(12)Vincent Runyan (1645-1713)
    Birth:  Poitiers, Ancienne Poitou, France
    Death:   Dec., 1713
    Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ, USA
    Family last name was originally "Rongnion". Parent's: son of
    (13) Henri Rognion. Born in Portiers, France. He came to Elizabethtown, NJ
    ca. 1667. He married Ann Boutcher on July 17, 1668. Ann Boutcher was from
    Hartford, England. Vincent & Ann moved, by 1677, to their 154 ½ acres on the
    Raritan River. Father of John, Vincent II, Thomas, Mary, Peter, Jane, and Sarah
    Runyan Cemetery
    Middlesex County
    New Jersey, USA
                                       MORE NOTES ON VINCENT RUNYAN HERE
Runyan Family History-13 Generations and over 350  years of descendants!
    (11) Thomas Runyan 1675-1753)

    Thomas Runyan, (4) was born the 3rd child & 3rd son of Vincent (1) and Ann
    (Boutcher) Runyon in ca. 1673 in Elizabeth, NJ. He married "Martha Dunn" prior to
    1698 and it is believed that they were married in Piscataway, NJ. Martha was born
    July 13, 1681 in Piscataway, NJ. the daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth (Drake)
    Dunn (See the "Drake" Family History by Russ Pickett). Martha's sister Elizabeth
    married Thomas' (4) brother John (2).
          In 1698 Thomas (4) & his brother John (2) signed a compact with many
    others to build a church above the falls of the Delaware (Scudders Falls at
    Trenton). The land was traded for land at Maidenhead, now Lawrenceville, & a
    church was built there. It was a Presbyterian Church & it is not known at this time
    whether or not it still stands. Thomas (4) & his wife Martha, however, joined the
    Hopewell Baptist Church prior to 1730 & that is the only record of them joining
    any church. The above compact is in the Colonial Archives in Trenton. Both
    Thomas (4) & his brother John (2) signed with their marks so evidently neither
    could write.
         By 1700 they had moved to Hopewell, NJ. There they purchased 150 acres of
    land from Daniel Coxe on March 5, 1712 for 50 pounds (English money). The
    land is on the Titus Mill Road just below Hopewell & was described in the deed
    as being next to William Hixson, by Stoney Brook, & next to Captain Hunt. It was
    witnessed by J. Basse, Edward Kemp & Alex Lockhart. The record of this
    transaction is in the Burlington County (Hunterdon Cty was part of Burlington Cty
    in 1712) Book AAA, page 445 in the State Archives in Trenton. (Note: The original
    copy of this deed was found in Pennington, NJ in a mans personal effects after
    his death during 1991. It was given to Marvin C. Shephard ( see "Marvin
    Shepherd" in the "Shepherd Family History" ) who presented it to the Museum in
    Hopewell, NJ. He also sent this author (Russ Pickett) a copy of the original).
         They built their house, which is still standing, in 1713. Thomas (4) died in
    1753 & is probably buried in the Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery (no marker
    has been found). There is proof that his wife Martha was still alive at that time,
    however, no records have been found to establish the date of her death. They had
    7 children.

  • Vincent Runyon,b.cir. 1699, d. 1770
  • Thomas Runyon, Jr. b.cir. 1701
  • Catherine Runyon, b.ca. 1705
  • Martha Runyon, b.ca. 1707
  • Ephraim Runyon, b.ca. 1708, d. 1772
  • Aaron Runyon, b.ca. 1710, d. 1791
    Joseph Runyon, b.ca. 1711
    (10)Aaron Runyan (1709-1791)
    Aaron Runyan,  was born the 6th child & 4th son of Thomas (4) & Martha Dunn
    near Hopewell,  NJ in 1709. He married Mary Martha Stout  in 1730 in Hopewell,
    New Jersey. Aaron buried Old School Baptist Churchyard.
    They are belived to have had nine children:

  • Catherine (1732-1820) Born in N.J.,  died in Marysville, Mason, Kentucky.
  • Thomas (1735-1823) Born in N.J., died in Belfast, Bedford, Pa. on Oct. 1st.
  • Benjamin Runyan (1739-1830). Born in N.J., died in Hamilton, Ohio.
  • Aaron Runyan (1742-    ). Born in N.J.
  • Vincent Runyan (1746-1800). Born in Hopewell, N.J., Died in Trenton, N.J.
  • Bonham Runyan (1754-1806) Born in Hopewell, N.J., Died in Rush,
    Northumberland,  PA.
  • George Runyan ( 1756-1846). Born in N.J. Died Jan. 15 in PA.
  • Jared Runyan (1758-1834). Born in Hopewell, Hunterdon, New Jersey.
  • Reuben Runyan (    -1810) Born in New Jersey. Died in Kentucky.

    *Bonham  moved to Pennslyvania where he later died. Reuben  and his sister  
    Catherine  both moved to Kentucky where they both later died. Catherine  had
    evidently     become a widow prior to moving since it is noted that she moved with
    her children.
    (9)Benjamin Runyan (1739-1830)

    Benjamin Runyan was the son of Aaron Runyan and Martha Stout Runyan.
    Benjamin was born in 1739 in N.J. and died Feb 7 1830 in Hamilton, Ohio.
    He married Rebecca Barton January 21, 1764. Zion Lutheran Church, Oldwick,
    new Jersey.
    The children born to Benjamin Runyan and Rebecca Barton Runyan:

  • *Benjamin Runyan Jr. 1766 born on N.J. and died in            Hamilton Ohio.
  • Martha Runyan born in 1768 in N.J.
  • George Runyan born 2 Aug 1769 in N.J., died in Seneca, N.Y., 13 Oct 1821
  • James Runyan born in N.J., 1722
  • John Runyan born 1 Oct 1775 in N.J., and died 1 Apr 1841in Hamilton, Ohio.
  • *Noah Runyan born 1777 in N.J. and died 11 Sep 1839 in Henry County, Indiana.
    (Buried at Batson Cemetery).
  • Wife Catherine LaBoyteaux Runyan also buried at Batson).
  • Henry Runyan born 1784 in Somerset, N.J.
  • Rebecca Runyan born 27 Apr 1785 in N.J., and died 21 Oct 1843 in Colerain,
    (8)Noah Runyan (1777-1839)
    Noah Runyan , son of Benjamin 1st., and Rebecca Barton Runyan was
    born  1777 in Somerset County New Jersey.
    Noah Runyan married Catharine LaBoyteaux in 1798, Somerset, New
    Catharine LaBoyteaux was born 1783, Raritan, Middlesex, NJ.
    Noah died Sept. 11 1839 and Catharine died 9 Sep 1855.
    Both died in Henry County, Indiana and are buried in Batson Cemtery.
    Noah and Catharine had the following children:

  • Adia Runyan
  • Thomas Runyan (1799-1877) born in N.J. and died in Henry County, In. .
    Moved to Henry County in 1831. (Married Mary Mullen) (Batson Cemetery)
  • Nancy Runyan born in 1805. (Married John VanZant). (Batson Cemetery)
  • George Runyan born Mar 6 1808, died 8 Dec 1889 (Batson Cemetery)
  • Keziah Runyan 18 Jan 1817, died 23 Jul 1844. Married to William Allen
Both buried at Batson Cemetery..
    *(8)Benjamin Runyan (1766-    )
    Benjamin Runyan ,son of Benjamin Runyan 1st., and Rebecca
    Barton Runyan was born in New Jersey in 1766.
    Benjamin and wife Ann Runyan  had the following chidlren:

  • Ann Runyan
  • Ida Runyan
  • Benjamin Jr. Runyan born 1796 in New Jersey. Died Jan 5 1864 in
    Henry  Co., Indiana. (Buried in Batson Cemetery)
  • James Runyan born 1800 in Somerset Co., N.J., died Mar 30 1876
    Boone,  Madison,In.
  • *Noah Runyan born 1803 in N.J. Died after 1880 in Henry Co.,
Benjamin Runyan is the next in line in my families direct descendants, but I have included
his brother Noah because Noah moved his family here to Henry County as well. They all
lived near each other and worked together in the saw mill of Millville, as painters,
coopers, plow-makers and blacksmiths and they often traveled together back and forth
from Hamilton County, Ohio for work.
In many family tree records I have found in my research , it is unclear whether Benjamin
or Noah is the father of Noah (1803), but I've decided that Noah (1803) is the son of
Benjamin and not Noah (1777), through looking at the very early census's and counting
children and their ages. Either way , they are a family who worked, lived,struggled and
enjoyed live together.
      (7) Noah Runyan (1803-    )
    Noah Runyan was born in 1803 in New Jersey. He was the son of either Benjamin Runyan Jr or Noah Runyan, (Both were sons of Benjamin Runyan Sr.,and Rebecca
    Barton Runyan). Records indicate both sons  had a son named Noah born in 1803.
    Noah married Anna Barnes (1812-1894). Anna Barnes was from Colerain,Ohio.
    Noah and Anna are shown as living in Millville, Indiana in the 1870 census.
    Noah and Anna had the following children:

  • Milton Runyan 1828 (?)
  • Abraham Runyan (1829-1899), Born in Ohio and died in Henry County, Indiana. Abe is buried in Batson Cemetery.
  • Michael Runyan (1832-1900). Born in Ohio and died in Spiceland, Indiana.
  • James Runyan (1836-1898). Born in Ohio and died in Henry County, Indiana. James is buried in Batson Cemetery. (Died Dec 30, 1898?).
  • Sarah Runyan born in 1837.
  • Catherine Runyan born in 1840.
  • Jasper Runyan born in 1842.
  • Caroline Runyan born in 1845.
  • Martin Runyan born ca. 1851 and died in 1905 in Henry County, Indiana. Martin is buried at Batson Cemetery.

    (6) Abraham Runyan (1829-1899)
    Abraham Runyan was the son of Noah Runyan and Anna Barnes Runyan.
    Abe was born in 1829 in Colerain, Ohio. He married first Annie Margaret Kissel  on July 13,1855.  Annie was the daughter of Frederick and
    Sarah Kissel. Annie died June 4, 1872. (Sarah Kissel buried at Batson Cemetery).
    Second wife: Married  Rebecca Dinkins on Sept. 17, 1876 . (Rebecca buried at Batson Cemetery).
    Abe Runyan was a Civil War veteran from the 84th Indiana Infantry. He was a musician, a fifer.
    Abe and Annie Margaret  Kissel Runyan had the following Children:

  • Joseph Webster Runyan (1855-1927). Joseph was born and died in Henry County, Indiana. He is buried at Batson Cemetery.
  • Alice Runyan born ca. 1859.
  • Mary Runyan born ca. 1860.
  • Ella J. born October 1967 d. October 10,1942. Married Robert Gordon (1868-1950). (Both buried at Batson.
  • David Runyan (1863-1939). Buried at Batson Cemetery.
  • Sarah Francis Runyan (1865-1924). Buried at Batson Cemetery.
  • Ellen Runyan born ca. 1867
  • Catherine Runyan born 1869.

    Abe and second wife Rebecca Dinkins Runyan had the following children:

  • Georgianna Nipp Runyan
  • Ed Runyan
  • George B. Runyan
  • Lizzie Runyan
  • Thomas "Tommy"  Runyan (death certificate lists as "Tony") b. 19 Jun 1887, died 16 Oct 1892. Burial place thought to be Batson (no stone).
  • Prior Henry Runyan
  • Amana Runyan

    (5)Sarah Francis Runyan Dinkins (1865-1924)
    Sarah Francis Runyan was the daughter of Abraham Runyan and Annie Margaret Kissel Runyan. Sarah was born Oct 17, 1865 in New Castle/Millville, Indiana.
    Sarah married William Isaac Dinkins (1861-1941), son of John Dinkins from Yadkinville, North Carolina and wife Elizabeth Caroline Adams Dinkins (from Virginia).
    Sarah Francis Runyan Dinkins and William Isaac Dinkins had the following children:

  • Olivia                            (July 21, 1883-February 8 1885).                Died age 2. Burial place unknown.
  • Jessie May                  (Oct., 17 1884-18 May 1970)                       Married Ed Hamilton Oct 1, 1904 (Batson burial place)
  • Ethel                            (Feb. 13, 1886-Aug 1964 )                           Married Ernest Mettert and William Cook  (Buried Mooreland Cemetery)
  • Violet                            (July 27, 1887- 1986)                                   Married Seelye Hays Sept. 1, 1904 (Thought to have died in Florida).
  • Veleta "Pearl"             (Sept. 28, 1888-July 2 1951)                       Married Joe Lester May 12, 1912. (Burial place unknown). Joe lived until 1970.
  • Gladys Sylvania        (August 10, 1889-February 21, 1968)        Married Harold Obediah Orr September 24, 1921. (Buried at Batson)
  • Daniel Harrison        (May 12 1890-30 Jan 1978 )                        Married Pearl Marie Holloway August 16, 1911. (Buried at South Mound)
  • Elizabeth Caroline    (March 23 1892-October 17, 1893)            Died an infant-Burial place inknown.
  • James Addison         (March 23 1892-18 Jan 1975)                    Married Nora Clevenger January 20, 1915. (Buried in Texas)
  • Fay Lloyd                    (May 25 1894-December 31 1948)            Married Susan Mercer Zachery June 21, 1927. (Buried at Batson)
  • Hazel Leone               (May 8 1896-Jun 1987)                                Married Chester Orr May 29 1920. (Buried at South Mound in  New Castle, Indiana).
  • Basil Clifford              (May 8 1896-February 5 1970)                    Married Opal Bousman Patton May 3 1925 (or 1928). (Buried at Batson)
  •         Son Raymond Dinkns
  • Henry Franklin          (September 1 1901-20 Dec 1992)             Married Margaret Mullen March 16 1926.
  • Alice Margrette          (August 1902-August 1902)                        Died when 9 days old. Burial place unknown.
  • Effie Ruth Dinkins     (July 5 1904-19 Dec 1984)                         Married Oris Enright January 10, 1923. Buried at Hillsboro Church of Christ Cemetery.
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Batson Cemetery Historical Marker
Over 75 Runyan descendants are
buried  at Batson Cemetery in Henry
County, Indiana. This Cemetery was
established in 1832 and was added
to the Historical Cemetery list in
One of the first Runyan's to move to
Henry County, Indiana  was Noah
Runyan (1777-1839)
The year is uncertain but we know
that his son Thomas Runyan was
here in  in 1831*.
Noah died here (Millville, Indiana)
and was buried in Batson Cemetery
in 1839.

*From the History of Henry County,
Indiana. Chicago: Inter-State
Publishing Co. 1884.
Liberty Township.
Page 735 and 736.
Thomas Runyan, one of the early
settlers of Henry County, was born in
New Jersey, Jan. 26, 1799, a son of
Noah and Catherine (LaBoyteaux)
Runyan. When the subject of this
sketch was six years old his father
moved with his family to Hamilton
County, Ohio, and settled in Colerain
Township, about eleven miles from
Cincinnati, which was then
comparatively a small town. Here
Thomas Runyan grew to manhood,
and was married to Mary Mullen
March 16, 1820. The fruits of this
union were nine children, four of
whom died in infancy; another,
Mariah, married to Henry Jones and
died about three years after her
marriage, leaving a husband and one
child. The remaining four, a son, A. J.
Runyan, and three daughters, Mrs.
David Wilson, Mrs. David Millikan and
Mrs. Jane Peed, widow of Richard
Peed, are living. On starting out in
married life he and his wife were
entirely dependent on their own labor
and management for their support,
but by industry and economy they
soon secured a small home in the
immediate neighborhood where they
were reared.
When a boy he was taught the
business of farming and the cooper's
trade, and continued to follow these
two occupations for several years,
when he concluded to turn his
attention to farming, exclusively, and
in order to secure land better adapted
to that purpose, he
removed with his
family to Henry County, Ind., in 1831,

and purchased the farm on which he
resided till his death, April 25, 1877.
His wife died nearly ten years before,
May 14, 1867. It may be said of him
that one of his principal traits was to
be strictly honest, and all through the
journey of life he sustained the
reputation of being an honest man.
His old homestead is now owned
and occupied by his son, A. J.
Runyan, whose birthplace it was and
whose home it has always been.

From the History of Henry County,
Indiana. Chicago: Inter-State
Publishing Co. 1884.
Liberty Township.
Page 735 and 736.
Submitted by: Jeanie
    (4) Gladys Sylvania Dinkins Orr
    Gladys S. Dinkins was the 5th born child of William Isaac Dinkins and Sarah Francis Runyan Dinkins. Born August 10, 1889 in Millvile Indiana.
    Gladys married Harold Obediah Orr, son of Frank Orr and Cora Maddy Orr on September 24, 1921. Harold Orr was born March 12, 1898 in Cadiz,
    Indiana. Harold Obediah Orr died  June 8, 1961. Gladys died February 21, 1968. They are buried at Batson Cemetery in Liberty Township, Henry
    County, Indiana. Harold and Gladys lived in : New Castle, Greensboro, Straugh, Millville and Brown County, Indiana. They're residence at death
    was 1351 "G" Avenue, new Castle, Indiana.
    Harold and Gladys had eight children:

  • LaVera May                               Married Delbert Ray Bennett (Ray and Lavera buried at Green Hills Memorial Garden).
  • Herman Lee "Red"                 Married Nellie Mae Hedrick (Red buried at Batson...Nellie buried at Harlan Cemetery).
  • Harold Junior                           Married Ruby Evelyn Catron              July 21 1949. (Junior buried at Green Hills Memorial Garden)
  • Phillip Gerald                           Married Phyllis J. McGavitt                  March 20 1949. (Phil buried at Batson).
  • Betty June                                 Married Ralph Randall Bow              June 30 1949.
  • Howard Wayne Orr                Married Marilyn Yvonne Jackson      June 18 1955.
  • Melvin Parker Orr                     Married Sandra K. Polson                 September 13 1962. (Melvin buried at Batson).
  • Carl Eugene "Pinky" Orr         Died at age 15. (Pinky buried at South Mound).
Marriage certificate of Vincent and Anne Boutcher Runyan
License of Marriage for Vincent
Runyan and Anne Boutcher
Click photo to enlarge.
The Runyon Family Cemetery is
located on Centennial Ave. at the
intersection of Possumtown Rd. in
closed in family cemetery from the
road passing by. It is located next to
the Chanel Building . Vincent
Rongnion is buried here.
Runyan - Rongnion Cemetery Piscataway
Zion Lutheran Church in Oldwick New Jersey
Zion Lutheran Church in Oldwick, New
Jersey where Benjamin and Rebecca
Barton Runyan were married January
21, 1764.