Vincent Rongnion
From Calendar Of New Jersey Wills, Vol I, Vol II, and Vol III

Vol I

1713 Dec. 5, Rugnion, (Runyon), Vincent, of
Rariton River, Middlesex Co.  Administration on
the estate of, granted to his widow Martha Rugnion.  Lib I, p. 436

American Marriage Records Before 1699
Clemens, William Montgomery. American Marriage
Records Before 1699. Pompton Lakes, NJ, USA: Biblio Co., 1926.

Name: Ann Boutcher
Vincent Runyan
Marriage Date: 17 Jul 1668
Marriage Place: Elizabethtown, N.J.

From colonial Families of New Jersey Vol. I,
Middlesex and Somerset County by F. Edward Wright

"Vincent Runyon progenitor of the New Jersey
Runyon Family, came to America some time before
1668, and first settled in Elizabeth Twon, New
jersey.  He may have accompained Governor Philip
Carteret, who settled that place in 1665, or
migrated very soon after.  It is noticeable that
many French Huguenots soon appeared in the colony. (Monnette 4:625)
The first important record to be presented
concerning Vincent Runyon, is that of his
marriage under a special license issued by
Govenor Philip Carteret: "Whereas I have received
information of a Mutuall Intent and Agreement
betweene vincent Rongnion of Poitiers in France
and Anne Boutcher the daughter of John Boutcher
of hartford in England to Solemnise Marriage
together, for which they ahve Requested my
Lycence.  This Coupe were joyned in Matrimony
July 1668 by me Jas Bollen" (Monnette 4:625)

'Jas  Bollen' who married the couple mentioned above was James Bollen, who was
Justice of the Peace and Secretary of the Province of New Jersey under the
English Proprietorship. He and Robert Vauquelin were associated with Philip
Carteret, and thus involved in the conflicts over who had the right to
govern New Jersey.
["Annals of Staten Island," J.J. Clute NYPL: IRM (StIs) 88-382].
And, the Annals also say that Philip Carteret sailed for NY with 30
English and French emigrants. The boat was driven into the Chesapeake; while
stuck there, Carteret forwarded dispatches to Bollen, who was commissary at
the fort in New York, and also to Nicolls.
A little later, it says that Capt James Bollen, an officer of the fleet,
received a grant of land in Staten Island. Doesn't say when!
A Justice of the Peace (seen in May 1677 records) and Secretary of the
Province from at least 1665 until his death in spring 1682/3. The early
records of New Jersey Colony (1665-1667) appear in his handwriting.
President of the Court (in Woodbridge - apparently for the colony) 1678-1681
at least - seen in New Jersey Archives extracts.

So, it may well be, as suggested, that Vincent [Rongnion] RUNYAN did
arrive with Carteret's company in 1665.

Philip Carteret
Print Digg
Carteret, Philip 1639-82, first colonial governor of New Jersey . Carteret, commissioned by
the proprietor, Sir George Carteret, his fourth cousin, arrived in the province in 1665. He
soon faced disputes over confused land titles and rebellion by tenant farmers against
quitrents (fixed rents). After the division of New Jersey in 1676, he was made governor of
East Jersey. Mounting difficulties with Sir Edmund Andros over the right to collect customs
duties led to Carteret's imprisonment by Andros and his eventual restoration by the duke of
York (later James II).

The Board of Freeholders' Room - now Courtroom #204.  This mural by noted American
illustrator Howard Pyle, entitled "The Landing of Carteret" depicts the landing during the
month of August 1665.  After a somewhat uncertain voyage, the ship which carried Captain
Philip Carteret, arrived in New York and shortly after leaving that port, sailed into Newark Bay
and finally anchored at the mouth of the Elizabeth River. Captain Philip Carteret was
twenty-seven years old and a distant relative of proprietary governor, Sir George Carteret.
The ceiling in this courtroom was redone by young artists lying on their back on scaffolding,
similar to how Michaelango painted the Sistine Chapel.
The Landing of Carteret by Howard Pyle
"The Landing of Carteret", by Howard Pyle.
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