Marion Frank Orr
and wife Cora Maddy
Harold Obediah Orr
Married Gladys S.
Henry County,
Orr Family Notes
Orr family Reunion in Ohio in 1891
From the Newark Weekly Advocate Newspaper
Thursday August 20, 1891 Edition
The Great Orr Family Holds a Reunion
In the Grove at Glenford Thursday

The Crowd Estimated at Four Thousand
Coming from Several States
(From Friday’s Daily Advocate)
Probably no family on Earth in the same length of time has so literally fulfilled the divine injunction to
multiply and to fill the whole Earth as have the Orr Family. This family which now points with pride to their
representatives among the best society of seven States of this Union held their first reunion in the grove
at Glenford, Perry County, yesterday, and though the first, so strong is the family feeling running through
them that fully three thousand and five hundred people were on the grounds and participated in the
pleasures of the day which were as varied as they were happy.

The Orr family is of Irish extraction, and the ancestors of the family which we are describing were four in
number: Messrs. Robert, James, John and George, brothers.
Robert emigrated to this country when the present century which is fast passing under the curtain of the
past was but three years old. He settled with his family in what is now known as Bowling Green
township. His available capital at that time would not warrant the appointment of an assignee in case of
financial disaster or an administrator had he paid the debt of nature in 1803, as it consisted of an old
horse and $1.50 in money. The horse soon died and the money was invested in a pig. In the howling
wilderness a family of six sons and four daughters learned to call him Father, and their average ages
when they died had reached the phenomenal figure of 75 years, a fact , by the way, which forcibly
illustrates the hardiness of this remarkable family.

The other three brothers came soon after and settling near all reared good families to help people the
fast changing wilderness. Of those families only one representative is at this time living; Mrs. Sarah
Shanefelt; daughter of James Orr, who with her husband David Shanefelt of Salem, Illinois, was present
at the reunion.

The last representative of the family of Robert Orr was Zachariah Orr, Sr., who recently passed from the
world of time and sense at his home near Linnville, at the age of 85 years.

The families soon scattered as all vigorous families do, and are now useful and honored members of
society in West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, California, and Ohio.
The above historical sketch of the family was gleaned for the occasion and delivered by Judge E.M.P.
Brisler, he being the invited speaker of the day.

The reunion had been extensively advertised, and fortunately for the immense crowd which gathered, the
weather was the finest of this season, being quite a relief from the oppressively hot weather which
proceeded it.

There then followed the listing of the entire program of the day, which included such items as a Welcome
by Rev. T. Orr, Coronation by Sugar Grove Choir with Miss Lillie Orr as the organist, music by the
Thornville Band, singing by the St. John’s Lutheran Choir, Music by the Brownsville Orchestra, and so on.
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