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Sarah Aurilla Morris and Husband William Hood Tucker
Perry Morris
Alvin and Rebecca Morris
Sarah Aurilla Morris and husband.
Aurilla was the Aunt of Huldah
Morris and daughter of
Amos Morris and Sarah Howard.
(Married William Hood Tucker
Sept. 21, 1851 in Rush Co., In).
Perry Morris (4j),
1886 Age 21
Brother to Huldah
Perry married Ann Hastings Morris.
Photo 1907
Alvin (1845-1910)  was Hulda's oldest
Alvin was a farmer and a preacher.
Buried as "Rev. Morris"
Photo ca 1898
The Morris branch of my family tree (mother's side) can be traced back to 1575 with the birth of  
some great photos of the Morris family. Thanks to Joy for all her help and information! It is
greatly appreciated! See my Morris Family History page for more information!
Jpseph Morris
Joseph Morris.
Son of David Morris and grandson of
Joseph Morris
who married Elizabeth Johnson Morris.
Great grandson of Joseph Morris and
Hannah Lee Asson.
Joseph Morris (1727-1788)  (1)
to Hannah Lee Asson in 1744.
Joseph was my great (9) grandfather!
License granted by his Excellency
Lewis Morris.
Harmony Morris Grave Marker
Born Dec. 8, 1828
Died 10-8-1873 Age 44
Son of Amos and Sarah Howard Morris.
Eagle Village Cemetery
Eagle Township, Boone Co. near
(Uncle of Huldah)
Direct Descendants
(1) Joseph Morris-
Hannah Lee Asson

(2) Joseph Morris-
Elizabeth Johnson

(3) Amos Morris-
Sarah Howard

(4) Oliver P. Morris -
Ann Marshall

(5) Huldah Morris-
James Jackson

(6) Forest Vaughn Jackson-
Frances Thompson

*Children are listed as letters
in order of birth.
For example:
Harmony Morris is shown as
3f because he was the 6th
child of  Amos Morris (3).
Mary Morris wife of Harmony
Wife of
Harmony Morris (3f).
Eagle Village Cemetery
Eagle Township, Boone Co. near
James and Huldah Morris Jackson
and husband James Jackson.
Huldah was the daughter of Oliver
Perry Morris and Ann Marshall.
Joseph Morris (1746-1823)
and Elizabeth Johnson. Joseph was
the son of Joseph and Hannah Lee
Asson Morris.
* No Photo available yet.
Amos Morris (1792-1869)  
and Sarah Howard (1796-1896).
*No photo available yet.
Oliver Perry Morris (4)
and Ann Marshall.
Perry Morris
Perry Morris  (4j)
(son of Oliver Perry and  Ann
Marshall Morris)
and wife Anna Ethel Hastings
Perry  was brother to Huldah.
Bob and Sally Morris
Bob Morris and wife Sally. Bob
was the grandson of
Alvin Morris (4a).
Bob and Sally were
"Vaudevillian" dancers.
Ed Manlove
Ed Manlove
Son of
Amanda ElDora (Dorrie) Morris
who married Oliver Perry
Amanda was Huldah's sister.
Ed Manlove was a twin.
In Memory of Huldah Morris Jackson
Memorial Record for
Huldah Morris Jackson (5)
Songs played at funeral included
"The Old Rigged Cross" and "Just
inside the Eastern Gate".
Cadiz Christian Church
March 26, 1942 at 10:00 A.M.
Reverend Charles Young
Forest Vaugh Jackson and Family
Frances Lorena Thompson Jackson
Forest Vaughn Jackson (6) with wife
Frances Lorena Thompson Jackson
and son Sterling Eugene Jackson on
vacation at the beach!
Frances Lorena Thompson Jackson.
Wife of
Forest Vaughn Jackson (6).
Frances grew up in WIllow Branch,
Sterling Eugene Jackson
Sterling Eugene Jackson (6a).
Son of  Forest Vaughn Jackson and
Frances Lorena Thompson Jackson.
"Uncle Gene"
Robert Morris and Family
Robert Morris and family, son of
Alvin N. Morris (4a).
Robert b. Mar 1874 in Indiana,  Mary
Ward Higgett b. Apr 1875 England;
William Edward Morris b. 5-10-1902
Indiana, , Miriam Irene Morris b. 1896
Indiana, Alvin Henry b. 9-13-1907
Wisconsin, Robert Graham b. Aug
1909 Wisconsin.
Eliza Jane Morris
Daughter of
Oliver P. Morris and Ann Marshall.
She married William Hicks. Shown
here with her granddaughter, Helen
Hicks Stewart.
Mark Sean Orr
Mark Sean Orr  (8)
Marilyn Jackson Orr
Wayne and marilyn Jackson Orr
married Howard Wayne Orr in 1954.
They had 4 children: Lisa Jo Orr Clark,
Julie Kay Orr Kirk and twin sons, Mark
Sean Orr and Kevin Wayne Orr.
Marilyn Jackson Orr
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson (7) ,
daughter of Forest Jackson and
Frances Thompson Jackson.
Forest Vaughn Jackson (6) ,
son of James Jackson and Hulda
Morris Jackson
Forest Vaughn Jackson (6)
on left...with sister Bessie. Photo 1899
Daughter of James Jackson and Hulda
Vaughn's older sister.
Born September 8, 1884
Bessie died February 20, 1920.
Age 35 years.
Forest Vaughn Jackson
bessie and Sterline Eugene Jackson - Siblings
Bessie Jackson Cook
Son of Oliver P. Morris and Ann
Marshall Morris.
8 mo. old. Buried Boone County,
Eagle Village Cemetery, Eagle
Marriage License of Joseph and Hannah Lee Asson Morris
Alpheus Morris Tombstone
Daniel Cyrus Morris
Son of Joesph Cross Morris.
Grandson of David Morris.
Great grandson of
Morris (2)
and Elizabeth
Johnson Morris.
Daniel Married Mary E.
Conant in  1878
Daniel was a fire insurance
Irving Morris
Irving Morris, seated in front
with (l to Morris, Stella
Frances Engle Benedict and
Ralph Engle (Stella's brother).
Irving Morris was the son of
Daniel Cyrus Morris.
He was the grandson of
Joseph Cross Morris.
Irving was the great great
grandson of
Joseph Morris (2)
and Elizabeth Johnson Morris.
Harlan Dewey and Irene brooks Morris
Harlan Dewey Morris and wife Essie
Irene Brooks Morris.
Harlan was son of Perry Morris.
Nephew of Hulda Morris.
Morris Gallery