This Tutterow family history begins in 1767 with Jacob Tutterow, father of George Tutterow.
    The Tutterow family migrated from Tutterow, Germany, a town in the N.E. corner of East
    Germany in 1780. Their original name being Duddra, name changed to the town they were
    from. The Tutterow's settled in Lincoln Co. North Carolina, resettliing in Rowan Co. N.C. ,
    1800. George traveled with other members of his family by covered wagon to Brown County,
    Indiana, in 1843, settling at Carmel Ridge Township 10, where he staked a section for his
    George Tutterow  born August, 1812, Rowan County, N.C. met  Ruth Coon (Kuhn) born 1822,
    Hancock County, W. Va., who had come with her family to Brown County, Indiana. They were
    married on February 5th, 1840 in henry County, Indiana.
    George and Ruth worked hard raising crops and cattle to see their family survive in the harsh
    winters in Indiana, as well as the Cholera and Flux Infections of the late 1870's and early
    1880's. The children were all raised in a religious God-fearing environment with which they in
    turn raised their own children.
    Many of the children remained in the Brown Co., area or nearby all their lives.
    Their great grandson John was a carpenter and brick mason in Brown Co., and helped build
    many of the homes around Bean Blossom and Helmsberg, as well as in towns in Brown
    George Tutterow's parents were Jacob Tutterow (8)  b. 1767 in Frederick County, Maryland
    and mother Sarah Prudence Whitaker (8) , b. 1774 in North Carolina.
    George Tutterow (7)  married Ruth Coon (Kuhn) (7)  (b. 1822 in Hancock County, W. Va).
    They married on February 5, 1840 in Henry County, Indiana.
    Their children were:
    John Tutterow b. 11 Mar. 1842 in henry County, Indiana.
    Sarah E. Tutterow b. 1847 in Brown County, Indiana.
    Joseph Tutterow b. 15 Oct. 1848 in Brown County, Indiana.
    Abraham Tutterow b. 6 Oct. 1851 in Brown County, Indiana.
    Elizabeth Tutterow b. 1855 in Brown County, Indiana.
    Samuel Tutterow  b. 1858 in Brown County, Indiana.
    Frances Tutterow b. 21 Oct 1862 in Brown County, Indiana.

Samuel Tutterow (6) married Nancy Pruitt (6)  on December 10, 1878.
Their daughter
Emma May Tutterow (5)  was born in September of 1883.
Emma Tutterow married Sterling Thompson (5)  on July 8, 1898 in Hancock County, Indiana.
    In this 1900 census Sterling was shown as head of household (age 25) born Nov. 1875
    Also shown were:
    Emma M. (Tutrow) Thompson (5) , (wife) Sept 1883 (16) from Indiana.
    Annie M. Thompson (daughter) 1899 (Mar or May) (1)
    Joseph Thompson (brother) July 1869 (30)
    Julia A.Thompson (mother) Jan 1844 (56) self and parents from KY.
    A year later on July 24, 1901 my grandmother Frances Lorena Jackson (4)  was born to this
    3 years later on Feb. 6, 1904 a daughter Ethel Thompson was born to this marriage.
    The Thompson family lived in Willow Branch, Indiana.
    On July 30, 1906 Emma Mae Thompson (mother) died. My grandmother Frances was 5 years
    old at the time of her mother's death
    and her younger sister Ethel was only 2 years of age. Emma Mae is buried in Willow Branch
    Julia Hendricks (mother of Sterling) died Dec. 16 1914 . She is listed as having died in Willow
    Branch but I've been unable to locate her grave.
    Her obituary reads in part as follows:
    Moved to Willow Branch and became a member of M.E. Church. (faithful member often
    testifying to the saving power of Jesus Christ).
    Her dying request was that her relatives and friends was to meet her in Heaven.
    Her greatest desire was that her children might meet her in an unbroken family around the
    Converted at age 35.
    New York Central Lines -OBITUARY-
    In 1917 Ethel Thompson died from kidney disease. Grandma Frances was about 16 years of
    age at the time.
    Frances Thompson (4)  married Forest Vaughn Jackson (4) Sept. 21,  1922 in Hancock
    County, Indiana.  A friend who attended the wedding (Pauline Criss),  said Frances was
    stewey (nervous) but looked beautiful in a white dress, with a white sash and rose.
    Vaughn Jackson was the son of James and Hulda Morris Jackson (5)
    In 1920 Vaughn was 20 years of age and lived with James and Hulda in Harrison Township,
    Henry County, Indiana. (Wilkinson/Cadiz?).
    At that time James was 61 and Hulda was 60. In 1900 the Jackson family was in Greensboro
    Township, Henry County.
    Sterling Thompson lived with Vaughn and Frances until his death in 1929 of TB.
    In the 1930 Census Vaughn Jackson and Frances lived in Harrison Township, Henry County
    and had son Sterling Eugene (aged 4), born in 1926.
    James and Hulda Jackson lived nearby in 1930. James was shown as 72 and Hulda as 71
    years of age.
    Vaughn Jackson was a farmer, factory laborer and helped build National Road 40.
    In 1932 James Jackson killed himself with a shotgun in his barn as Vaughn and a neighbor
    happened to be walking in.
    A daughter, Marliyn Yvonne Jackson (3)  was born to Vaughn and Frances on March 19,
    At this time they lived on Road #234 between Cadiz and New Castle.
    Hulda Morris followed her husband in death in May of 1942 on the 24th day.
    Her obituary reads as follows:
    Mrs. Huldah (*Morris) Jackson, 82, died at her home near cadiz Tuesday morning. The body
    was taken to Condo's in Wilkinson, Wednesday morning and will be returned to the family
    residence, where friends may call. She was the widow of James Jackson, who died 10 years
    ago. She had spent her entire life in the Cadiz community.
    Funeral services will be held Thursday at 10a.m. in the Cadiz Christian Church. Burial will be
    in the family lot in Harlan Cemetery.
    Survivors include a son , Vaughn; a brother , Harry Morris, of Detroit; a sister, Mrs. Susan Hiatt,
    of Huntington Co; 3 grandchildren.
    In 1944 Vaughn and family moved to 1616 Columbus Street in New Castle, Indiana. (Later
    changed to 1632 Columbus Street).
    Vaughn died in 1951 on dec. 12.
    On June 18, 1955 Marilyn (3) married Howard Wayne Orr (3) , son of Harold Obediah and
    Gladys Dinkins Orr (4) .
    They lived at 1119 1/2 So. 17th St. , New Castle, In. (upstairs apartment) when first married,
    then moved to 526 N. 24th Street in New castle.

    Later moving into Vaughn and Frances Jacksons home (1632 Columbus Street, New
    Castle), with Frances to raise their family.
    On August 16, 1956 Lisa Jo Orr was born. On August 4th ,1959 Julie Kay Orr was born and on
    August 14th , 1961 twin boys, Mark Sean Orr (2) and Kevin Wayne Orr were born.
    Frances Thompson Jackson's sister Annie died....and is buried in the Willow Branch
    Mark Sean Orr married Pam Ann Choate (2)  on Sept. 14, 1986.
    Frances Jackson died on July 24th , 1988 and is buried in South Mound Cemetery in New
    Marilyn's brother Sterling Eugene Jackson died November 5, 1988
* Numbers in parenthesis indicate generation back from my son, he being the first.

Mark Orr
Sterling Thompson holding
daughter Annie, Julia Hendricks
Thompson (mother of Sterling),
Emma Mae Tutterow Thompson
holding Francis Thompson
Photo  1901
Tutterow History
Vaughn and Frances Thompson Jackson
Forest Vaugh jackson and wife
Francis Thompson Jackson.
Son Sterling Eugene Jackson.
Also parents of Marilyn Yvonne
Wayne and Marilyn Jackson Orr
Howard Wayne Orr and Marilyn
Yvonne Jackson
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