Parker Elementary School
New Castle, Indiana
Parker Elementary School (known at the time of this photo as Park Avenue Elementary
School) in 1918. Notice the chalk dust on the left side of the doors where they would beat the
erasers clean.
Photo provided by Steve Dicken
                                                Parker Elementary School

The brick schoolhouse that stood on the corner of Main Street and "G" Avenue here in New
Castle, Indiana for nearly a century was built in 1911 and was originally known as Park Avenue
Elementary School. In 1925 the name was formally changed to "Parker Elementary School",
named after Henry County educator, editor and publisher of the New Castle Mercury and
Knightstown Banner, lawyer and writer-poet  Benjamin S. Parker.

Benjamin Strattan Parker was born in Henry County on February 10, 1833.  He attended Rich
Square Friends School, studied law, and was admitted to the bar. Parker died on March 14,
1911, 104 years ago this coming Saturday. Works of literature by Benjamin S. Parker include:
"A Cabin in the Clearing and Other Poems" and "The Lesson and Other Poems".

Parker School was last used in 1978 and was razed in August of 1993. It was the elementary
school that I and my siblings attended and the same school my father and mother attended.
A new "Parker" school was built in 1978 on Roosevelt Avenue and is still in use today.  

Mark S. Orr
March 12, 2015
Parker Elementary School classroom in 1952
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Parker School, date of photo unknown.
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Artists rendering of Parker School from 1971
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Parker School in ts later years.
Photo by Danny Bell
Parker Elementary School mug. New Castle, Indiana 1977
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Benjamin Strattan Parker
10 Feb. 1833 - 14 Mar. 1911

Practiced in New Castle
U.S. Consol to Canada
Clerk, Henry County
Delegate, Peace Convention
State Representative
Post card of Parker Elementary School created from a painting of the school by artist Lillian