Thompson Family
Standing in back is Julia Hendricks
Thompson. Seated on left is
Sterling Thompson with Annie on
his lap and Emma Mae Tutterow
Thompson with Frannie on her lap.
Photo ca 1900
Thompson - Tutterow Gallery
Very early photo postcard from
"Putting the chains on to climb the
This postcard looks to be really
old. Probably mid to  late 1800's.
Frances Thompson Jackson with
son Sterling Eugene.
Frances Thompson holding a
Frances Thompson Jackson on
her wedding day.
Sterling Thompson
Annie Thompson, father Sterling
and Frannie (Francis) Thompson.
The Thompson-Tutterow Family Gallery. The earliest family photo I have is of Julia
Hendricks Thompson who married Jesse Thompson. They had son Sterling Thompson,
who married Emma Mae Tutterow. Sterling (or Starling) and Emma Mae had daughters
Annie, Frannie (Frances) and Ethel. For more info:
Thompson History
Tutterow History
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Julia Hendricks Thompson with Son Sterling and His Family
Ftancis Thompson Jackson
Starling Thompson
Frances Thompson and Friends
Frances ThompsonnJackson with Son Sterling  Eugene Jackson
Sterling Thompson with Daughters Annie and Frannie
Vintage Postcard
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson.
Daughter of Forest Vaughn and
Frances Thompson Jackson.
Frances with friend.
Vaughn Jackson with son Eugene
Annie Thompson Bradley with Bradley Family
Forest Vaughn Jackson
Frances and Annie Thompson with Friend
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Mark Sean Orr ®
Logan Thompson and Daughter in Store
Photo taken ca 1928. Unknown girl.
Logan was the brother of Sterling
Julia Hendricks Thompson.
Emma Mae Tuttorow Thompson Funeral Notice
mother of Annie, Frances and Ethel,
time. This is the death
announcement that reads as follows:
In Loving Remembrance of
Emma May Thompson
Died July 30, 1906
Gone but not forgotten
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.
God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon his love had given
And though the body slumbers here
The soul is safe in heaven.
Julia Hendricks born January of 1844
was the second wife of Jesse Thompson.
Jesse and Julia had 8 children in their
from a previous marriage, making Julia
the mother to 21 children!
"They follow the sun til
it falls from the sky.
500 miles done and
500 more nigh".
From the poem "Pioneer Trail" by
Ian St. Ian.
Mark Sean Orr, son of Howard
Wayne and Marilyn Jackson Orr.
Mark Sean Orr
Annie Thompson Bradley with
Julie and Lisa Orr, daughters of
Marilyn Jackson Orr and Howard
Wayne Orr.
Annie Thompson Bradley with nieces Lisa and Julie Orr
Marilyn Yvonne Jackson with
Marilyn Jackson Orr and Friends
Howard Wayne and Marilyn Jackson Orr
Frances Jackson with daughter Marilyn Jackson Orr
Frances Thompson Jackson and
daughter Marlilyn Yvonne
Jackson in New Castle.
Forest Vaughn Jackson and
Marlilyn after they moved to New
Forest Vaughn Jackson and daghter Marilyn
Marilyn Jackson Orr
Forest Vaughn Jackson with son
Sterling Eugene Jackson on the
Forest Vaughn Jackson married
Frances Thompson in 1922. Here
is Vaughn tending the horses on
their farm.
Frannie, friend and Annie.
Annie Thompson married a
Bradley. This is Annie with the
Bradley family.
ca 1916
Edna Tutterow
neice of Emma May Tutterow
Phoro inscription reads "How sad"
Isom and Suzie Thompson Richardson
and Julia Hendricks Thompson (and
Sterlings sister).
Shown here with husband Isom
Richardson, their daughet with her
husband and two boys.
James Suzie and Starling Thompson
"Brothers and sister"
Children of Jesse Thompson and
Julia Hendricks Thompson.
Frances Thompson Jackson
"The cold winter of 1917"
Marriage of Sterling Thompson and Emma Tuutrow
to Emma Tuttrow
July 8, 1898
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson