Marion Frank and Cora Maddy Orr
Orr - Maddy Family Gallery
Marion Frank Orr and wife
Cora Maddy Orr
Frank was born in 1875, Cora
birth in 1879.
Both died in 1951.
Cora Maddy Orr and two of
her children.
circa 1917
Cora Maddy Orr, daughter
Emma Orr  and  Cora's sister
Pearl Maddy Reichart
Cora Maddy Orr...awesome
Photo ca. 1919
Photo taken in New Castle at
1614 "P" Avenue.
Frank Orr and Cora Maddy
(right) with son Harold
Obediah and unknown
woman. Child is also
Cora Maddy Orr and unknown
friend..possibly Frank's mom
Emma Orr Creason.
Frank and Cora Orr family....8
kids and almost as many dogs.
Photo ca. 1916
Three of Frank and Cora Orr's
Melvin, Chester and  Edgar Lee
Photo ca 1914
Cora and children....Melvin
Parker Orr, Irvin Harrison Orr
and mom Cora Alice Maddy
Photo ca. 1916
Emma Orr Wallace Ashton.
daughter of Frank and Cora.
Mary Alice Wallace (daughter
of Emma Orr Ashton).
2nd photo 1919.
Emma Orr Wallace Ashton, Cora
Maddy Orr and Pearl Maddy
Reichart. L to R.
It's a party! Emma Orr
(daughter of Frank and Cora)
and Pearl Maddy Reichart
(sister of Cora) are in the
middle of row two.
Chester Orr, Charles Ashton and
Edfar Lee Orr
Chester Orr and Orris Enright
sitting. .
Wayne Orr in back.
Photo taken at memorial Park
Orr Family Reunion.
Edgar Lee Orr, son of Frank
Orr and Cora Maddy Orr.
Edgar died at age 15.
Buried at South Mound
Cemetery in New Castle,
Henry County, Indiana
Emma Orr married Charles
Ashton. Emma was the first
born of Frank and Cora Orr.
Charles was the son of
David Powell Ashton and
Sarah England Ashton.
Irvin Harrison Orr in 1916.
Youngest son of Frank and
Cora Maddy Orr.
Irvin Harrison Orr
"Off to kill the Kaiser"!
Sister Helen Orr. She married
Clarence New.
Photo ca. 1927
Helen Orr, second daughter
of   Frank and Cora Orr.
Helen was the second and
youngest daughter born in
Fred Orr, son of Chester Orr
and Hazel Dinkins Orr.
See Dinkins Family Here.
Charles Reichart, son of
Pearl Maddy Reichart. Pearl
was the sister of Cora Maddy
Orr. Pearl Maddy married Ed
Earl Reichart  April 16, 1910
Pearl Maddy Reichart, Emma
Orr Ashton and Cora Maddy
Orr  with children
Irvin Harrison Orr and big
sister Helen Orr.
Pearl Maddy Reichart  (Cora's
sister), and son Charles.
Cora with Mary Alice (Emma's
daughter), and
Charles...Emma with Mary
Gladys Sylvania Dinkins Orr
on left with sisters Ruth and
1959 photo at memorial Park
Orr/Dinkins Reunion.
Harold Obediah Orr
Harold Obediah Orr and wife
Gladys Sylvania Dinkins
Harold Obediah Orr, oldest
son of Frank and Cora Maddy
Orr...and my grandfather
Herman "Red" Orr
War veteran and Firefighter
Kennard, Indiana. Married Nellie
Hedrick. Children Marcella,
Charlie, Rene.....
2nd wife Edith Roll.
LaVera Orr Bennett
Oldest daughter of Harold Orr
LaVera married Ray Bennett and
had children: Janet, David and
Brothers and sisters.
Front row: LaVera Orr, Melvin Orr,
Betty Orr
Back row: Junior Orr, Wayne Orr,
Phillip Orr and Herman "Red" Orr
Harold and Gladys Dinkins Orr
and 7 of their 8 children.
L to R;
Gladys, Phil, Jr., Red, Harold,
LaVera, Melvin, Betty and
Harold Junior Orr
War Veteran
Junior married Ruby Evelyn
Catron July 21, 1949.
and had children; Rick,
Connie, Vicki, Darrell and
War Veteran.
Son of Harold and Gladys Dinkins
Orr. Buried in old part of Batson
Cemetery near Harold and Gladys.
Melvin married Sandra Polson and
had children; Daphne Kay and
Melvin Dean Orr.
Guard, always telling jokes.
Phil was the son of Harold and
Gladys Orr. Buried in new part of
Batson Cemetery. Phil married
Phylis ........and had 4 children;
Cindy, Kathy, Kim and Scott.
Betty June Orr Bow married
Ralph Bow June 30, 1949.
Children: Barbara, Randy,
Bobby and Sherry.
Betty and Ralph moved to
Howard Wayne Orr and
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson Orr.
Carl Eugene "Pinky" Orr,
Howard Wayne Orr and Melvin
Parker Orr
Howard Wayne Orr, son of
Harold Orr and Gladys
Sylvania Dinkins Orr.
Howard in middle of second
boy), son of Harold Orr and
Gladys Sylvania Dinkins Orr.
Pinky again on right.
Pinky died on Valentine's Day
in 1954. Age 15
4th generation from Frank Orr.
Mark Sean Orr, son of Howard
Wayne Orr and Marilyn
Yvonne Jackson Orr.
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson Orr
on honeymoon 1955.
Marilyn was the daughter of
Vaughn Jackson and Frances
Lorena Thompson Jackson.
Howard Wayne Orr on his
honeymoon 1955.
Married Marilyn Yvonne
Jackson on June 18, 1955
Howard Wayne Orr and
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson Orr.
Unknown Calvary Soldier
from the Orr/Maddy collecton
Picture Postcard from the
Orr/Maddy family collection.
Orr/Maddy family collection.
Unknown soldiers
1917 Postcard
shows damage from Cyclone
from Cora Maddy Orr  to
Harold Obediah Orr (son).
Some of Harold Obediah
Orr's military medals.
From the Orr Maddy Photo
From the Orr Maddy Photo
From the Orr Maddy Photo
Unknown couple from the Orr
Maddy Collection.
Unknow child from the Orr
Maddy photo collection
Harold Obediah Orr's  Army
Song Book.
Orr Reunion
Howard Wayne Orr, LaVera
Bennett Orr, Irvin Harrison Orr,
Mary Alice Wallace, Harold Jr.
Orr and Phillip Gerald Orr
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Orr Family
Cora Maddy Orr
Cora Maddy Orr-Emma Orr-Pearl Maddy Reichart
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Cora Maddy Orr and Children
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Frank and Cora Maddy Orr Children
Cora Maddy Orr and Friend
Maddy Orr Family
Maddy Orr Family
Emma Orr Wallace Ashton
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Charles and Emma Orr Ashton
Grave of Edgar Lee Orr 1907-1923
Chester and Irvin Orr
Orr Boys
Fred Orr son of Chester
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Helen Orr
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Helen Orr New
Irvin H. Orr
Pearl Maddy Reichart and Cora Maddy Orr and Children
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Maddy Orr Women
Charles Reichart
Harold Obediah Orr
Harold Obediah Orr and Little Brother
Harold and Gladys Sylvania Dinkins Orr
Harold Obediah Orr
Gladys Dinkins Orr with Sisters Ruth Enright and Hazel Orr
Harold and Gladys Dinkins Orr Family Photo
Children of Harold and Gladys Dinkins Orr
LaVera Orr Bennett
Harold Orr Jr.
Ralph and Betty Orr Bow
Phillip Orr
Uncle Melvin Parker Orr
Pinky Orr and Friend
Carl Eugene
Howard Wayne Orr
Howard Wayne Orr with Friends
Pinky-Wayne-Melvin Orr
Howard Wayne and Marilyn Yvonne Jackson Orr
Wayne and Marilyn Jackson Orr
Howard Wayne Orr
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson Orr
Mark Sean Orr
Mark Sean Orr
1917 Tornado in New Castle
Orr Maddy Collection
Orr Maddy Collection - Calvary
Orr Collection
Orr Maddy Collection
Orr Maddy Collection
Harold Orr Medals
Orr Reunion
U.S. Army Song Book
Orr Maddy Collection
Orr Maddy collection
James Maddy 1st           
James Maddy 2nd         
Andrew Jackson Maddy
James A. Maddy           
Cora Maddy   
The Maddy Family moved to
Indiana in 1832
James Maddy 1st married
Ann Morris who was the
sister of Robert
Morris...signer of the
Revolutionary War Veteran.
He drowned in the
Shenendoah River years
after the war.
The average life expectancy
in the U.S. was 47 years.

Only 8 percent of the homes
had a telephone.

There were only 8,000 cars
in the U.S., and only 144
miles of paved roads.

The average wage in the
U.S. was 22 cents per hour.

Ninety percent of all U.S.
doctors had no college

Five leading causes of death
in the U.S. were:
1. Pneumonia and influenza
2. Tuberculosis
3. Diarrhea
4. Heart disease
5. Stroke

Crossword puzzles, canned
beer, and ice tea hadn't been
invented yet.

The American flag had 45
I am thinking most of you,
While upon the field we're
watching, with the enemy in
Comrades brave are 'round
me lying, filled with thoughts
of home and God;
For well they know that on the
morrow, some will sleep
beneath the sod.

Oh, I long to see you, Mother,
and the loving ones at home,
But I'll never leave our banner
till in honor I can come.
Tell the traitors all around you
that their cruel words we
In every battle kill our soldiers
by the help they give the foe.

Hark! I hear the bugles
sounding, 'tis the signal for
the fight,
Now, may God protect us,
Mother, as He ever does the
Hear "The Battle Cry of
Freedom," how it swells upon
the air,
Oh, yes, we'll rally 'round the
standard, or we'll nobly perish
Farewell, Mother, you may
never press me to your
breast again;
But, oh, you'll not forget me,
Mother, if I'm numbered with
the slain.
~George F. Root
Gone is the sun,
from the sky.
All is well.
Safely rest.
God is nigh.

Fading light
dims the sight
and a star gens the
gleaming bright
from afar drawing
falls the night.

Thanks and praise
for our days
neath the sun
neath the stars
neath the sky
as we go this we know
God is Nigh
Birthday Card from Pearl Maddy reichart to Harold Orr
Aunt Pearl Maddy
"Dear ol Kiddo..Happy
Birthday. If I were up there
I'd give you a
Love Aunt Pearl.
Charles Ashton Grave Site
Charles Ashton,
husband of Emma Orr
James Alderson Maddy was the son of Andrew Jackson Maddy (7) (1808-1887) and Marcina Miller Maddy (7)  (1810-1880), a full blooded
Native American Indian. The Andrew Jackson Maddy family moved here in 1832 from Virginia, first camping overnight in New Castle, then
settling in Sulphur Springs in The "Black Swamp" where AJ Maddy owned more than 150 acres of land.
Frank and Cora Maddy Orr (Andrew Jackson Maddy's grand-daughter)  had 8 children: Emma Orr Ashton (married Charles Ashton), Harold
Obediah Orr , (wife Gladys
Dinkins Orr), Ivan Orr (died at age 2), Chester Orr (wife Hazel Dinkins), Melvin P. Orr (wife Mildred), Edgar Lee
Orr (died at age 15), Helen Orr (married Clarence New) and Irvin Harrison Orr (wife Sue).

Harold Obediah Orr (4), son of Frank and Cora was my grandfather. Harold married Gladys Sylvania Dinkins (4) and they had 8 children:
LaVera May Orr Bennett (husband Ray Bennett), Herman Lee "Red" Orr (married Nellie Hedrick), Harold Jr. Orr (married Evelyn Buck),
Phillip Gerald Orr (married Phylis ), Betty June Orr Bow (married Ralph Bow), Howard Wayne Orr (3) (married Marilyn Yvonne Jackson),
Melvin Parker Orr (married Sandra Kay Polson) and Carl Eugene "Pinky" Orr (died at age 15).
Howard Wayne Orr married Marilyn Yvonne Jackson in 1954. They had 4 children; Lisa Jo Clark Orr, Julie Kay Kirk Orr and twin sons, Mark
Sean and Kevin Wayne Orr.
The Maddy/Orr families have lived in Henry County, Indiana for 175 years.
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As that summer day went on
and the shadows grew long.
He did not fear the coming
of night.
He closed his tired eyes,
and on his very first try,
went soaring on an oft
imagined flight".

From the poem "A Boy's Flying
Wish" by Mark Orr"
Arminta Maddy
Unknown Maddy Orr Collection
Unknown...from the Maddy Family
Photo Collection.
Unkknown Calvary-Orr Collection
Markle Saw Mill Markleville
Markle Saw Mill in Markleville, Indiana. Workers shown are:
James M. Markle, Dora Fesler, William Jarvis, Henry Markle,
Wm. Russel Cole, Harry Markle, William Newman, S. Quincy
Markle and Blaine Collier.
Photo courtesy of Toby Heathcotte
Memorial Park