Barns of the Midwest.
Photography by Mark Orr
Music by Simon Husberg
Video arranged by CBP
Composer Simon Husberg
Iron Horses
Photography by Mark Orr
Music by Simon Husberg
Video arranged by CBP
21st Century Photography
Photography by Mark Orr
Music by Simon Husberg
Video arranged by CBP
Lost Love
Photography by Mark Orr
Music by Simon Husberg
Video arranged by CBP
Generations-also available on You Tube
Photography by Mark Orr
Music by Simon Husberg
Video arranged by CBP
At Home
Photography by Mark Orr
Music by Simon Husberg
Video arranged by CBP
This is America
Photography by Mark Orr
Music by John DiBattista
Video arranged by CBP
I met Swedish composer Simon Husberg on My Space when that was "the" place to be.
Simon is an outstanding composer and I was immediately drawn to his beautiful melodies
and the universal appeal of his music. It seemed that his music was a perfect fit for my
photos of Indiana...full of nostalgia, a feeling of family, powerful emotion and an intricate
attention to detail. Every single note of Simon's addictive melodies is significant and an
integral part of each amazing composition.

About Simon's music...he writes:
The main goal with my music is to create some kind of “inner images” for the listener.
When I compose music, I always try to come up with a great melody. A strong melody that
captures the feeling of the piece, a melody easy remembered, a melody that can tell a
story on its own, a melody that creates feelings and images beyond the piece. Then I try
to mold the arrangement of the music around that melody. I love to use big powerful drums
in a music piece and then in the next one do a sparse minimalistic arrangement for piano,
flute and solo viola. But always in the sound and style of my music. I also think it is very
rewarding and challenging to compose music for specific images, to discover how music
and images can enhance each other.

About our collaborations ...he says:
I have collaborated with amazing photographer Mark Sean Orr and CrippleBoy
Productions, composing music for the videos "Iron Horses", “Barns”, “At Home”, “Lost
Love” and "Generations" as well as a promotional video for “21th Centrury photography”. I
love composing music with Mark's beautiful photos as inspiration. I feel a strong
connection with his photos, in some way they speak the same language as my music.

Below are some of the videos created by Crippleboy Productions using my photos and the
beautiful music of Simon Husberg.
Music and Photographs
I believe that the combination of music and photographic images is a powerful thing.
Music and images can take the listener/viewer to wonderful places and evoke
memories and nostalgia for the past and optimism and hope for the future. The
following are some of the videos created using my photos and the music of friends I
have met along my journey of photograhy. All are treasured friendships and all are
extremely talented musicians. Note that some of these videos were created by
Crippleboy Productions (Dakota Orr. Cody is my son and a bright and talented young
man. I know he is my best creation.
Composer and Guitarist
Mindmovie (Achim Wierschem) is another artist I met on My Space. Achim is a German
composer and guitarist extraordinaire who has been playing and composing for many
years.Achim is another artost whose music I was drawn to on My Space and we quickly
became friends. My photo "The Reach" is the album cover for Achim's first solo album "An
Ocean of Dreams" (edited by the amazing Disney/Pixar animator Jef DeCorte).
The following video is a promotional video made by Achim for "An Ocean of Dreams".
Mindmovie's "An Ocean of Dreams"
Album Promo by Achim Wierschem
Album cover art by Mark Sean Orr and
Jef DeCorte
John DiBattista
John DiBattista is a Canadian born musician/singer/songwriter whose love love of country
music started at a very early age. By age 14 John was performing at local Toronto clubs and
by age 17 John was traveling  around the United States where he began winning singing
competitions and was invited to perform live at local clubs. After returning to Canada, his
distinct voice landed him several commercial jobs on the radio and he became a member of
ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists). DiBattista continues to
craft songs and play live to his growing fan base that are hooked by John’s moving lyrics,
memorable vocals and commanding stage presence. A recent trip to Nashville solidified John’s
passion to continue to write songs that connect with country and music fans everywhere. The
songs, which are a blend of country rock, blues and folk, allow him to share with you his
extraordinary gift of music--music that touches the heart and soul. Currently John is in the
studio recording a CD of his original works. I met John on My Space several years ago and
have been a fan since. The following is a video created by Crippleboy Productions using some
of my photoraphy and John's amazing patriotic anthem "This is America".
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21st Century Photography Vol. 2 "Embracing Life" -
Music by Simon husberg -
Crippleboy Productions
is the second in a continuing series of art/photography books authored and edited by photographer
and historian Mark Orr of New Castle, Indiana, featuring the photography of some of today's finest
photographers from around the world. From the west coast to the east coast, the heartland and
southland of America to places as far away as India, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and more. Some
fine photographers and their wonderful art are featured in this lovely 8" by 10"  book that comes in
softcover, hardcover and ImageWrap versions.. Also included is the poem "Embrace Life Sublime" by
Irish poet and philosopher Richard Mc Sweeney, lyrics from the song "Family Tree" by Venice and an
excerpt from the epic novel "Raintree County" by author and fellow Hoosier Ross Lockridge Jr. .
Introduction to the book was wriiten by Stephanie Tames, artist,writer and daughter of the famous
photo-journalist George Tames
Elijah Bossenbroek was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started playing the
piano at age six, but wasn't a typical piano player. He often hated the dull repetition behind
learning notes and playing to metronomes. Frustrated, Elijah began writing his own piano
compositions at age fourteen. At the age of eighteen, he enlisted in the United States Marine
Corps, where he spent the better part of 5 years traveling to places such as Mississippi,
Japan, California, and Kuwait.
Upon his return from the deserts of Kuwait, Elijah purchased a home recording studio and
began working on his first album, "Harmony In Disarray,". In 2007 after gaining a lot of
popularity and momentum in the music industry, he was noticed by an A&R at "A Matter of
Substance Records" which signed him to a record deal and produced his anticipated second
album “Carpe Lumen”.
Elijah Bossenbroek Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel
photos by Mark Sean Orr
Video by Elijah Bossenbroek

Elijah Bossenbroek Website
Elijah Bossenbroek
From Mindmovie:
This is an appetizer for my new Mindmovie double album "Happiness And
Tears" coming soon and right before Christmas 2010.....
if you wanna buy the record please order it in our webshop at
or visit your favourite digital download store!
21st Century Photography Vol. 3 "The Human Project"
The Human Project
by Mark Sean Orr & Contributors
A collaboration of 30 great photographers and poets make this book of family and the
human interaction a must have for photography lovers around the world.
Wonderful photographs of human natiure, inspirational quotes and poetry!
Contributors include:
Ann Carter Hogrefe, Annie Fournier, AJ Schibig, Bob Batchelor, Bob Nichols, Chris Petty,
Danka Dear, Dakota Sean Orr, Daliana Pacuraru, David Patterson, Debbie Meyer, Diana
Graves, Eric Roth, Frederic de Munter, Giuseppe Gurrieri, Ian Kahler, Joanne Beebe,
Kathy Lindsey, Ken Custer, Kim Weston, Maricet Delaney, Mark Sean Orr, Paul Ponticell,
Prasad Pawaskar, Regina Williams, Renate Streminger, Richard Earl, Richard Miceli, Rich
Orth, Shawn Clements, Stuart Harrison, W.E. Arnold.