. Boyd, state
official of the order here. The service will be opened by music by the Chamber of
Commerce Cadet band. The invocation by a local pastor will follow.
To Unveil Memorial
"Capt. R.H. Tyner, past grand commander of the G.A.R. will unveil the memorial. This is
to be __________ ". (illegible)
General William G. Everson, pastor of the First Baptist church of Muncie and formerly in
command of the expeditionary forces in Italy during the World war. He has lately served
as an officer at Camp Knox, Ky. Rev. Everson is a very popular and gifted orator and the
committee feels fortunate in securing him for the address. The benediction will follow his
The program is to be preceded by a pitch-in picnic at noon for War Mothers, Veterans of
Foreign Wars, the American Legion and Legion Auxiliary and their families. This will be
held near the park superintendent’s house.
Public is Invited
The dedication ceremony is open to the public and it is expected that many will attend.
The service promises to be an impressive one.  All work has been completed in erecting
the bronze (it's actually pressed sheets of copper) statue which is to stand as a tribute to
the bravery and service of Henry county boys in the World war. A tablet, suitably inscribed,
has been set at the base of a boulder mound atop which the Doughboy statue has been
The memorial has been placed on a hill north of the ravine and south of the park
superintendent’s home. It can be seen from the state road but has been advantageously
placed so as not to create a crowded appearance along the front of the park.
The mound is to be planted in rock flowers and vines and the memorial will be one of the
beauty spots of the park in later years. It will be a replica of the memorial in Lincoln park,
Chicago. ''
Article 2: New Castle Courier, 24 Aug 1929
''Local War Mothers to Dedicate Doughboy Memorial Here Sunday
Large Crowd is Expected to Gather at Park for Unveiling of Statue-Gen. Everson to
Deliver Principal Address of Afternoon.  Henry County’s khaki clad boys of 1917 and
1918 will be paid tribute tomorrow by the American War Mothers at the dedication of the
Doughboy Memorial in Memorial park. Hundreds of members of the patriotic
organizations here are expected to attend the ceremony at which General William
Graham Everson of Muncie is to be the speaker.
The afternoon program will begin at 2 o’clock.
To Unveil Statue
Captain R.H. Tyner, past grand commander of the G.A.R., will unveil the bronze statue
which is to commemorate the bravery and service of the county’s youth who participate in
the World war. A suitably enscribed tablet has been placed at the base of the boulder
mount atop which the doughboy is placed.
Following the unveiling General Everson will deliver the address of the afternoon. While
primarily interested in his chosen calling as a minister of the gospel, when duty called
he responded. In 1898 he served as corporal in the 158th Indiana volunteers and
entered the World war as a major. Over two years he saw intensive service in France,
Austria, Serbia, Italy and Montenegro,  advancing rapidly to his present rank as brigadier
general. His most important and effective war work was during his command of the only
American sector on the Italian front and after the armistice the United States contingent
east of the Adriatic, representing the United States for four months at Flume. His
excellent service brought him many honors. He received fourteen citations and
decorations for meritous service. He holds the honor of being the recipient of the Star
and Crown of Flume, the only one ever bestowed upon a foreign citation.
A Fine Speaker
General Everson is a lecturer of national prominence. He has had nine successful
seasons on the Chautauqua platform and is a member of the National Speaker’s
Bureau. The committee was very fortunate in securing the services of such a popular
orator for the ceremony here. A picnic for members of the American Legion, Veterans of
Foreign Wars, Legion Auxiliary and War Mothers, together with their families, will precede
the services. This will be held near the park superintendent’s home. The public has
been invited to attend the dedication ceremony and to hear the address of General
Everson. Hundreds of Henry county people are expected to attend.
Attached diagram drawn up by artists Ernest Moore Viquesney.

E.M. Viquesney WWI "Spirit of the American Doughboy" statue.
Dedicated by the American War Mothers Sunday, August 25, 1929
Henry County Memorial Park

The afternoon program was announced by Mrs. L.C. (Mahala) Boyd of the order of the
American War Mothers here and began at 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon.
Brigadier General William Everson
Civil War veteran Captain R.H.H. Tyner
New Castle Cadet Band
Hundreds of Henry County citizens attended the dedication on the hill overlooking Park
Road (State Road #3).

Those who helped create the mound where the doughboy sits, per the diagram drawn by
the artist:
Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Company
J. P. Jennings and Sons
Chrysler Corporation
New Castle Lumber
Jim Gallivan whose wife (Mary Swain Gallivan) was a nurse in the war and received a
medal from general John Pershing for saving the lives of several soldiers when the
hospital she was working in was bombed.
Vaughn Wimmer
South Side Lumber
T.B. Michaels
Sam Foust Lumber Company
Mike McGrath (donated cement foundation)

The program was preceded by a picnic for the following:
The American War Mothers, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion and Legion
Auxiliary and their families. This was held near the park superintendent’s house.
1929 - Shively Lake finished and Shelter House built. (Courier Times  says shelter built
in 1922).
1929 - Local 4-H groups began
1937 - Roads paved
1939 - Hogue farm purchased, 60 acres in west side.
1942 - Smith Building dedicated
This year (2017) marks the 75th anniversary of the dedication of the W.G. Smith Building
in Henry County Memorial Park. It was dedicated in 1942 and named after Henry County
Agricultural Agent William G. Smith (1892-1967). The Smith building is the focal point for
the park, used for weddings, reunions, exhibits, auctions, banquets and more.  In 2015
alone, the upstairs portion was rented 224 times and the downstairs 185 times (over
$60,000). It is located in the heart of the park, near the two main lakes, 4-H buildings and
sledding and cannon hills. The two lakes are named in honor of original park board
members Salem Shively ( Ever since Whitey Shively's great-uncle Salem served as the
park board's first president in 1920 (until 1959), there has been a Shively on the board.
"And as long as there is a Shively in Henry County, there will continue to be a Shively on
the board," Whitey added.) and Maurice Goodwin. For his tireless efforts in initiating and
promoting the park, Shively is considered the "father" of Memorial Park. Goodwin loved
going over the grounds each night to "put the park to bed."

Mark Sean Orr
January 19, 2017

1942 - County Highway Garage
1948 - First ball damond built east of State Road #3.
1951 - Park installs water pump system
1959 - Current  4 H facilities built.
1959 - Saddle Club begins building
1960 - Memorial built for Company I of 152 Infantry 38th Division.
In front of (east side) the big shelter near playground area.
152nd INF.
38th DIV.
1941     1945
(who deciated it?)
Sunday morning  (July or August) a group of World War II veterans will gather around a
monument at Memorial Park for a solemn ceremony.
They are the men of Company I, 152nd Infantry, 38th Division, a local National Guard unit
federalized in 1941. Since 1946, these veterans have met for an annual reunion to honor
their falìen comrades and to recall their combat experiences on the Bataan Peninsula,
fighting which earned for the 38th Division the nickname "Avengers of Bataan."
Slowed by age but unbowed in spirit, the men of Company I will muster at their company
marker at the bottom of the hill leading to the Shelterhouse. They'll listen to the history of
their unit, hear the names of the 34 men from the company killed in combat. They'll stand
somberly as the playing of "Last Call" concludes the reunion weekend.
"Every year the reunion becomes a little more sentimental, a little more sacred. It means
more to me now than when we first started getting together," said Joe Delon of Rushville,
who was with the unit throughout the war. "I miss those people more with each passing

1961 - 90 acres of the County Home added to the south side of the park.
1961 - Saddle Club begins 4-H Horse and Pony Grounds
1962 - First Lions Club Home Show
1964 - 4-H and pony barns built.
1965 - Work on Goodwin Lake begins.
1965 - Memorial built for Company G of 152 Infantry 38th Division.
In front of (east side) the big shelter house near playground area.
152ND INF.
1941   1945
(who dedicated it?)

Lions Club donated and installed air conditioning in Smith building.

1972 - Memorial to Henry County Veterans dedictaed. (a.k.a. The Wall)
(*Information from Norma Mastin Dishman...
V F W Nov. 11, 1972. I have the picture but not all the names V.F.W. men, #5 Morris
Edwards and #10 John McGrady, my cousin (Norma Mastin Dishman) #6 Leslie Davis. I
was going to go look at microfilm for it but just have not had time.
John was the Park Superintendent.
Leslie and his mother dedicated the Doughboy.)
Henry County War Memorial
( Center Section )
To honor the men and the women of Henry County who bravely fought in the Great Wars
and to the heroes who gave their lives on Land, on the Sea and in the Sky that mankind
might live in freedom. We humbly dedicate this Memorial the Eleventh Day of November,
( Left Section )
* * * Patriotic * * * Sacrifice * * *
( Row One )
* * World War I * *
Bertram Buchanan • Carl E. Buck • Gerald H. Carpenter • James A. Caudle • Robert
Collins • Orville Cook • Clarence M. Crull • Henry C. Dunbar • Benjamin L. Englerth • Earl
Frazier • Clyde J. Hart • Sidney Holland • Alva C. Hollis • William R. Lee • Gerald Maddy •
Charles Mundell • Charles Mundy • Orlie K. McDaniel • James L. Payne • Samuel B.
Peacock • Eugene R. Pence • Carl F. Ross • Howard R. Smith • Thomas V. Thomas •
Alva A. Wilson

( Row Two )
* * World War II * *
Emory Alexander • Guy V. Amburgey • Freeman Ayres • Jack W. Barber • Roy L. Barnes •
Gordon Barratt • Carl E. Bell • Carl Beeson • Vaughn Bowers • Charles T. Brown • Clifford
Brown • Gerald H. Burk • Charles A. Burns • Raymond M. Byrd • Charles O. Byrket •
James D. Capshaw • William E. Carmack • Paul T. Carter • Joseph E. Chandler • Alonzo
Clark • Hurlan R. Clark • Fay L. Cleek • Sherman L. Collins • Lawrence R. Corum • Glenn
R. Cowan

( Row Three )
* * World War II * *
Charles Cranor, Jr. • Ralph Darling • Robert Eachus • James R. Eckrote • Robert
Erickson • Flossie D. Flannery • Arthur D. Ford • Willard G. Gibson • Charles F. Glynn •
Keith Goar • Douglas H. Gorman • William Grady • Owen Griffin • Orran A. Grubbs •
Kennith Gwinn • Francis Leon Hannon • Forrest R. Hayden • Fred Haynes • Roy A.
Haynes • Ward Hicks • Virgil M. Hoover • Charles D. Horn • Harry R. Horn • Warren G.
Hornaday • Elizabeth Howren
( Row Four )
* * World War II * *
Robert E. Hubbard • Edward C. Jones • Howard Jones • K. B. Jones • Thomas Joyce •
Emil Judd • Milton T. Kellum • Cecil B. Kendricks • James Kennedy • Earl Kindley • Max
Leisure • Millis Leisure • Leroy Lewis • Charles Loer • Glenn G. Manning • Charles
Merchant • Gene M. Millikan • Wayne Stevens
( Right Section )
* * * Forever * * * Remembered * * *
( Row One )
* * World War II * *
Herbert McMillan • Emmitt L. Neal • Willie Nickols • Clifton S. Pedigo • Donald Personette
• Elmer M. Pfenniger • Robert Pitts, Jr. • Willard C. Porter • Raymond K. Purvis • William E.
Rector • Irdle J. Reece • Elmo Reese • William E. Ridgeway • Anthel Rigney • George L.
Roach • Roy Ruddell • Louis B. Beal • Ralph Street

( Row Two )
* * World War II * *
Richard D. Rutherford • Elmer C. Sidwell • Ralph Skaggs • Emmett Solomon • Albert A.
Smith • Andrew F. Smith • Earl Spears • James Spitler • Edwin W. Stopp • Otto K.
Stephens • James E. Stiers • Dudley Strickler • James E. Stubbs • Francis E. Sumwalt •
Randall W. Taylor • Charles M. Thornburg • Clarence Tungate • Frank H. Vance • Claude
Van Zant, Jr. • Ralph Veach • Charles Vinson • Sidney E. Vergne • Leo E. Walsh •
Raymond Wiley, Jr. • Warren Younce • Arvid P. Zetterberg
( Row Three )
* * Korea * *
Ralph Edward Bailey • Richard Baldock, Jr. • Harold R. Bravard • Thomas Roy Caylor •
Ernest W. Cox • Richard L. Davis • James L. Gilliam • Richard John Gorman • Richard
Kissick • Cecil Howard Marcum • Richard E. Millis • Lloyd Eugene Morgan • Richard L.
Nicholson • Robert Eugene Redding • James Abner Surber • John E. Thurman • Robert
Lee White • Dillard C. Wyatt • Robert L. Bertram • David Mark • John R. Poynter, Jr. • Carl
E. Smith
( Row Four )
* * Vietnam * *
Charles Everott Crandall • Larry Wayne Darling • Ronald Davis • Tommy Ray Eaton •
William Aaron Harter • Timothy Lee Hayes • Dennis Ray Hinton • Thomas Eugene
Holloway • David Claud Jasper • Kenneth Bruce Kendall • John A. Keesling • Jimmie Lee
Minks • James B. Powell • George Michael Sloan • Fredrick Smith • Bradford Trout •
Michael R. White • Stephen Mark White • Timothy H. Lacy
Erected 1972.
Location. 39° 56.774′ N, 85° 23.097′ W.

1972 - Sesquicentennial festivites
1985 - Plaque on light fixture that ights up the Spirit of the American Doughboy statue in
memory of founding father of the park Salem Shively and W. Salem Shively.
In Memory Of
Salem Shively
W. Salem Shively
1988 July Bill & Ruth Hayworth Gazebo in old part of parkat ampitheater
JULY 1988

1990 (about) Albert /Anita Poer gazebo,  memory of Albert's parents, Russell and
Gazebo is on the island in Shively Lake (lower).  It is another popular wedding site and
makes for an eye-catching backdrop for the Christmas manger scene
1991 - Persian Gulf War
39° 56.674′ N, 85° 23.546′ W.
Using County Road 100 N turn South (left) on the third Park Drive (to the left) - at the first
Park Drive to the right follow to marker - then a 'grassy short walk' to the marker.
Memorials dedicated to veterans from Persian Gulf War, Grenada and Panama Gulf.
This monument is dedicated to the men and women of Henry Co. Who have served their
country with pride and dignity in the Armed Forces of the United Stats of America
* * * * * * * * *
We loaned our sons and daughters to Uncle Sam, the ones God loaned to us. Our
constant prayers will always be that they will safely return to us.
Author Unknown
Paid for by the MOOSE  and Eagles Lodges and individuals.
1991 - Shively Memorial Shelter
1991 - Installation of irrigation for golf course.
1992- Article (need source) Second source is Henry County Historicalog
"A father and his two small children took a nature waìk that wound through the woods
and past the Doughboy statue and Japanese garden. Small clusters of people stopped
by the park's latest memorial - the monument by Goodwin Lake honoring those who
served in the Gulf War. And today there are more activities on tap: a parade, sailboat
race, street drama and band music all leading up to the explosive finale with the Citizens
State Bank-sponsored fireworks display. Park officials figure 20,000 to 30,000 people
will enjoy the festivities. Memorial Park is one impressive place."

2010 - U.S.S. Hyman August 6, 2010 WWII
*4,092 Henry County Citizens served in WWII
Using County Road 100 N trun South on the third Park Drive (to the left)- marking on the
right (West) side of the drive.
39° 56.73′ N, 85° 23.446′ W.
USS Hyman DD732
1944 - - 1969
In Memory of
USS Hyman
1944 - - 1969
Dedicated to our Shipmates
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
K.I.A. Okinawa April 6, 1945
William Beal SF1/C • William Craig RT1/C
Henry Deichl F1/C • Charles Dozark Lt.
Frederick Goehrig EM1/C • Angelo Guglielmi RM3/C
Glen Henry F1/C • Edgar Lindsley CphM
Hubert Mitchell WT1/C • Hugh Price MS1/C
Robert Stankey Ens. • James Thompkins SC1/C
- - - - -
Lost at Sea WW II & Korea
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
James Fitzpatrick S1/C 3/01/45
Donald Barnet DNSN 11/29/51
Ralph Giles SA 11/29/51
L. J. Hascup ME3/C 10/03/51
John Cleveland BM2/C
Kenneth McWayne KMSN 3/10/52
- - - - -
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In memory of our first Skipper Rollo N. Norgaard
Rear Admiral (Ret) U.S. Naval Academy class of 1928
All of the Crew who “answered the call” for Twenty Five Years
“In Omnia Paratus”
April 6, 2010
Erected 2010.

APC -  Armoured personnel carrier (No information yet)

2011 - Sale of Golf Course 90 acres to Randy Neal
11/26/2011 12:34:00 PM
Henry County Council supports golf course sale
Craig Mauger, Courier-Times News Editor

Henry County Councilman Mike Thalls admitted he felt mixed emotions. Speaking into
his microphone at a council meeting this week, Thalls said he hated the idea of selling
Memorial Park Golf Course to a private buyer. But he added that he believed the contract
with New Castle businessman Randy Neal was the best chance to keep the property as
a successful golf course. "I don't know how we can do any better," said Thalls, the
county's liaison to the golf course. Saying they wanted to preserve the golf course, Henry
County Council members voted unanimously on Wednesday to sell the public course to
Neal's firm Integrity Land Management.
The Henry County Commissioners approved the same deal a week earlier. According to
the contract, Neal's firm will pay the county $405,000 for the course while also promising
to make about $300,000 in improvements, including building a new shelter house.
In addition, Neal has agreed to demolish the former Henry County Home, which is
located near the Henry County Youth Center, free of charge. The council's vote on
Wednesday ends months of debate about what the county should do with the golf course.
Neal was the only person to submit a proposal to purchase the course from the county.
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2017 - Bud Bush bench - Historian - War Veteran- Genealogist
Located in south 90 on Blue River Overlook hill.
Paid for through fundraising by Mark Sean Orr
Ulysses "Bud" Bush
Henry County Historian
Donated by the Citizens of Henry County

Mark Sean Orr, Pam and Dakota; John Hitchock, Thomas and Karen Ferrara, M.D., The
Henry County Community Foundation, William Laley, Michael, Nora, James and Patrick;
Darlene King in memory of Kenneth King Sr., Mary Myers, Randy Howard, James E.
george, Cindy Leduc, Larry and Marianne Hughes, Steve Malloy, Joyce and Clye Bush,
David and Janice Brown, Deborah Foster, Eldon and Luana Pitts, Sterlie and Norma
Dishman, Donna and Daniel Tauber, Robert and Audrey Hess, Garis Elkins, Clint and
Pebbles Caudill, Henry County Memorial Park, Henry County Historical Society &
Museum, Darrel Radford, Commissioner Butch Baker, Mayor Greg York.
Dedicated July 9, 2017

John P. Hernly Memorial Cabin (I have photograph taken in's older than that)
Cabin on hill just north of legion (Cannon) Hill.
Neal Reeves Shelter
Sanders Shelter

A plaque on a stone by Shively Lake marks the memory of Thomas Kenton Parkison, a
member of the Henry County Rural Youth Club. The marker carries the tribute: "What he
dared to dream - he dared to do. May his memory forever inspire others to serve as well."
(Year unknown....I have not seen this marker)
Nine of the 13 open-air shelters bear the names of past park board members. Current
park employee Joe Jewell financed and helped build a picnic shelter this year in honor of
his mother Ruth and late father Joseph, a Navy veteran of World War II. (Year unknown)

Park Superintendents
Neal Peade 1920-1927
1927-1930 ? Nobody?
Paul Hayes 1930-1937
James McGrady 1937-1947
John McGrady 1947-1973
Phil Wills 1974-1980
Tom Turk 1980-1987
Rex Alspaugh 1987-2006
Laurie Davis 2007- present

John McGrady Superintendent of Memorial Park from January 1, 1948 to December 31,
1973. Succeeding his father, he became the fourth superintendent. Neal Peed was the
first. Peed was followed by Paul Hayes.
James T McGrady 1888-1947 Superintendent of Memorial Park, February 1937 to
November 1947.
Smith Building
Leland Rogers Shelter
Large (Main) Shelter House
Cox Gazebo - south 90 of park?
Hayworth Gazebo - at Ampitheater in north part of park.
JULY 1988
Poer gazebo on bottom Shvely Lake

Cabins and Shelters
Southside ...............

1. Phillips ( slated to be torn down)
2. Sanders
3. Jolley
4. Hupp-Donovan
5. Roberts
6. Shively 1
7. Jewell
8. Keesling
9. McGrady
10. Smiley

North side.............

1. North Shelter was a cabin
2. Jimmy Steele
3. Neal Reeves
4. Russel Fort
5. Chesher
6. John Trout Shelter
John Trout has two close ties to Memorial Park. A picnic shelter bears the narnes of his
father and grandfather. His brother Bradford was killed in Vietnam. "So many veterans
have been long forgotten," John said. "With this memorial, I feel people will see Brad's
and others' names and maybe remember what it's all about, what they sacrificed for our
country. The park is beautiful, and it's a lasting memorial."
7. Shively 2
8. Henry Cheesick
9. Dr. Van Nuys

Only (2) cabins left:
Hernly (north part of park)
Golf Cabin (north side near Superintendents home)

SADDLE CLUB (Since 1961)
308 Permanent Stalls with up to 500 available to meet your needs.  96 NEW Stalls.    
Ag lime flooring in all permanant stalls     
3 Heated / Covered Wash Bays - 6 Open outdoor washbays
130'x210' Covered Show w/office and 24' Fan
150'x300' Outdoor Arena & Makeup Area w/ air conditioned office
Outdoor Arena Sprinkler System
Family Camping Area
Shavings for sale on site (Only retail shavings permitted, no straw)
Spacious heated clean restrooms with hot showers.
Laser Speed Timers with Display Available
Indoor Arena 130'x80'
4 Exercise Arenas
New BOSE Sound System covering entire grounds!
Grounds maintained during your show at no charge.
Electric Hookups ~Over 200 hookups 202 -20 amp; 130 - 30 amp ;  23 - 50 amp.  5 sites
on east side of Jordan Arena.
Cattle barn side   14 - 20 amp 14 - 30 amp; 4 - 50 amp
The Henry County Saddle Club has planted a small garden on the 4-H Horse and Pony
Grounds and will soon have a memorial marker there noting the names of club

Locals who started Mothers Against Saddam Hussein put up two markers, one to area
servicemen who served in the conflicts in Panama and Grenada (near superintendents
home), the other to veterans of the Persian Gulf Crisis. By the Desert Shield/Desert
Storm monument, local soldiers pitched in for a stone marker which says, "In grateful
appreciation to the Henry County M.A.S.H. for all your thoughts, prayers and support."
Kids love to clamber over the two cannons in the park, one by Goodwin Lake, the other
atop Legion HilI. Both cannons were made by the Krupps, a family which has for
centuries supplied weapons to Germaly.

Another M.A.S.H. memorial at the superintendents road in the north part of the park.  
"In Honor of the men and women of Henry Co. who served with pride and dignity in the
armed forces of the United States of America during the conflicts of Grenada-Urgent Fury
and Panama-Just cause
Dedicated by Henry Co. M.A.S.H"
Date Unkown
(4) or more rock bridges built by the W.P.A.
Tree planted for Emily........near Phillips Shelter House.

Cardinal Field in south 90....behind Saddle Club. Was old baseball diamonds and now
used for Whippet (dog) races, kite flying etc......
(Need year and information)

For 72 years, Memorial Park has been exactly what its founding fathers envisioned it to
be - a living memorial. The park encompasses 322 acres, enough room to host over
20,000 patriots for an exubera¡t Fourth of July celebration. The park also has enough
secluded areas that individuals can find the privacy to read or hike or stand by war
memorials to meditate on the sacrifices of war veterans. (1992 Historicalog)
Spirit of the American
Doughboy Statue erected in
Shively Lake Lagoon
A Chronological History of Memorial Park
Henry County Memorial Park
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